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"Hyori. Do you know the S-Group?"

She nods her head.

"And.. do you know whose the current inheritor?"

She tries to think before answering , "Isn't it the Park family?"

"Ding-Dong" I make the sound like she got the answer right

"Are you related to them?" She asks, making a face as If it all makes sense now. "Aaaah now I understand"

"Actually, I don't think you do" I respond. "Give me a second" pulling out my phone, I do a quick search on the successor of S-Group before showing her the name.

Revealing my trump card like Seto Kaiba in Yu-gi-oh when he summons the Blue Eyed White Dragon Card.

She slowly reads out loud "D-Dylan Park"

"He has the same name as you?"

I nod, as I wait for her to put 2 + 2 together.

I watch her expression closely as things start to click together .... Her eye's bulge as she finally understands what I was insinuating

"You're DYLAN PARK!?" She screams

"Finally she get's it" I say sarcastically, "BINGO!"

"SH*t!" She starts spouting off a number of NSFW words

"Language, Hyori!" I try and get her to chill down a bit

"Seriously Dylan. You expect me to stay calm?" She looks at me expecting an answer but her tone suggests that I shouldn't

"Uhm do you want me to actually answer you?" I ask

"No... Just stay still for a moment. And let me process things for a bit" She requests

Nodding my head, I raise my hands in mock acquiesce "Not a problem, take all the time you need"

Ignoring Hyori while she does some mental arithmetic. I put my focus onto the bunny beneath me.

"You okay?" I ask her, "Our day didn't really go as planned"

"I'm fine... and yeah it really didn't go to plan" She chuckles, "not that I didn't have fun"

"You had fun?" She's really stronger than I thought. I a.s.sumed she had been shaken up a bit.

"Yeah, we spent the morning in Pj's, had junkfood all day, met Lee Hyori and I got to see you play the big bad boss. That was really s.e.xy" She say's with a glint in her eyes

"s.e.xy? Hmmm don't tell me you got all hot and bothered. Miss Bae?" I ask tongue in cheek, expecting her to pour water on my mood like she usually does. Only this time, she doesn't.

"A little" She answers nonchalantly "I mean, I got to see my Boyfriend be all, (she puts on a manly impression) 'me man, you don't mess with me' macho. You don't really show that bad boy dangerous side. Usually you are the flirty cute sweet type. I wouldn't mind see more of your serious side." She leans in real close, so much so that I can feel her breath on my nape whispering seductively, "It was really, really... such a turn on"

Feeling the hairs on my body stand upright as all my blood rushes south. G.o.d! She is turning into a complete succubus right now. She has really started to get more confident these days. She always knew she was pretty but having enough confidence was something she struggled with. I mean she's from Daegu, a sea side countryside when compared to the Capital of Seoul. Plus she has just started training 6 months ago. When you compare that to the younger Kang Seulgi (her future band mate) whose not only pretty cute but also has great talent whether it was singing ability or dancing ability coupled with already over 2 years of training. Irene always felt the need to play catch-up.

I guess with my presence around. Knowing she had the big boss 1000% behind her has given her a much needed boost. I honestly refer this version of her so much better. Sure it took a while to move past the awkward yet cute part of dating and I miss it. It is much more comfortable this way, when I get back from work it's like I'm home.

If it wasn't for my guest right now I would be doing biblically bad things to her right now.

"Hyori, you done processing things?" I ask trying to get a sense of time

"Yeah... I guess" She says still in mild shock

"Oh and about your music, feel free to do whatever you want. Don't worry about its financial performance. That's the agency's job just do your best." I offer her some encouragement, it's the least I can do as her new 'boss'

"Really?" She asks surprised " I can do what I want?"

Seeing her face liven up, I nod "Yup anything you want"

"Why ... me though?"

I look at her like she just asked a dumb question. It's obvious why right?


Just Kidding

"Because you are Lee Hyori... And I'm pretty sure no matter what you do, it will end in a big success. Also my girlfriend wants to enter the industry in the future. She's going to need a big sister to take care of her right?" I wink playfully

Hyori blushes a bit, pulling herself into a fighting position "Yes boss..." Throwing out a big smile I can feel her joy. This is probably how she first felt when she entered the music business 10 years ago all naive and pure.

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