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Chapter 134: Industrious User

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Lu Zhou walked to the semi-transparent information screen and clicked the mission panel.

[Reward mission is activated (Give up at anytime without spending general points)

[Description: Seeing that the User is so industrious, the system will give you a big gift!

[Requirements: Complete reading book list (0/15), complete literature reading (0/50), complete a set of experiments (0/1)

[Reward: 8000 physics experience points, 4000 biochemistry experience points. Debris.]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What happened to a big gift?

Also what the h.e.l.l is debris?

The system did not respond to him, nor did it even give him any instructions.

Lu Zhou guessed that the debris was something like a “sample”, but broken? Maybe he could fix it and make it useful.

Lu Zhou was slightly confused.

He had always wanted to get something like a stars.h.i.+p, but this time he prayed that the debris was not a broken stars.h.i.+p. He did not know how to fix a stars.h.i.+p…

Lu Zhou looked at his characteristic panel.

At the moment, he had 5100 physics experience points, so the additional 8000 was enough for him to level up. He was about to take physics as a second degree anyway, so the timing of this was convenient.

As for the 4000 biochemistry experience points, it was better than nothing.

Before exiting the system s.p.a.ce, Lu Zhou looked at the book list. The list mainly contained physics books and a few materials chemistry related books.

Lu Zhou also briefly looked at the experiment. It was about “Real-time observation of lithium dendrite formation in lithium-ion battery electrodes”. It also contained a description of the experiment and the experimental data that needed to be collected.

Lu Zhou took out a piece of draft paper from his drawer and copied down the book list. He then wrote a tick beside “The Coming of Materials Science” book.

The book was written by Professor Robert W. Cahn, a member of the Royal Society and a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was also a major player in the field of materials science. The most fascinating part of the book was that it contained almost all of the major materials science research problems.

Lu Zhou had wanted to study this book when he was in Professor Li’s research team last year, but he did not have the time.

However, now, he had the perfect opportunity to study it!

Lu Zhou put on his backpack. He then left his dorm room and went to the library.

When he walked into the library, he quickly found “The Coming of Materials Science” textbook.

Lu Zhou borrowed the book. He was ready to sit down and study. Suddenly, Professor Tang called his phone.

If it was not for Professor Tang, he would have forgotten why he returned to Jin Ling in advance.

Laboratory building, Professor Tang’s office…

The two graduate students were away, so the old gentleman was alone in his office.

The office desk was very clean.

A vacuum flask and a stack of materials sat on top of the desk.

“… I have some materials here, take it back and look at it. Then fill in the doc.u.ments,” said Professor Tang. He picked up the stack of materials and placed it in Lu Zhou’s hands before he continued, “Take this opportunity seriously.”

“Thank you, professor,” said Lu Zhou when he received the materials.

Professor Tang nodded. He then noticed the textbook in Lu Zhou’s bag and asked, “Physics book?”

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “Yeah, I’m preparing for my double degree in physics.”

Professor Tang suddenly remembered something and he said, “I almost forgot about this. At the end of the year meeting, the school leaders.h.i.+p team discussed your graduation.”

Lu Zhou, “Graduation?”

Professor Tang nodded and said, “Yes, in order to allow you to start researching sooner, University of Jin Ling has decided to issue an undergraduate degree certificate in advance. You’ll be enrolled as a master’s student, and you’ll join the Princeton PhD training program…”

Lu Zhou was stunned and he asked, “Training program? Master’s and PhD at the same time?”

“Not at the same time,” said Professor Tang as he shook his head. He said with a smile, “In short, you’ll take a year or two in China to get a master’s degree. After that, you’ll be directly sent to Princeton to do a PhD. The University of Jin Ling will give you a doctor’s certificate, but not a master’s certificate. This is the plan that the school has tailored for you. If you’re fast, you can get a PhD within three years, and the PhD will be issued by both University of Jin Ling and Princeton.”

This talent development program was specially formulated for Lu Zhou, and no one else got this kind of special treatment.

However, Professor Tang did not mention that the University of Jin Ling already proposed awarding Lu Zhou a degree in advance last year. However, because of his age, the plan was not put in place.

This year, because of Professor w.a.n.g Yuping’s suggestion, the program was given the green light.

The academician’s recommendation held great power.

Professor w.a.n.g Yuping wanted to move Lu Zhou to the University of Yan to become his own student. Therefore, Professor Tang and his co-workers cooked up a plan to convince Lu Zhou to stay at the University of Jin Ling.

Princeton was also interested in Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou asked, “But I didn’t even finish my bachelor’s degree. Is this okay?”

Professor Tang replied, “ Xu personally wrote to the Ministry of Education about you, so it’ll be okay.”


It seems that this won’t be a problem them.

Lu Zhou realized that his fears were redundant, so he smiled while feeling embarra.s.sed.

Professor Tang continued, “I originally planned to tell you this in two days, but I heard you were planning on doing a physics double major so I thought I’d tell you now. Just get a double doctor’s degree instead!”

He did not totally approve of Lu Zhou’s physics degree, but he did not know what to say. He had no idea what this kid should do.

He thought that this kid’s talent was in the field of functional a.n.a.lysis and applied mathematics, so he strongly suggested for him to develop in the direction of mathematical physics. However, Lu Zhou had revealed his talents in number theory as well.

This kid solved the twin prime number conjecture. Even though the thesis had not been published, it was basically guaranteed.

If Lu Zhou asked Professor Tang for his advice, he would have suggested him not to pursue physics.

However, Lu Zhou did not ask.

So Professor Tang did not say anything.

Professor Tang thought, “I’ll let it go!”

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