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Chapter 1057 Poor IEEE

The consumers were obviously not the only ones stunned by this product launch.

The live footage had already been uploaded onto Huawei’s website and various media outlet platforms.

People were surprised to see that the carbon-based chips were actually real, and Professor Lu wasn’t just kidding with them. This reminded them of the IEEE paper that was withdrawn some time ago.

Obviously, the data in the paper wasn’t fraudulent.

Suddenly, IEEE was in an awkward position.

Falsely withdrawing a paper and claiming academic misconduct was a violation of academic freedom and a manifestation of academic deception.

If the withdrawal was unanimously agreed by the higher-ups at IEEE, the impact of the Huawei product launch would be a huge blow to the IEEE’s reputation in the electronics, computing, and electrical engineering field…

Many Chinese universities such as Yan University and Shuimu, as well as dozens of professors and scholars, had announced their withdrawal from the IEEE organization. They also publicly condemned this serious violation of academic freedom.

On the other hand, the Doc.u.mentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences quickly responded by decreasing the journal rating of IEEE, citing reasons such as “academic corruption”.

Even though the IEEE quickly tried to clarify this matter, claiming that the “withdrawal was a ruling under US law” and it was “an individual decision performed by the director of the committee”. Moreover, they claimed they would seriously investigate this matter. However, the situation was beyond repair.

Papers that had been withdrawn could not be published again.

Even if they were willing to publish the paper, Lu Zhou wouldn’t allow them to…

In fact, IEEE was lucky compared to the people that orchestrated the withdrawal.

After all, even though the IEEE was facing a public reputation crisis, and their credibility and influence had diminished greatly, they were far from peris.h.i.+ng.

However, the semiconductor industry alliances that instructed IEEE to withdraw the paper were hanging on by a thread.

Qualcomm Headquarters.

Chairman office.

After the group of executives watched the video of the product launch, they broke out in cold sweat. Even after a long discussion, they weren’t able to formulate any good ideas.

“… The only way is to lobby Congress and banning their patents in the name of national security, and ask our allies—”

When Jacobs heard his secretary’s proposal, steam came out of his head as he snarled.

“Are you crazy? Do you really think Congress is going to pa.s.s that? Not to mention we would be the ones hurt by that!”

The secretary spoke in a trembling voice.

“F*ck! What should we do now?”

Faced with the furious chairman, the office was silent.

Jacobs wasn’t the only one who wanted to know what was going on.

Everyone in Qualcomm wanted to know what they should do.

However, judging from the current situation, the situation they were in was unsolvable. Faced with the innovative technology of carbon-based chips, silicon chips were a sinking s.h.i.+p. The ecosystem they built around silicon-based chips was about to be destroyed.

In fact, it might be a good choice for them to research carbon-based chip technology instead.

However, that was far more difficult than it sounded.

According to the paper published by Professor Lu in “Future”, the carbon-based chip used a graphene “SG” series material, an improved version of the superconducting material used in controllable fusion magnet coils.

Forget about creating carbon-based chips, they hadn’t even been able to find an industrial synthesis method for the SG materials. The superconducting magnets at the fusion power station in California had to use Chinese imported SG materials.

Even though everyone at Qualcomm believed that they would eventually master carbon-based chip technology, no one knew how long it would take.

Suddenly, the silence in the office was broken.

Derek Wacker, the chief engineer who had been leaning against the table with his arms folded, suddenly said, “In fact, the carbon-based chip has a minimal impact on our business.”

Jacobs said, “I know that already.”

Everyone knew that the most profitable department of Qualcomm was their patent licensing businesses. Unlike Intel, Samsung, and TSMC, who produced and researched chips themselves, Qualcomm wouldn’t have to worry about their products being eliminated.

What did this mean for them then?

Their patents in the communications field might survive for a while, but what next?

After the chip technology upgrade, sooner or later, communication technology would keep up as well. When carbon chips had taken over the field, Qualcomm’s worst nightmares would come to life.

“You’ve misunderstood…” Wacker looked at Jacobs and said, “I mean, if carbon chips really are the future, why should we fight against it?”

“They need three years to let the Dragon chips infiltrate the downstream industrial chain, but that means we have three years to change and adapt.”

Jacobs’ eyebrows furrowed, as if he suddenly thought of something. He spoke in a deep and unsure voice.

“… So what you’re saying is?”

“Perhaps we can talk with the Chinese.”

Wacker paused for a second and said, “I’m not saying we should surrender. The market is huge, and Huawei can’t take over it all, even if they want to… China wouldn’t be able to support it. It will be a long-fought battle. Even if we lose in the end, they will not benefit hugely from this.”

Trading meant a win-win for both sides, and a tree couldn’t survive without its branches and leaves.

However, there was one thing Qualcomm didn’t think of.

Which was that the carbon chips were a core part of Huawei’s business model, as well as a core part of the whole ecosystem.

This was one of the reasons they did the product launch.

Even though Qualcomm didn’t want to admit this, their best option for survival was to give up and try to salvage their remaining chess pieces.

Even though it would cost them a lot, if they tried to hold on to this sinking s.h.i.+p, they would drown sooner or later.

Jacobs knew Wacker would say this. His eyes lit up as he spoke.

“… You want me to talk with Huawei in private? That means we’re betraying our industry allies.”

Seeing how Jacobs kicked the ball to himself, Wacker sighed and spoke.

“Come out, Jacobs, look what happened after the product launch. Do you think our allies really can fight back? Even Intel doesn’t stand a chance. Instead of peris.h.i.+ng, it would be better to jump to the other side and survive.

“Also, I heard Swan was at the product launch! How come they’re the only ones invited? Or did you also receive an invitation, but decided not to go?”

The office went silent again.

Seeing how Jacobs didn’t answer, Wacker already knew the answer. He stood aside and waited quietly.

He knew that Jacobs was seeing his point of view.

However, making a decision like this was never easy.

After some silence, Jacobs nodded and spoke.

“… I understand.”

Wacker felt relieved, but when he left the door, he couldn’t help but sigh.

This was the collapse of their semiconductor industry alliance.

Their time was gone now.

This was a difficult decision, but Wacker didn’t want to see his life work go to waste.

They just had to survive.

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