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Chapter 776: The Xia Family’s Greed

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Although Wen Haowen did not divorce Ning Shuqian, he sent her to a nursing home under the pretext of getting her condition treated. It was within her expectations and Ning Shuqian was now considered to be his wife only in name. Her scheming efforts had all gone in vain.

There had been lots of events that happened to the Wen Family lately. However, the scandalous news were soon covered by those of the Ai Shang Group product launch. Lots of effort had been put into it.

Xia Ruya was certain that Wen Xinya had something to do with the Wen Family’s plan to use the media to clear Wen Haowen’s name. She also realized that Wen Xinya was far more scheming than her when it came to devising plans and strategies, so much that it was impossible to guard against her.

After having realized this fact, she no longer dared to deal with Wen Xinya or plot against her out of nowhere.

Xia Ruya began to s.h.i.+ft her focus onto planning for her own future.

Just as Xia Ruya was thinking about her future, the Xia Family members came knocking on her door.

“Old Mr. Xia, Mr. Xia, what are you here for?” Xia Ruya asked, stunned to see them. She did not understand why they had shown up at her house when they had already severed ties with her.

She did not want to have anything to do with the Xia Family at all.

Old Mr. Xia humphed and entered her apartment self-righteously while Xia Haolin followed closely behind him.

Xia Ruya watched their behavior with her lips pressed tightly together. She then clenched her fists tightly, her eyes full of resentment.

Old Mr. Xia and Xia Haolin sat on the couch. Xia Haolin stared at Xia Ruya coldly and said, “I shall not beat around the bush. I’m sure you know what’s going on in the Xia Family. You may have severed ties with us, but we can’t just let you off, because you were the one who landed us in such a plight.”

They had previously headed to the Wen Family home where they heard from Wen Xinya that Xia Ruya had taken the Wen Family’s money and severed all ties with them too. They reckoned that the Wen Family must have given her a huge sum since she had been their adopted daughter for twelve years. Hence, they were rather enticed by the sum of money.

Xia Ruya’s eyes widened in shock and she stared at Xia Haolin in disbelief. “What do you mean?”

She was well aware of their intentions. Back when she still lived with the Wen Family, both Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen had given her lots of money, and Wen Haowen would also give her a monthly allowance. She had also received several pieces of jewelry as gifts. By the time she left the Wen Family, she had already acc.u.mulated a large amount of wealth. After Old Mr. Wen transferred those a.s.sets to her, her net worth amounted to more than a hundred million yuan.

The Xia Family was clearly eyeing her a.s.sets.

She had been too careless as to underestimate the Xia Family’s greed.

Xia Haolin sneered. “I know that you have received a large sum of money from the Wen Family and that amount of money will be able to solve our cash flow issues, though it won’t be enough to fill our losses.”

He actually sounded self-righteous. Xia Ruya turned pale and said smilingly, “That’s right. I’ve indeed gotten a sum of money from the Wen Family, but that money belongs to me. You people have no right to make me cough it up.”

Now that she had nothing except money, she definitely couldn’t afford to give it to them.

Old Mr. Xia sat on the couch sternly, though he remained silent. However, Xia Haolin gibed. “Why don’t you think about how much money you’ve caused us to lose ever since you returned to the Xia Family? Do you need me to get someone to calculate the sum? Take your coming-of-age ceremony for instance. That cost a bomb and a ton of manpower. Now that the Xia Family is facing an obstacle, shouldn’t you be helping us overcome it?”

Xia Ruya retorted. “If I was still a member of the Xia Family today, it’d be reasonable for me to take some money out to help you tide over the crisis. However, the Xia Family is heartless towards me and you abandoned me by severing ties with me during the toughest times of my life. Why should I give you money?”

She would never forget about what the Xia Family had done to her. If it weren’t because of how heartless and cruel they were to her, she wouldn’t have become vicious and ended up in such a sorry state. There was no free lunch in this world, and she obviously wouldn’t give them the money.

Upon hearing her words, Xia Haolin barked. “You were the one who brought all of these upon yourself. How could you blame it on us? Don’t you forget that we were also implicated by you and you were the one who caused us to fail in the transitioning. All of the money that we invested has gone to waste, thus resulting in the cash flow issue that we’re currently facing. You were the one who offended the Wen Family and made them go against us. You were the one who caused everything.”

He completely regretted his decision to disown her. He should have guessed that she would possess a large amount of wealth given to her by the Wen Family, whom she lived with for twelve years. He shouldn’t have acted rashly after Xia Ruya caused the Xia Family’s reputation to be ruined. He felt that he should have kicked her out of the family only after making use of her to the greatest extent.

However, there was no cure for regret. Although there was a huge deficiency in funds back then, the Xia Family could still cope with it and hence, they did not think much about it, especially since they had the help of the Chen Family. Yet, things spiraled out of control and the deficiency got so huge that it was beyond their means to solve the problem.

Xia Ruya was incredibly exasperated by how greedy the Xia Family was. She s.h.i.+vered and retorted. “You don’t have to say anything else. I’ll never give you any money. This is my house. Please leave immediately. Otherwise, I’ll leave it to the police to handle.”

Xia Haolin did not expect her to have such a bad temper and rebuked. “Rebellious daughter, how dare you treat me this way?”

Xia Ruya sneered. “Rebellious daughter? The Xia Family has already cut off all ties with me and I have nothing to do with the Xia Family anymore. In my eyes, you people are just strangers who have intruded my home. Why wouldn’t I dare to treat you that way?”

Just as Xia Haolin was about to give her a tight slap to teach her a lesson, Old Mr. Xia suddenly interjected. “Stop it. Why can’t you talk properly? Must you resort to violence?”

Xia Haolin sobered up and was suddenly reminded of their purpose in visiting Xia Ruya. He then put his hand down angrily.

Xia Ruya stared at the pair that was putting on an act, finding them to be ridiculously amusing.

Old Mr. Xia said slowly, “We’ve indeed acted inappropriately, and the severing of ties must have affected your reputation. If you’re willing to return to the Xia Family, we’ll be willing to forget about the past.”

The nice-sounding words helped them get rid of their reputation as cold and heartless. Not only did they seem like they had put themselves in her shoes, but they had also swallowed their pride.

Xia Haolin’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly chimed in. “I have the same thoughts as your grandfather.”

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