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Chapter 244: Treasure Hunting

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“Uh… Say, are you going to accept this vital stone or not?”

Looking at the dazed Mr. Zhong, An Lin scratched his head and pointed toward the ancient artifacts on the stone altar. “Hurry up~” he continued. “They can barely contain themselves already. They really want me…”

They want you? You probably want them even more!

Mr. Zhong’s chest felt incredibly tight, and he felt as if he was about to suffer a heart attack.

Master Luo had just hurried over, and Mr. Zhong quickly turned toward him for help.

“Master Luo, that male called An Lin is very skillful at refining ancient artifacts. He’s already refined three of them. If this continues, I’m afraid that the ancient artifacts here will all be taken away by him!” After seeing that Master Luo had arrived, Liu Huo also transmitted a message in panic.

Hearing this, Master Luo’s heart ached in pain. Normally, we mightn’t even be able to collect a single ancient artifact in a few decades. And now he’s already refined three? No, I must stop him!

“Hahaha… I’m Luo Baiyu, the master of Golden PaG.o.da. Congratulations on receiving the ancient artifacts, Mr. An Lin!” Master Luo was beaming as he walked toward An Lin, and he clasped his hands together in congratulations.

An Lin immediately returned a respectful salute upon seeing the master of this paG.o.da arrive.

Master Luo didn’t beat about the bush and cut straight to the point. “Mr. An Lin has already refined several ancient artifacts. How about you stop here?”

“To be quite honest, this ancient artifact refining activity is one of the most unique specialties of the Golden PaG.o.da. At the same time, this activity is one of our main revenue generators. Admittedly, it’s delightful that Mr. An Lin has such a strong affinity with these treasures. However, we at the Golden PaG.o.da have worked hard for thousands of years to collect these treasures into this one place. This is also a form of hard-earned affinity. More importantly, we don’t want to see our means of making money being cut off by others…”

An Lin blinked in surprise. He didn’t expect them to be so upfront about this. They had already admitted their true intentions so shamelessly… How was he supposed to reply?

“Before, you guys said that it was up to fate, and those with strong enough bonds could take away the ancient artifacts. Now, you’re all going back on your words. You guys treat this activity as a cash cow. Are you not afraid that I’ll spread this news?” After thinking for a while, An Lin decided to rebut them.

“We can formulate a new rule. One person can at most only take away three ancient artifacts. I believe that only specially gifted talents like yourself can refine these ancient artifacts with such irresistible force. If it was other people, simply being able to refine one ancient artifact would already be something that they could brag about for a hundred years. Naturally, they won’t mind this restriction much.”

Master Luo’s tone remained calm and gentle as he continued, “I believe that in doing this, even if this matter is spread and Golden PaG.o.da receives a hit to its reputation, other people will understand our actions… Of course, this is the worst case scenario. I remain hopeful that Mr. An Lin can resolve this with us peacefully. That way, everyone will be happy.”

Looking at the courteous and refined middle-aged male before him, An Lin asked, “How exactly are we going to resolve this peacefully?”

“One million spirit stones, and we’ll all put this matter behind us.” Master Luo smiled and continued, “Golden PaG.o.da can only offer this much. Mr. An Lin, please don’t haggle with us.”

“Okay, done deal!”

“Mr. An Lin is such an honest and open person. Hereafter, you’re a friend of Golden PaG.o.da.”

Just like that, An Lin received another one million spirit stones. Then, he swaggered out with Xu Xiaolan.

Hei Mu, Liu Huo, and Huang s.h.i.+ remained silent as they watched him swagger off into the distance like a winner in life, and they stood disheveled in the wind.

Master Luo rubbed his forehead in distress. He needed to calm down a bit in the meditation room so that he could erase this An Lin from his mind.

Princess Yan Meng received a real big slap in the face, and she was absolutely crushed. She wasn’t in the mood to continue looking through the ancient artifacts anymore, so she also left the stone altar.

Only that luxuriously dressed middle-aged male was still persisting. In an attempt to refine the ancient artifacts, he shed his blood and sang emotional songs. He was absolutely immersed in the joy of trying to refine ancient artifacts.

Of course, the end result was that this was all f*cking useless…

Walking out of Golden PaG.o.da, An Lin blissfully sucked in a deep breath and sighed with emotion.

“Hah… That was unfortunate. I wasn’t able to take away all of the ancient artifacts.”

Xu Xiaolan rolled her eyes. “You still have the cheek to say that? Even I’m aching for Golden PaG.o.da. They initially wanted to make a buck off you, but you’re really something. Instead, you took away three of their crown jewels. Then, you made off with another one million spirit stones…”

“I like the way that you used three crown jewels, woof!” Da Bai chipped in with a sinister smile.

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

An Lin: “…”

“Where are we heading to next?” Xu Xiaolan felt a bit awkward, so she changed the topic.

“Hmm, we’ll just have a wander around here. We’ll see if there’s any Silver PaG.o.da, Ingot PaG.o.da, Divine Weapon PaG.o.da, or the likes around here.” There was a glint in An Lin’s eyes as he said this.

Xu Xiaolan grimaced. “You want to cause more trouble? You’re looking for more ancient artifacts?”

“Hehe, Xiaolan, you really do understand me best…” A look of excitement flashed across An Lin’s eyes.

Just like that, An Lin really did go to all the treasure paG.o.das around here, and he tried to see if anyone would attempt to make a buck off him.

Unfortunately, Golden PaG.o.da was the already the top treasure paG.o.da in Heavenly River State, and it was the only treasure paG.o.da capable of hosting such activity. This had Student An Lin disappointed for a long time.

He made an inventory of his storage ring. There was the Heavenly Spirit Ice Heart—a high rank protective spirit tool given to him by Lin Junjun, two immortal pill coupons, the s.h.i.+eld of Promised Victory, the map of the Winter Dragon Tomb, the Heart of the Ocean, a Dragon Soul Elixir, the Evil-Slaying Sword, the Realm-Piercing Nail, and the Starless Sky of Slaughter Formation Disk.

M-hm, these were all the things that he didn’t want to sell.

Of course, there was still the 8.22 million spirit stones. To him, this was merely a number…

“After becoming rich, why is it that even earning one million spirit stones can’t bring me much joy…” An Lin looked up at the sky and lamented.

Xu Xiaolan glared at the male next to her, and she felt the urge to beat someone up.

“Huh, that’s right!” An Lin suddenly exclaimed as if he had thought of something. “Let’s go treasure hunting!”

“Treasure hunting?” Xu Xiaolan raised her eyebrow and derided, “Is Tyc.o.o.n An still worried that he doesn’t have enough treasures? Being as rich as you are, you can just purchase treasures if you want them.”

An Lin faltered upon hearing this, and he was unable to respond.

Holy f*ck! That makes so much sense.

Why do I have to go treasure hunting? What can’t I buy with all this money?

No… I can’t be led astray. Treasure hunting is done for the thrill and adventure! It’s done for the obscure and mystical opportunities that may arise! It’s not an experience that can be replaced by dung and dirt such as spirit stones!

“The treasure hunt this time is different! It’s going to be very stimulating!”

An Lin pulled Xu Xiaolan onto his brick and flew off into the sky. Then, he took out a scroll. This was one of the ancient artifacts that he had refined.

“Look!” As if he was showing off some rare treasure, he slowly unrolled the scroll.

There was a look of slight surprise on Xu Xiaolan’s face, and her eyes glimmered brightly. “This is one of the ancient artifacts that you just s.n.a.t.c.hed from the Golden PaG.o.da, right? So it’s a map?”

“What do you mean by ‘s.n.a.t.c.hed’?” An Lin objected unhappily. “I obtained it through my own abilities! The burial location of Winged Dragon Shen Yin is recorded on this map of the Winter Dragon Tomb. This is a valuable map! You also know that dragons love collecting treasures. Their tombs definitely have lots of treasures!”

Xu Xiaolan smiled and nodded. Then, she shook her head. “Winged Dragon Shen Yin? That’s a dragon of the Return to Void Stage! Its tomb is definitely very dangerous, right…?”

The higher one’s rank, the more dangerous their tomb would be. This was common knowledge.

This was called: bada.s.s in life, still bada.s.s in death.

“But the more powerful a being is, the more valuable and precious their inheritances! When supreme beings die, they all have the habit of leaving skills and techniques that are to be inherited in their tombs. These are things that can’t be bought with spirit stones!” An Lin’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter as he spoke, and the fire of seeking adventure burned strong in his soul.

Xu Xiaolan stroked her smooth chin. She looked at the map, then at An Lin. “Can your Gundams still be used?”

“Of course!” An Lin nodded earnestly. “Their power cores have already been replenished!”

Xu Xiaolan clapped her hands together and smiled prettily. “Very well! Then I’ll go on this treasure hunt with you! ”

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