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Chapter 332: Scientific Research Boss

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Lu Zhou figured out the truth and found out that he had inexplicably offended someone.

Lu Zhou didn’t know what to do after hearing the news.

If he didn’t hear about Liu Hong from Yang Xu, he wouldn’t even remember where this w.a.n.g Haifeng guy came from.

Honestly speaking, having disagreements was nothing unusual in the academic community. After all, there were bound to be people that had different viewpoints.

But, did Lu Zhou care about these people?

Lu Zhou tapped his index finger on the desk, leaned back on his chair, and began to think with his eyes closed.

Don’t underestimate opening reports; a real scientific research opening report is completely different than an undergraduate student’s opening report.

The writer must have a high level of professional knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the background of the research.

After all, the opening report is to convince others to invest in you. Although the final result would depend on the investors, a report should still be taken seriously.

Also, the person responsible for the opening report is also responsible for the oral defense. Therefore, whoever writes the opening report is certainly more skilled than the average researcher.

In addition, if Yang Xu didn’t believe that Liu Hong has a special talent, he wouldn’t have brought this matter to me.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he said, “If you think he’s good, then hire him. As long as he wasn’t fired because of academic misconduct, I’m fine with it.”

Right now was the early stages of the Jinling Inst.i.tute of Computational Materials, and they needed talent.

If the Ma.s.sachusetts Inst.i.tute of Technology postdoc thought he had value, then he should be hired.

“I understand, but that’s not the problem.” Yang Xu sighed and said, “I heard from my cla.s.smates in China that w.a.n.g Haifeng is well known in the domestic materials science community; he might even become an academician in a few years. Making him your enemy might not be a good idea.”

Lu Zhou said, “It doesn’t matter. From what I’m seeing, we’re getting a talented person to help with our research, so it’s worth it.”

What a joke, I’m a “n.o.bel Prize” level scholar, why do I have to care about some random “pre-academician”?

Not to mention, w.a.n.g Haifeng is only known domestically.


Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Also, if I don’t hire this guy, he might even thank me.”

Yang Xu smiled and said, “You’re right, I’m overthinking it.”

Lu Zhou said, “Oh yeah, remember to make him sign the confidentiality agreement.”

Yang Xu nodded. “Of course.”

Liu Hong sat outside Yang Xu’s office, and he looked nervous.

He looked like a prisoner sitting in court, waiting for the judgment of his fate… even though he had done nothing wrong.

However, this wasn’t an easy decision for him.

This meant that his efforts for the past two years would be wasted. He had to start all over again with a master’s degree. He would also offend a famous person in academia.

Although w.a.n.g Haifeng was nothing compared to Lu Zhou, it was still bad to make enemies.

Liu Hong didn’t know if this decision was a curse or a blessing.

Liu Bo stood next to him and sighed.

He went to the water dispenser and got a cup of water before he said to Liu Hong, “Friend, drink some water.”

Even though they had to accept working for long hours and being ordered around all day, researchers still had their dignity. Being sent on a spy mission was ridiculous…

Most people often chose to endure the demands, but some people wouldn’t.

Liu Bo felt sympathetic that Liu Hong had such a heartless supervisor.

A supervisor could force a stellar student to stay and use them as cheap and high-quality labor.

Liu Bo was well aware of this. Even Jin Ling University had supervisors like w.a.n.g Haifeng— every university did.

Everyone had to be cautious when choosing their supervisors.

Liu Hong shook his head and nervously said, “No thanks… Please, I just want to start as an intern! Just give me a chance to prove myself!”

Liu Bo said, “No point saying it to me, I don’t manage things around here.”

Suddenly, a third voice joined the conversation.

“Willing to start from an interns.h.i.+p position? I’ll remember you said that.”

Yang Xu was outside the office door.

Liu Hong was stunned. He quickly stood up from the sofa and said, “Yes! I will prove my abilities!”

“Not bad, you’re ambitious.” Yang Xu looked at Liu Hong and said, “From tomorrow onward, you will work at the computational materials science a.n.a.lysis department. Liu Bo will arrange work for you. But I have to tell you that you won’t be able to conduct any experiments during your interns.h.i.+p. Your main job will be cleaning equipment, sorting chemicals, and etc. Sounds good?”

When Liu Hong heard that his resume was accepted, he said with excitement, “No problem! I accept!”

“Then try your best, this is not a vacation.” Yang Xu walked up and patted Liu Hong’s back as he said, “Oh yeah, if you can, try to get a PhD, it’s very useful.”

Liu Hong smiled and said, “Okay!”

Qian Zhongming was standing beside Liu Bo who then poked his arm and said quietly, “This is their world.”

Qian Zhongming looked as normal as ever.

“What world?”

“Our boss’ world.” Liu Bo couldn’t help but say, “Our boss is at a level where he doesn’t even need to poach himself; people are willing to jump s.h.i.+p just for him.”

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