Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1259 - The Plan Backfires

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Chapter 1259: The Plan Backfires

Liu Yanhua posted the recording of their conversation on the internet and everyone had already found out Xia Ruya’s viciousness. Since all the evidence was in place, Xia Ruya’s defense seemed rather weak.

What Xia Ruya would be receiving next was a terrible attack.

Of course, it was also due to the fans whom Liu Yanhua had made use of.

However, the matter did not affect Boya Pavilion at all, for the owner had already made a declaration about Xia Ruya as soon as the incident occurred. At the same time, they had also clarified that the success of the gala was because of Boya Pavilion and that what Xia Ruya had done, did not affect it at all.

Wen Xinya had no choice but to take her hat off to the owner of Boya Pavilion for her scheming mind and resoluteness. Had the owner failed to carry out a thorough investigation on the matter before dismissing the guests, the outcome would have definitely been different.

However, Wen Xinya did not take it to heart and instead looked through the discussions about Xia Ruya on the internet.

After reading about it for a while, Wen Xinya felt a little bored. She turned to look at Si Yiyan and asked, “Do you think Xia Ruya will leave Capital city and return to Harbor City because of this matter?”

Everyone was scolding and las.h.i.+ng out at Xia Ruya on the internet. That was how society was. Most people liked taking the moral high ground and criticizing others for their misdeeds and immoral acts. They would even lash out at them.

Otherwise, how could there be so many critical forums on the internet?

Most incidents went viral on the internet because of a certain issue and at last, everyone would end up scolding each other and shaming each other online…

The only difference was that those people would still be upright after engaging in virtual altercations, but it was different for Xia Ruya. Now that her evil deeds had been exposed and that there was already sufficient evidence, there was no way Xia Ruya could defend herself at all. Besides, she had a poor reputation, to begin with, and hence, no one would defend her at all.

Si Yiyan put his book down and said, “It’s only a matter of time before Xia Ruya returns to Harbor City.”

He sounded extremely firm.

Wen Xinya still felt rather hesitant. “Xia Ruya went through painstaking means to return to Capital city just to take revenge on me. This time, she suffered such a huge loss because of me. It’s not like her to flee back to Harbor City!”

Xia Ruya often showed immeasurable courage.

She was extremely insistent on getting up from where she fell from, regardless of whether she got criticized or not. Since the same thing had happened several times before, how could she have easily admitted defeat?

After giving it some thought, she said, “I got Celestial Detective Agency to investigate on the Li Family and the Li Corporation. Ever since Xia Ruya returned, Old Mr. Li had been strengthening his control over the Li Corporation and there had already been various internal conflicts within the Li Corporation.

“Xia Ruya is the root of the conflict and life is tough for her in Harbor City where there are intense power struggles and scheming plots pulled on her. That was one of the reasons Xia Ruya returned to Capital city.”

Evey family in Harbor City would definitely go through a battle for a.s.sets, money, power, status, and wealth. Brothers and blood kin would turn against each other and of course… murder was inevitable too.

Xia Ruya obviously had a reason for fleeing to Capital city before the conflicts were resolved.

Si Yiyan agreed with what she thought. “Xia Ruya is feeling indignant, for sure. However, don’t you forget that Xia Ruya is now the successor of the Li Family. Although Harbor City and China are only separated by a coastline, the two countries are in close commercial cooperation. The Chinese are envious of Harbor City’s opulence and wealth, and they’re all coveting a chance to expand their business and build a career in Harbor City. At the same time, the people from Harbor City are also aware of the development potential that exists in China and are all interested in investing here. Since Xia Ruya has ruined her reputation in Capital city, she’s embarra.s.sing the Li Family and they definitely wouldn’t leave her alone.”

Xia Ruya had just returned to the Li Family and there were plenty of eyes on her. Even though Xia Ruya had fled to Capital city, everyone was still paying attention to her because she was the successor of the Li Family. Be it in Harbor City or Capital city, she did not have a stable position at all. There were plenty of people waiting to see Xia Ruya make a joke out of herself.

The Li Family… could not afford to take the embarra.s.sment.

Wen Xinya said with a frown, “You’re right, but Xia Ruya left because she didn’t want to get involved in the internal conflict in the Li Corporation. Yet, she’s now returning to Harbor City like an abandoned dog. She’s also given others a reason to attack her. In that case, how can she still secure her footing in the upper-cla.s.s society of Harbor City?

“She’s not that silly. She definitely knows that her predicament in Harbor City is not going to be better than that in Capital city. She might even have it worse. She’s scheming and sly and always gets up to dirty tricks. Maybe, she might be able to pull another trick and end up staying?”

Although the gra.s.s was greener in Harbor City, it was not that good for Xia Ruya because of her status. However, she had a bad reputation in Capital city, all because of her poor character.

Si Yiyan said profoundly, “She wouldn’t do that, because her status as the successor of the Li Family is the most important thing to her now. You should know that the Li Family no longer holds that much power over the Li Corporation and most of the shareholders are only focused on their own benefits. Hence, they’d definitely show their displeasure with Xia Ruya. Her scandal is a good opportunity for them to beat her down.”

Old Mr. Li was old in his years and no longer as energetic as he used to be. He had long become mentally and physically exhausted. Most of the authority and power were held by the few major shareholders of the Li Corporation.

Wen Xinya snapped out of her trance and her eyes lit up. “The shareholders are using the opportunity to show their doubts about Xia Ruya being the successor. Even Old Mr. Li is having a hard time controlling the situation. By then, things would be unstable for Xia Ruya. However, she won’t let it happen, so she’ll definitely return to Harbor City to face everything so as to reduce the impact that it will have on her.”

Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Xia Ruya is going to have a hard time in Harbor City.”

Wen Xinya had also realized that. She smiled and said, “Seems like Xia Ruya’s plan has backfired this time.”

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