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Chapter 41: Come Take Your Delivery

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shunfeng building, CEO’s office.

It was a lunch break.

“I wanted to help him in a time of need, but guess now he doesn’t need our help,” said w.a.n.g Wei as he looked at the number one trending and shook his head. He pressed like on the Everyone Daily’s re-post.

At this moment, knocking sounds came from his door.

w.a.n.g Wei did not even lift his head when he said, “Come in.”

The Head of Human Resources came in.

“CEO, should I delay the offer till the weekend?”

w.a.n.g Wei thought for a bit and replied, “Send it now. There’s no point waiting.”

This news actually affected [Everyone Daily], which he did not expect. However, when all of this was happening, he did not feel too surprised.

Smelling out politics was a must for any businessman.

The meaning was clear from the meeting two years ago.

The Internet was not exempt from laws. Freedom of speech did not mean that one could be unscrupulous. Zhu Fangcai relied on trending topics, used arrogant words, and shamed people for no reason at all. His days would get harder and harder.

Not to mention, he had negatively impacted society.

Without any concrete evidence, he used his own status and tarnished the reputation of an ambitious student. He used groundless phrases like “ten theses a month” and “academic cancer” to increase his popularity.

He was no different than a noisy child.

Now that Zhu Fangcai was scared, he stopped s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around. He wanted to stay low-key, but it was not that easy to stay low-key.

The hand had already been raised and it was about to slap. It was a matter of how hard the slap was going to be.

If that big mouth was smart, he would slap himself and recognize his mistakes. Maybe then, this hand would not slap him.

However, the guy obviously was dumb…

w.a.n.g Wei thought for a bit and laughed. He touched his phone screen and re-posted the Everyone Daily’s article. He even added a caption.

[Young boy, half a million per year salary. How about you come to work at Shunfung? (dog face)]



His comment section and messages blew up.

It had only been a week since the beginning of this controversy and it was already posted in the Huaguo Youth Daily.

Lu Zhou did not expect to win so dramatically.

Everyone Daily’s re-post completely changed the direction of the public’s opinion. The public saw the government’s clarification and instantly jumped on the train of condemning Zhu’s big mouth.

An undergraduate student that received recognition from New York University and the Swiss’ Paul Scherrer Inst.i.tute, whose computer science thesis got attention from a billion yuan enterprise, such a great student was called academic cancer?


[Do you still get likes for insulting, Old Zhu?]

[I already said that the theses had no problems. Old Zhu loves to abuse people.]

[I have to kneel to this genius. I can’t even write two theses in a year.]

[Everyone sits down and pray to study G.o.d (dog)]

[I feel like I wasted my four years in university…]

[As an international student at the Ma.s.sachusetts Inst.i.tute of Technology, this phenomenon is very common in US. We generally call these people curve-wrecker, meaning curve destroyers, because their performance is always at the extreme ends of the normal distribution curve.]

[If the youth is strong the country is strong, like the Everyone Daily post! (fist) (fist)]


What made Lu Zhou hysterical was that he did not know who leaked his Weibo as he had received over two hundred thesis writing requests.

He had only recently registered this account and did not expect to ama.s.s fifty thousand followers.

On the other hand, Zhu Fangcai was attacked by the public. He was like a scared kitten. He did not release a statement nor did he go on Weibo.

He would never apologize.

But what was the point of being a turtle?

Even if one had a turtle sh.e.l.l made of metal, a person could still stomp you to death from above.

Zhu Fangcai never thought that his third insulting blog post would become the last blog he would ever post.

He opened his computer and logged in to see how many followers he had lost. He was astonished.

His Weibo account had been banned…

When Zhu Fangcai saw the news, he felt like he was surrounded by darkness and he nearly pa.s.sed out.

He laid in his chair and stared blankly at the computer screen.

Over three million followers…

Gone in an instant.

What he was sad about was not only the fans that followed him, it was his five hundred thousand per month advertis.e.m.e.nt income.

His account was worth more than ten million yuan!

It was like his heart was bleeding. It was unbearable. Zhu Fangcai picked up the telephone and called Weibo’s customer service.

As soon as someone picked up the phone, he started to shout: “Why did you guys ban my account? What did I do wrong! I’m warning you, if you don’t explain this to me, I’ll file a complaint!”

The customer representative heard his complaints calmly and said politely, “h.e.l.lo sir, are you asking about your Weibo account?”

Zhu Fangcai was still angry. He remembered that he did not say his name and quickly calmed down, “My name is Zhu Fangcai.”

“Please wait.” After a while, the customer representative continued, “h.e.l.lo sir, we suspended your Weibo account due to the posting of harmful information. You have violated [Weibo’s user license agreement]…”

Zhu Fangcai was furious. He interrupted and angrily asked, “Which clause had I violated?! I’m using my freedom of speech. What gives you the right to stop me! I’m warning you. Unblock my account immediately or I’ll take you to court…”

The customer service representative remained calm as he said, “My apologies. The violation was administered by the government’s security network supervision department. We cannot unblock it. Please appeal through judicial channels.”

Public security network supervision department…

We cannot unblock it…

Please appeal through judicial channels…

It was like every sentence ruthlessly mocked him.

Zhu Fangcai nearly started to bleed on the keyboard.

However, his streak of bad luck did not end. Just as he hung up the phone, he received another phone call.

When he picked up, Zhu Fangcai said depressingly, “h.e.l.lo…”

“EMS parcel. Come downstairs can get your package.”


I didn’t buy anything online recently…

Zhu Fangcai paused for a second. Confused, he asked, “What package?”

“It’s a doc.u.ment. Let me look at it for you. It seems to be a folder or something,” said the delivery man. He stood next to his van and his phone was lodged between his neck and shoulder as he turned the package around and said, “Jin Ling’s City… Court? It’s definitely your package, come get it!”

Zhu Fangcai quietly hung up and threw his phone on the table.

He sprawled out in his chair and took out his pack of cigarettes before igniting one.

Through the smoke, he could see his own reflection in his phone’s screen.

Suddenly, he realized that he looked like he’s ninety years old…

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