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Chapter 377: Make You Cry

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An Lin looked on as the mist slowly dissipated, and the name of the cultivation method he had won was slowly revealed to him.

After getting a clear view of the name, An Lin’s mouth fell open in disbelief.


The spell technique from the system merged into An Lin’s body as a streak of light.

“Make You Cry spell technique: a mental attack able to be used against one individual target at a time. The victim will fall into a deep sense of grief from which they are unable to recover. However, cultivators with higher cultivation bases will have stronger immunity against the spell technique.

Note: this spell technique can only be used once per day and is completely ineffective against Dao Integration Stage cultivators.”

“This…” An Lin stood rooted to the spot. He was at a loss for words.

How could there be a spell technique with such a strange name in this world?

Wasn’t it easy to make people cry? He could just beat them to the point of tears!

“Are you alright, Big Brother An, woof!?” Da Bai asked as he saw the peculiar expression on An Lin’s face.

An Lin looked at Da Bai and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

Da Bai shuddered involuntarily and took a couple of steps back. “Why are you looking at me like that, Big Brother An?”

“Da Bai, how long has it been since you last cried?” An Lin asked.

“I’m a powerful divine dog, so of course I’ve never cried! I have not cried even once since being born!” Da Bai raised his head with a proud smile.

Immediately afterward, his mind was suddenly afflicted by a series of images for some reason. He recalled how his mother had brutally beaten his father and himself after they were caught going to a brothel; he recalled Qing Hua’s word prior to her departure; he recalled the despair from receiving the dog-food-production inheritance; and he suddenly also developed empathy toward the grief of the autumn leaves that detach from their trees, only to be buried deep into the cold cold ground…

All his emotions burst forth at this moment like floodwaters running rampant through a broken dam.

Da Bai immediately began to cry with all his might.

An Lin’s eyes lit up as if he had discovered a new continent.

The Make You Cry spell technique was completely undetectable. There weren’t even any vital energy fluctuations before the spell technique took effect on Da Bai’s emotions.

Furthermore, there was almost no interval of time between the activation of the spell technique and the moment it took effect!

What a divine technique!

“Big Brother An, waah… What did you do to me, waah…”

Da Bai wiped the tears away from his face as he looked up at An Lin with a pair of big, watery eyes.

“Is it really worth crying like this, just because I took your first time?” An Lin stroked Da Bai’s head with a gentle expression.

“Big Brother An, you… You’ve gone too far; what did I do to deserve this? Waah… Evil b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Woof!!” Da Bai was overcome by a crippling sense of sorrow and wanted nothing more than to cry with all his might. After listening to An Lin’s words, he recalled all those times An Lin had violently abused him and those memories contributed to his grief as he bawled with even greater ferocity…

An Lin’s pocket rustled lightly before falling still.

Xiao Hong had just woken up and the horrendous conversation between An Lin and Da Bai instantly had her closing her eyes in fear. She even forgot to sing her customary song after waking up, in fear that she would attract An Lin’s attention.

An Lin took Da Bai’s first time?

That’s… That’s simply far too terrifying; he was going after dogs now as well!

Is An Lin finally going to make a move on his own beast pets?

He’s progressing from humans to animals, then from animals to plants?

Xiao Hong became even more terrified as she followed this train of thought. She shuddered in fear as she sat in An Lin’s pocket, and she began to develop a deep concern for her future…

Da Bai cried for about fifteen minutes before his tears dried.

An Lin took away Da Bai’s first time and was feeling a little guilty. He hadn’t expected the Make You Cry spell technique to be so powerful. Da Bai had the same cultivation base as he did, so he didn’t expect the spell technique to work so effectively on Da Bai.

“I’m sorry, Da Bai, I’ll repay you for the tears you’ve shed now with ten times the laughter. I’ll make you happy!” An Lin apologized.

Xiao Hong heaved a sigh of relief as she eavesdropped on the two of them. At least her master wasn’t some sc.u.mmy man who would tap and run.

Da Bai clapped his claws together in protest. “No, you took my first time, you have to repay me with an immortal pill! Woof!”

Xiao Hong was shocked by Da Bai’s words. She thought to herself.

Da Bai’s first time is only worth one immortal pill? Hmph, I’d at least ask for three!

Bah! No, what am I thinking! If Master really did those horrendous things to me, I’ll burn him to death! I’ll use the purifying light of the sun to wash away his sins!

An Lin was getting a little angry at Da Bai’s unreasonable request and prepared to raise his fist to teach Da Bai another lesson.

However, he suddenly felt a flash of heat flare up in his pocket.

“Huh? Xiao Hong, are you alright?” he pulled Xiao Hong out of his pocket and asked with a concerned expression.

However, Xiao Hong remained stationary and silent without any reaction.

An Lin blinked in confusion before poking at her soft, red petals. There was still no reaction from Xiao Hong, so he placed her back into his pocket.

Was she still sleeping? Then was that flash of heat from his pocket just his imagination?

Xiao Hong heaved a sigh of relief after being placed back into An Lin’s pocket in celebration of her own quick-wittedness.

An Lin bowed to Da Bai’s request in the end and agreed to give him an eighth-grade immortal pill after returning to the Heavenly Court as repayment for his tears, which were as precious as pearls.

An Lin initially planned to teach Da Bai a lesson with his fists.

However, he soon discovered a depressing notion. He was still completely exhausted from the after-effect of using the Origin Energy of the Netherworld so he wasn’t even able to land a solid punch on Da Bai. After considering the fact that he still had to use Da Bai as his steed to return to the Heavenly Court, he reluctantly agreed to his request.

As there wasn’t a lot of time left, An Lin decided to postpone his meeting with Lin Junjun.

Thus, Da Bai carried An Lin back to the Heavenly Court.

After returning to The United University of Cultivation, many of his friends came over to ask about what he had done in the past ten days.

An Lin briefly recounted to them his experience in the Purple Star ruins. However, he didn’t tell anyone that the Purple Star Research Inst.i.tute had already moved from its original location as he had a feeling that it was best to have as little people know about this as possible.

Following this was a period of rest and recovery, as well as grasping his newly-obtained inheritances.

Mist Immortal Technique, Shou Yang True Dragon Mantra, Extreme Frost, Mechanical Engineering, and Shadow Demon inheritances, as well as the Mist Immortal Technique spell technique. He had obtained a lot of new cultivation techniques, so much so that people probably wouldn’t believe him if he rattled them all off.

The next morning, An Lin’s body transformed into white cloud and mist, and he floated to the Full Moon Mountain, where he meditated under the morning sun.

At noon, An Lin activated his Shou Yang True Dragon Mantra, creating a series of resounding booms as he practiced his techniques which rang out across the mountain ranges.

At dusk, An Lin used his Extreme Frost spell technique to congeal the insubstantial golden clouds around the school into a soft, substantial mattress. He then lay down together with Xu Xiaolan atop the clouds and discussed interesting experiences at school as well as the difficulties they encountered while cultivating.

In the night, An Lin blended into the darkness and hopped in and out of spatial rifts like a ghostly apparition.

When he had some spare time, he would replace the engine oil in the two Gundams to ensure his mechanical engineering knowledge didn’t go to waste.

Even his Make You Cry spell technique was receiving a lot of use. He made bugs cry, he made foxes cry, he made little birds cry, he even made Xiao Hong succ.u.mb to his evil experiments.

That day, Xiao Hong’s tears drenched the entire windowsill.

The next day, An Lin discovered that all his hair had been burnt away, so he could only run to the Dou Shuai Palace and request a hair-growth pill from Yi Xi.

Time flashed by, and An Lin had already mastered all of his new techniques after half a month.

An Lin woke up early that particular morning and his eyes were bright with excitement.

He was simultaneously anxious and excited at the same time, but most of all, he was raring to go.

Da Bai, Xiao Hong, and Xiao Chou were also waiting collectively for An Lin.

Xu Xiaolan, Xuanyuan Cheng, and Su Qianyun came to the summit of the Full Moon Mountain with antic.i.p.ation in their eyes.

An Lin walked out the door with a smile. “Let’s set off, today’s the day I progress to Soul Formation Stage!”

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