Promise You A Life Full Of Love Chapter 2: I Have Never Slept With You. How Can You Be Pregnant?

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Xu Zijin gave a cry of pain.

She felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen and couldn't help trembling violently.

Meanwhile, a spasm of great pain shot through her heart as if someone threw her heart on the ground and crushed it into pieces with the feet.

The man's cruel voice rang in her ears, accompanied by the rumble of thunder, "Xu Zijin, how dare you delude me that you are pregnant? You also deceived Anan and drove her to kill herself, right?"

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Xu Zijin goggled at him as the gleam of hope in her eyes gradually dimmed. "Believe me… I didn't lie to you… I… I'm really pregnant…"

Fu Sinian suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to him. "Really? I have never slept with you. How can you be pregnant? Xu Zijin, you are indeed a liar."

Xu Zijin was suffocated by his words. She forced a smile and said, "You… Sinian, you must be joking. Ha ha... But it's not funny. You scare me…"

She had known and loved this man for 20 years. Even if he was disfigured, she could recognize him at first glance.

Although it was dark in the room that night, she knew that it must be him because she was thoroughly familiar with him.

"Xu Zijin, you are so stupid. What makes you think that you are qualified to have my child? You must be dreaming!"

His voice was soft but every word he said was like a hammer hitting at her heart. She looked blankly at the man in front of her. At this moment, he was no longer the handsome, kind man in her memory, as his face twisted into a horrible expression, his eyes burning with bitter hatred.

A chill s.h.i.+ver rippled over her skin. Xu Zijin felt herself in a winter puddle and every fibre of her being froze.

'I'm not qualified to have your baby? So, who is worthy to bear your child? Is it Mu Anan?' she thought with sorrow.

Xu Zijin clenched her fists tightly and a strong sense of hatred and grief filled her chest. She had never hated and would never hate a person as much as she hated Fu Sinian.

The rain fell down on her face and all color gradually drained from her face. Pale as a ghost, she felt as though someone had taken a knife to her heart and twisted the blade. The man she loved sent her into the depths of despair.

Xu Zijin gave a weak smile, "Fu Sinian, you know I love you, so you dare humiliate me without fear."

"s.h.!.+" Fu Sinian stretched out his forefinger and pressed it on her lips. "Don't say that you love me. You make me sick."

'If you really love me, you wouldn't have lied to me. If you really love me, why did you hurt my lover madly? Your love is full of lies and jealousy. I don't need it," he thought.

Xu Zijin's blood froze with her eyes wide open in disbelief. Fu Sinian had no interest in carrying on talking with her, so he turned her around and pinned her against the guardrail of the bridge, then he clutched her slender waist hard and entered her body from behind.

All the members of the Xu family were villainous in their bones and there was no need to feel pity for her.

Heavy rain lashed against the ground and the river rolled and roared. Xu Zijin covered her belly with her hands and kept pleading for mercy but Fu Sinian didn't show any tenderness.

Warm blood streamed from her private parts and dripped onto the ground.

"Please… Please help me… Take me to the hospital, please…"

She felt a wave of panic because she had a pain in her lower stomach.

This unborn child was her only hope of winning his heart. She couldn't afford to lose it…

Fu Sinian frowned and subconsciously cast a glance in her private parts. He saw blood trickling from her v.a.g.i.n.a, mixed with the rain, and dropped upon the ground. His heart stopped beating for a second.

She… She was really pregnant!

Xu Zijin was taken to the hospital late at night. Her skin was covered with bruises and scratches, which shocked all the doctors and nurses.

"Mr. Fu…" A doctor looked cautiously at Fu Sinian who wore a frosty look, his intense eyes glowing with eerie anger and hatred, and looked like a devil from the h.e.l.l.

"Why are you still standing there like a statue? Save her!" Fu Sinian threw a cold look at the doctor.

"Doctor, the patient has been pregnant for two months…" A nurse shouted anxiously. The doctor instantly walked into the emergency room.

"Her v.a.g.i.n.a was torn up because of excessive s.e.xual intercourse. She's in danger of miscarriage. Send her to the operating room!" The doctor quickly checked on her and gave orders to the nurses. Xu Zijin was wheeled out of the emergency room and sent to the operating room.

When the doctor saw Fu Sinian standing by, he paused and comforted, "Mr. Fu, you can rest a.s.sured that we will do our best to save this unborn child."

The unborn child…

"You don't need to save it," said Fu Sinian suddenly.

The doctor was stunned by his words.

Fu Sinian continued in a cold, hard voice, "It shouldn't be born. So just don't waste time saving it."

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