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When the first explosion started on the south side of Surabaya City, Alex's group already arrived on the north sh.o.r.e by s.h.i.+p. The group was about to disembark on the ports near a warehouse pointed out by James. There were 20 men within this group. Alex's previous party; Aria, Cindy, Theo, the twins Oscar and Oliver. While James Randall was surrounded by his bodyguards, the 5 ex-Navy seals and other foreigner bodyguards totaled 15 men.

The ex-navy seals have protected the Randall family for a few years. Most of the other bodyguards were lead and trained by them. Winter, Zee, Red, Flea, and Slo. They have been in hundreds of missions before quitting and joining the private sectors.

Winter, the leader, was a bald man in his 40, he looked a lot like a famous movie star from the die hard franchise. Zee, his second in command, was an African-American, Red was a good looking Caucasian who also was the bombs experts, Flea was their sniper and Slo the guy with a tomahawk hairstyle. All the men in the group already reached peak stage Mortal Realm.

Other than Cindy, everyone in Alex's party were Asians, so they had smaller builds compared to James' party. To make things worse, Alex's group didn't really have the look of fighters: 2 beautiful girls, one middle-aged man, one priest, and two youths. Cindy commented:

"I feel like I am staying in the wrong group."

Aria responded with a smile:

"Well... feel free to switch sides, we won't mind."

Cindy laughed at the comment:

"Do you want to switch sides with me? You see that guy Red, he is very handsome and look at his arms and chest.."

Aria, the ice queen, wasn't impressed, she's completely uninterested. The twins, on the other hand, were still young... although they were strong, somehow they felt bothered by Cindy's comment, those foreigners did look bigger and stronger.

"If you really like it, then go for it.", Aria replied.

"Haha... Nah, I like our leader better, I somehow feel safe around him. If only he's 5 or 10 years younger, he would be perfect."

Alex was startled: "I can hear that... You know..."

"Yes... I did that on purpose of course."


Cindy chuckled seeing Alex's expression, she thought these Asians were so fun to fool around with...

The group disembarked to one of the corners of the port, the area seemed very quiet. They could only see less than a dozen zombies around them.

"James, you sure you want to tag along? You can just give us the details of the location and leave it to us..."

Alex was kinda worried about James' condition, only a month ago this billionaire was still a cripple who sat in a wheelchair, even though he consumed enough spirit stones and reached peak stage Mortal Realm, Alex believed because of his disease, he currently at most only had the strength of the high stage realm.

"And miss all this action? No way!! I had enough sitting for a lifetime. Anyway, the mission will go much smoother with me around having all the access and stuff, also, I am confident in Winter and his men's capabilities, they can keep me safe."

"Ok then... If you say so... Don't say I didn't warn you.."

The group silently killed all the surrounding zombies and went into a warehouse with a big Randall logo. James Randall lead them to the huge hall behind. He had vehicles and equipment prepared. This Randall could not be rich if not smart, it seems he has prepared some supply warehouses in a few places around the city for an emergency, Alex was impressed.

"LT, the warehouse is secured"

"Roger that, Zee you and Gold Team make a perimeter while we prepare."

"Right away."

LT is the nickname Winter's men used to call him while they were still in the special forces. These fighters didn't move like bodyguards at all, they moved in team and formation. They even used military signs and signals. Navy seals special forces were special, they were the best soldiers in the States. Within special forces, normally a unit only had a dozen men, and the unit itself could be separated into 2-3 teams of 3-5 men. At the moment Zee, with his gold team of 5, created a perimeter around the warehouse, while the other 2 teams securing the inside and help to check the prepared supplies.

There was food, medicine, and weapons. There was also top of the line equipment like heat sensors and communication devices. Winter took a box and approached Alex.

"This box is filled with 10 sets of wireless communication devices, all using radios frequencies with a range about one kilometer. This will be useful for your team."

These communication devices were a good upgrade to replace his outdated two-way radio. Although it's very small, it could be firmly held by the ear. It has a few channels that could easily be set up and used. Alex gave one set to everyone in his group.

In the next room, there were 5 luxury SUVs ready to be used. They were the Mercedes-Benz G Cla.s.s. A 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which could produce up to 416 HP. This ´was the armored modified version of the car, the SUV is also relatively fast and could manage a top speed of 155 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. All five were already modified to withstand an EMP before the doomsday. It's great to be rich and resourceful.

"Wow, this is a really nice car for doomsday. Rich guys really do have a taste."

James, with his usually calm face, said:

"Actually these cars were for the staff... The one I will be using is this one."

James Randall uncovered the black sheet that covered a huge item... It's a black luxury RV.

It's a Mercedes Benz 10 meter long 3 meter high home vehicle which was also the armored modified version. Queen sized bedroom, 2 bunk beds, designer sofas, reclining seats, kitchen, bathroom with electric hot shower, two television sets, and even a rooftop whirlpool. This vehicle was the dream car of royalties and movie stars.


"Do you like it? There's only 30 of these made in the world, I got 3 of them. But only this one managed to be delivered on time."

Theo thought that having a comfortable car to go to battle was unwise.

"Are we going to a battle or a picnic?", he said...

"Haha. I guarantee this vehicle is not any less safe than the other five. After all, if we really are going to die today, I want to die as comfortably as possible. So what do you think ladies..? I have room for three more..."

Winter and Flo started packing the supplies inside the huge vehicles, the other men also started turning on all the other vehicles.

Alex gave Theo a look and said:

"I guess it does make more sense to take the SUV, you and the twins can ride together..."


Alex then quickly went inside the RV, Cindy stares at Theo with a cheerful smile and followed Alex, together with Aria.

A few minutes later the black RV and five SUVs went out of the warehouse and headed to James' office which located about 5 kilometers away, right in heart of the city. The convoys went past hundreds of zombies, while the red ones that got near, easily got blown in the head by the fighters in the SUVs. With their current speed, the trip would take about 15 minutes. Although it was such a short trip, James was acting a good host and opened up a bottle of champagne, and poured a few drinks with ice... During such an occasion, while staring outside over the street feel with zombies, Alex suddenly felt a bit anxious about their mission.

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