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Chapter 362: Memory Loss Doesn’t Exist

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An Lin looked at Da Bai with a curious expression. “Da Bai, why did we come to a cafe?”

Da Bai scratched his head and looked around him in confusion. “Did we fall under a spell? A memory loss spell?”

“I’m not missing any organs nor any money, so what was the point of using that spell on us?” An Lin looked at the cups of coffee on the table to find that they were both half-empty. He picked up the cup in front of him and took a whiff but did not discover anything out of the ordinary.

He took a sip. Hmm, not bad.

“So what you’re saying is, I was drinking coffee with someone and then they cast a memory-loss spell and ran off?” An Lin felt like this was quite preposterous. What kind of mighty figure would be bored enough to do something like that!?

The realization that his memory had been wiped was a very distressing thing.

Humans were curious by nature, so when they knew their memories had been wiped, they would have an intense urge to find out what those wiped memories were. This was something akin to someone with OCD; it was as if their lives wouldn’t be complete until they recovered those lost memories. This was a sensation that was torturous beyond belief!!

An Lin whipped out his phone with a plan to update his status in order to vent his frustrations.

He then discovered a new friend with the nickname of Black Spirit Snake.


Something seemed to have exploded in his mind.

A series of images began to flash through his mind, detailing the events which had just transpired.

An Lin took a deep breath and sent a message to Black Spirit Snake: “Black Spirit Snake, just who are you? Don’t you know erasing someone’s memories without their prior consent is a very immoral thing to do!?”

Black Spirit Snake replied with a grinning emoji. “If I really wanted to erase your memories, do you really think you’d be able to remember everything?”

Fake Daoist Priest Little An: “…”

Fake Daoist Priest Little An: “Then who are you, and what was your objective for meeting me?”

An Lin felt like this woman was definitely some mighty figure who was approaching him with some ulterior motives.

Was she after his money? Or perhaps his body?

Black Spirit Snake sent a smiling emoji. “Hehe, I’m going to take a shower now, talk to you later.”

A flash of darkness flitted across An Lin’s eyes, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood at her message.

F*ck! She had used all three of the renowned chatting sure-kill tactics; the smiling emoji, “hehe”, and the shower excuse. Couldn’t she flee the conversation in a more subtle way!?

Didn’t she know these tactics were extremely hurtful?!

He picked up his phone angrily and punched in a number.

“Wow, Senior Poison Lord is calling me, I’m so happy!”

“Ahem, White Spirit Snake, I want to ask you a question and please be honest with me.”

“Of course, ask away!”

“Do you know who Black Spirit Snake is?”

“Huh? What’s a Black Spirit Snake? Could it be that you think all these other colored spirit snakes exist just because my name is White Spirit Snake?”

An Lin grimaced at this familiar line and was at a complete loss for how to respond.

After making some more small talk, he finally hung up the call, having received no useful information. He looked at his chat window with Black Spirit Snake to find that she had sent no new messages, and he couldn’t help but breathe a forlorn sigh.

“Let’s continue shopping, Da Bai…”

Time pa.s.sed by quickly and two days had flashed by before everyone knew it.

Liu Qianhuan became addicted to a new game called PUBG, Xu Xiaolan and Su Qianyun bought a lot of clothes, and Big Brother Cheng bought a top-secret weapon from Russia. Tian Lingling was about to reach Spirit Nurturing Stage, Battle G.o.ddess Bi Qiong had already reached Spirit Nurturing Final Stage, and Battle G.o.d Zi Yang was still only at first stage Dao Body…

Their time on Earth was coming to a conclusion, and on their last night there, An Lin invited Chen Jingtian as well as the other Hua Nation cultivators who had fought with them at the Heavenly Lake to a dinner feast of BBQ and beer. The festivities carried on late into the night.

An Lin bade farewell to his father and all his friends on Earth the next morning before returning to the Heavenly Court.

During his trip to the Shou Yang Tomb, An Lin obtained a lot of things. Cultivation methods, spirit stones, treasures, inheritance, and a near-death experience… He had truly seen everything.

Even so, he felt quite hollow inside upon his departure.

It would be great if he could take his family and friends back with him to the Tai Chu Continent next time he visited Earth. They could explore the continent, and he could flex to them to his heart’s content!

Tang Ximen looked back at Earth and not only was his heart extremely hollow, but his pockets were also empty.

He thought back to his experiences on Earth and carried out a thorough self-evaluation from which he learned many lessons… He was already making a promise to himself that he would show everyone what he was capable of the next time he returned to Earth!

The teleportation spell formation began to revolve at extremely high speed.

A brilliant ray of light burst forth, and the s.p.a.ce around everyone began to twist and warp.

An Lin reappeared in the Heavenly Court, and he felt immediately at ease as he breathed in the rich vital energy in the air around him.

After descending into the mortal world for over a month, everyone wore contrasting expressions upon their return to the university. Some were ecstatic, some were emotional, and even Xuanyuan Cheng wore a forlorn expression.

Not only had they descended into the mortal world during this period of time, but they also entered an alternate world and explored a strange tomb. There were so many bizarre events, earth-shattering battles, and fantastic opportunities.

Now that they had returned to the familiar, peaceful environment of the university, the events of the past month seemed like a past life.

“The university really is the ideal place for cultivation.” Xu Xiaolan suddenly sighed with emotion.

“Wah… it’s such a shame that I’m graduating next year.” Liu Qianhuan puckered her lips.

An Lin chuckled lightly. “It’s easy to remain at the university. You can intentionally fail some subjects and repeat the year.”

Liu Qianhuan rolled her eyes at An Lin and didn’t respond.

Everyone began to return to their own living quarters, while An Lin rode on Da Bai and flew in another direction.

The’s office. Yu Hua was looking at himself in the mirror, and he smiled with satisfaction as he stroked his dense, bushy brows.

Knock, knock, knock…

“, it’s me, An Lin.”

An Lin?

Yu Hua’s brows rose slightly, and he immediately invited An Lin in. “Come in.”

An Lin walked a little uneasily into the’s office and bowed to Yu Hua. “h.e.l.lo,”

“Hehe, long time no see, Student An Lin. I’ve heard about everything that happened in the Shou Yang Tomb; your performance was quite outstanding!” Yu Hua praised An Lin with a wide smile.

“I’m not worthy of your praise,, I was only doing what was expected of me,” An Lin replied modestly.

“What business do you have for visiting me today?” Celestial Immortal Yu Hua asked.

“Er… school rules dictate that holidays of over ten days must be approved by the…” An Lin replied slowly.

Yu Hua became even more curious at his words. “Why would you like such a long holiday? Are you experiencing any difficulties? Please do tell me if you are.”

“I have something I need to do at the Myriad Mountain Domain,” An Lin replied. Yu Hua faltered slightly at his words before a thought which made him quite excited began to occur to him.

“Haha, you have my approval. Be safe, Student An Lin!”

Yu Hua didn’t ask any further questions and immediately granted his request.

An Lin was slightly taken aback by the’s quick response.

The next day, An Lin hurriedly traveled toward the Myriad Mountain Domain with Xiao Chou, Xiao Hong, and Da Bai in tow.

He had set off on his next journey!

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