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The next morning after the fight against the Desert Wyvern, the small party continued their journey. Surprisingly, another member joined this already strange group. They met him purely by accident and like always, Jace invited him. 

The newest member never talked, he would only shake or nod his head, however, what's stranger is his outfit. A body covered with bandages, only his eyes could be seen. He was in the midst of fighting a large group of Stone Worms when they stumbled upon him.

He swiftly killed the worms and was about to depart only to be stopped by a smiling muscular black man. This man was none other than the ghost who got appraised by Arthur. It was also the same person who joined the tournament in Astria.

He fought against the girl who used the pink ice and emerged victorious, his techniques are strange but there's no doubt that he's a skilled fighter. The newcomer paid no attention to everyone but the silver-haired woman, he stared at her for a long time, not hiding his fighting spirit.

He just wanted to fight her, any ulterior motives were absent. Of course, Lucy's sister ignored, she would just walk at the back with the deadpan face of hers.

As per Jace's words, they should arrive to the floating island in three days, at most. They didn't encounter any more Wyverns, as for the Grey Korv and Stone Worms, they were disposed off by Jace and his companions.

There was another pleasant piece of news, it was the return of Claud, who was strangely silent ever since the event from last time.

Though Arthur asked him about the cause, all he got for a reply was this

"I would rather not talk about it. It doesn't concern you so you don't have to worry."

Arthur was unhappy with the vague reply but didn't inquire any further as his copy didn't seem to be in the mood for chitchat.

'That ghost is looking for you, the Dark Magic user.'

Claud nonchalantly said that before returning to his eerie silence. Arthur, who got hit by such a shocking news, was momentarily startled before he bombarded his copy with questions.

'Why is he looking for me? Who sent him and what are his goals?'

'The h.e.l.l?! Do you think I'm omniscient? What I said is merely a speculation, one that is most likely true.'

'Then, do you mind explaining?'-Arthur

'He's a ghost and a pretty powerful one at that. Your fight against the Holy Dominion attracted too much attention. The Whisperer King is seeking you. Apparently, he was acquainted with Zodiak in the past.'

'Another person to avoid… ugh'

Although it's unlikely he'll be discovered with the bracelet on, Arthur still didn't like the fact that many people are searching for him. Fortunately, the ghost wasn't as strong as Artid, the Black Rose executive, who's always looking for him.


At the center of the secret realm, exactly where the dragon's lair was situated, there was a large silhouette which was laying on the ground. With exquisite silver scales covering its body, which was humongous. It was over four hundred meters long and the ancient aura emanating from it showed how old it was.

The air around it was suffocating and a simple gaze from it is enough for a Sovereign to be stricken with boundless fear.

In front of this majestic and powerful creature sat a human wearing a dark cloak. With a short grey-hair and two clear eyes, he gazed back at the silver dragon.

"Are you hesitating?"

The man asked the ever-so-silent s.p.a.ce Dragon, who opened its eyes and looked at the small human that dared to enter its base and leisurely sit beside it.

"Which mother would be willing to abandon her son?"

The man glanced at the pulsating stomach of the dragon before replying

"Such is the fate of newborn dragons. Being protected by you will make it difficult for him to properly grow up."

"Thy words are not false. By thy claims, my son will grow in a safe place?"

"That is right. You have my word."

"Thee understandeth that this is not an edict but an offering?"

The man nodded his head and answered

"I am fully aware. Please rest a.s.sured."

The dragon closed its eyes, no longer paying attention to the human, who silently sat there and patiently waited.


Jace's words were spot on, they arrived at their destination exactly three days later. The climate changed yet again, from suffocating heat to bitter coldness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

You could see tall snow mountains from afar, several winged creatures were flying in the air, eyeing the group but not daring to attack as long as they don't enter the snowy area.

Far above the mountains, there was a floating piece of land, it was incredibly big and the mere sight of it was a feast to the eyes. 

It is said that this piece of land is a big garden, divided into many levels. It all depends on how much a person can advance, nevertheless, if you clear a level, you'll be able to obtain generous rewards.

In this perilous floating land, where only the strong are rewarded, there was the item Lucy and Arthur sought.

Ever since the Wyvern fight, Jace's att.i.tude changed, he treated the siblings much better. He would even encourage Arthur to be more courageous while flexing his bulging muscles.

The floating island, named The Paradise Garden, is a monument of its own. Entering is not an easy feat, it all depends on the person. There are illusory stairs that lead to the garden and only a selected few are able to walk all the way to the top.

The soul-protecting item is at the third level of the Garden. It has a total of nine levels and you can't just climb there and begin the trying lucks with the levels.

There's a specific time the garden opens its doors. Fifteen days after the opening of the secret Realm and since Arthur and co have been traveling for eleven days, only four remain before it begins.

There's bound to be strong cultivators waiting at the top, he just wished that the butler won't be there too, anyone else is fine.

First things first, they had to reach the illusory staircase, which is still a distance away. Unfortunately, the moment they stepped in the snowy area, the flying monsters above started their a.s.sault.

Their fate couldn't be miserable as the ghost clicked his tongue and waved his hand, sending dozens of bandages which wrapped themselves around the beast and crushed them within seconds.

The drastic change in weather caused Jace, who was going around half-naked, to s.h.i.+ver from the coldness. He still persisted and didn't wear anything, laughing it off and saying it was some kind of training for his body.

His comrades, however, didn't share his thoughts as they retrieved some coats from their storage, causing them to receive a resentful glare from Jace.

Unlike the desert, this area was flat and much more comfortable to travel in. Their was an over-abundance of monsters in here, ranging from carnivorous plants to packs of snow wolves, however, they were easily defeated by Jace, who endlessly fought to warm himself.

Activating the powers inside his body would make it sweat from heat, which is a much better feeling than the freezing coldness.

Only after six hours did they reach their destination. It was an open snowy field with illusory white stairs that led to the floating island high above.

There were several cultivators camping around the stairs, either waiting for their friends or are just there to watch. Arthur also noticed several figures climbing the stairs, some with ease, others with great difficulty.

Jace's two comrades decided to stay here along with the two other women. They were planning to hunt some powerful beasts and obtain some treasures if they're lucky.

Only Jace, the ghost, the silver-haired woman, and the siblings were going. Lucy's sister hesitated for a split second before going toward Arthur, wanting to tell him not to go as he's not ready or strong enough.

Unfortunately, she abandoned such thoughts when she saw Lucy drag her 'brother' toward the stairs. Although she was skeptical, the woman decided not to interfere and silently followed them.

The first one to start climbing was the ghost, whose quickly bypa.s.sed other cultivators and easily made his way toward the garden.

Jace talked with his comrades before flexing his muscles then following the ghost. Arthur used telepathy to talk with Lucy, who asked him how to proceed.

Their plant was to struggle a bit before reaching the top, like that, it'll be more believable. He didn't want to risk it as the old butler may be waiting there and instantly climbing there will bring too much unwanted attention and suspicion.

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