I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband 448 Just A No Good Living Thing

I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife X The Masked Husband -

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Hinari's lashes flickered as she felt the warmth of the soft sun caress her face. The bright light was like a sweet glow meant to awaken her sleeping senses alive.

She slowly opened her eyes and when the first thing she saw was the face of the man in her dreams, a sweet smile carved on her face. She noticed the hand wrapped around her waist and her smile became even wider. Somehow, this beautiful creature was really like an angel when he was sleeping and the beautiful sight this early in the morning was just so heartwarming. Every contour on his face seemed to be glowing because of the bright morning light. He was just so d.a.m.n perfect that she felt she would never get tired of watching him like this every single day of her life. 

Subconsciously, Hinari slowly raised her hand and she was about to touch his long lashes when the man suddenly opened his eyes. 

Their eyes met and after a few seconds, Hinari was about to say 'good morning beautiful' when Zaki suddenly removed his hand off her as he quickly rose. 

The man then hastily moved to leave the bed but before he could stand, Hinari quickly grabbed him and she wrapped her hands around his neck as she hopped on his back. 

"My love, where do you think you're going?" she asked. Her lips were just touching Zaki's ears, sending an electric current down his spine. 

"Are you alright now?" she continued but when the man still didn't talk back, she got off him and she stood in front of him. She then held his face and made him look at her. When she noticed that he seemed to have recovered from his weakness last night, Hinari heaved a sigh of relief before she continued speaking.

"Beauty, what I told you last night, did you listen to it properly? Shall I repeat it for you?" As soon as these words left Hinari's mouth, Zaki suddenly stood up and covered her mouth with his palm. His eyes were not cold anymore but a deep sadness was still apparent in them. 

"Hinari, I can't waste your time anymore. You deserve someone better than me. I am just a no good living thing who doesn't know how to love." He said when suddenly, Hinari bit his hand, causing him to grunt in pain as he quickly pulled his hand away from her mouth. 

"Zaki, my love, sorry but I am just a no good living thing who doesn't know how to give up." She replied as she looked at him with those ever so resolute eyes. 

Her words struck Zaki deeply that he couldn't even talk back anymore. He fell in daze as if he was suddenly stuck between heaven and h.e.l.l and he didn't know whether he should smile or cry. 

At that moment, the atmosphere started to turn a bit heavy when someone suddenly opened the door. 

Zaki and Hinari were forced to turn towards the door and when they saw a little guy blinking at them, they fell speechless. 

The room fell silent for seconds until Little s.h.i.+n spoke. 

"Auntie, did you sleep with uncle last night?" the boy asked innocently and for some reason, Hinari was suddenly at a loss for words. She subconsciously tugged Zaki's sleeve so he could explain but the man was also utterly silenced. 

When little s.h.i.+n couldn't wait anymore for the two to speak, he tilted his head as though he was observing them. He even looked at the messy bed as though he was a detective trying to find the answer from the clues around him. 

His brows then knotted and he stared at the two again. Gladly, Hinari finally snapped and she was about to answer the boy but he spoke first.

"Uncle, auntie, grandfather is here. He wants to see you two." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As soon as little s.h.i.+n said those words, he didn't wait for their answer anymore and he nonchalantly headed towards the door and left.

He then returned to the lounge where old man Chen and Hinari's grandfather, were waiting along with Sei. When old Mr. Chen saw little s.h.i.+n coming, he smiled widely. 

"Dearest grandson, is your uncle coming?" old Mr. Chen asked and little s.h.i.+n immediately replied.

"Yup, I told them that grandpa was waiting," he answered and the old man was about to praise little s.h.i.+n when a certain word he said made him curious. 

"Hmm? Them? You also went and called your auntie Hinari? Wasn't your mom the one who went in her room?" the old man asked again. He seemed curious that he even raised his brow especially when little s.h.i.+n shook his head.

"No grandpa, I didn't go to auntie's room. Auntie Hinari slept with uncle Zaki in his room." The little boy said and the old men almost choked as their eyes widened.

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