Excruciating Deep Love With You Chapter 11: Do You Want To Kill Me?

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I crawled into the cold bed. Looking at the strange room and enduring the pain of my belly, I was sleepless all night.

The next morning, I was awakened by Sister Ling. She told me in a dilemma that Qin Mochen ordered her to supervise me; if she didn't follow his order, Sister Ling would be fired by him. I knew that Sister Ling was difficult in living and lived on the salary here.

I didn't want to make troubles for her, so I swept the whole villa enduring the pain of my belly. Suddenly, I remembered that there was a photo of my family hanging on the wall of my former room. Those servants didn't take it to me.

Thinking of this, I rushed to upstairs. The moment I opened the door, I saw Mo Yulin, who took the photo of my family in her hands which was the last tenderness I had in this world.

Seeing my appearance, she lifted her lips complacently and waved the photo frame, "Mo Yufei, do you want it?"

I stared at her coldly," That's my personal thing. You don't deserve to touch it!"

Mo Yulin sneered and looked at me sarcastically. Her look was full of contempt and arrogance.

Suddenly, she smashed the photo frame on the ground. It happened so suddenly that I couldn't react, so I had to see the photo frame was broken up in front of me.

"Mo Yufei, what the h.e.l.l are you? You are just an inferior servant now. How dare you talk to me like this?"

She stepped on the photo and crushed it hard, "What's your feeling now? You were the n.o.blest lady in the past and had all kinds of honor, but now?"

She laughed out loud and complacently with finger jabbing at my shoulder hard," You are just like an ant under my foot. Mo Family's daughter, so what? You finally turn into the daughter of a rapist and a murderer, and your family was broken up!"

Mo Yulin's voice pierced my broken heart ruthlessly like a sword. I couldn't help trembling all over and looked at the photo under her foot. This moment, the hatred had overwhelmed my reason.

I rushed at her and pinched her neck crazily with all my strength, roaring with strong hatred. "Mo Yulin, it's you framed me and made me fall into this situation! It's you killed my baby, so I will kill you!"

I had already been on the edge of anger. It seemed that Mo Yulin was scared by my behavior. She just looked at me in fright and patted my arms constantly; then she asked in an injured tone," Yufei, have I done something wrong? Why do you want to kill me?"

Her sudden transformation shocked me whose heart was full of hatred. Before I came to myself, I was pushed away by a force. The force was so large that I fell down and the gla.s.s on the ground stuck into my hands deeply; they suddenly became b.l.o.o.d.y!

The pain of my hands woke me up. Seeing the handsome and cold man in front of me, this moment, I realized that I had fallen into Mo Yulin's trap already.

She irritated me deliberately and transformed her att.i.tude when I was in anger. Everything was showed to Qin Mochen.

Maybe she had already known that Qin Mochen would come back. Even if I didn't go upstairs to take the photo frame, she would also come to find me and gradually led me into the trap before Qin Mochen came back!

Qin Mochen held her and looked so worried, while Mo Yulin nestled against his chest  sobbing in an injured tone, "Brother Chen, I wanted to hand the family photo to sister personally, but beyond my expectation, sister rushed to upstairs suddenly and seized me by the throat, trying to kill me without saying a word." Her body couldn't help trembling while she said that with a feeble look full of grievance.

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