I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 243 - The Ancient Artifacts Are Climaxing

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Chapter 243: The Ancient Artifacts Are Climaxing

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The blue jade pendant flew back into An Lin’s palm and started emitting a cool and refres.h.i.+ng feel.

“I successfully refined this Heart of the Ocean,” An Lin chuckled and said. “That means it’s mine now, right?”

Yan Meng had her hands over her mouth, and she was still stuck in a daze. “How is this possible…” she stammered.

Hei Mu, Liu Huo, and Huang s.h.i.+ hadn’t recovered from their shock either.

This was far too shocking! This was especially the case for them since they knew the history behind these ancient artifacts. They knew that no ancient artifacts had chosen an owner for several hundred years.

Now, an ancient artifact had actually gone ahead and chosen an owner. What were they supposed to do…?

Meanwhile, Xu Xiaolan remained calm and composed. After interacting with An Lin for a long period of time, what incomprehensible things had she not seen? She had developed a strong and resilient mind long ago.

“It’s chosen an owner, it’s really chosen an owner…” Mr. Zhong was trembling slightly as he walked toward An Lin. Looking at the bright and vibrant jade pendant, his eyes reddened slightly. A rare smile emerged on his face. “Cherish it well…”

“I will, rest a.s.sured.” An Lin nodded and placed the blue jade pendant into his storage ring.

“You actually succeeded… How did you do it?” The look of astonishment still hadn’t left Yan Meng’s face as she turned toward An Lin.

“It was a fluke,” An Lin laughed and said. “I just pretended that the ancient artifact was a pet beast and signed a pet beast contract with it. That’s all~”

“You…!” Yan Meng was infuriated, and she felt her chest tighten. Her bust was already large, so her chest felt even tighter now.

An Lin paid no heed to her. He handed Mr. Zhong a vital stone and continued looking through the artifacts.

“Heh, you’re still continuing on?” Yan Meng huffed angrily. “You just lucked out once. Don’t you understand the concept of quitting while you’re ahead?”

An Lin ignored this female who only knew how to run her mouth.

In no time, he had picked out a scroll which looked very fancy and high-end. It was secured by an intricate mechanism, and perhaps there were remarkable things locked inside.

Divine Inspection Technique!

“Map of the Winter Dragon Tomb. Recorded upon this map is the burial location of Winged Dragon Shen Yin. It can be stirred by strong emotions. One can awaken the spirit of this scroll by singing a love song…”

An Lin was astonished. Refine it through singing a song? This method sure is unique.

He didn’t hesitate any longer and started singing a love song that he had learned in the Kingdom of the Nine States. He didn’t forget to stroke the scroll tenderly and lovingly as he sang.

Hearing An Lin, who had suddenly started singing, those present were once again given a fright.

They all looked toward An Lin, who was singing emotionally, in bewilderment. What f*cking insane thing is he playing at now?!

Before they could say anything, a clicking and whirring sound came from the mechanisms on the scroll. Immediately afterward, the scroll slowly unfolded itself before An Lin. Then, it slowly refolded and affectionately snuggled up toward him…

Yan Meng’s eyes bulged as she was once again dumbstruck.

As for Hei Mu, Liu Huo, and Huang s.h.i.+, their breathing quickened, and they felt as if they were about to suffer an asthma attack.

He can have an ancient artifact choose him as an owner through f*cking singing? What the h.e.l.l is with this? This is far too overwhelming, okay?!

“Haha, my thanks~” An Lin laughed heartily and placed the scroll into his storage ring.

He didn’t hesitate at all before taking out another vital stone and handing it to Mr. Zhong.

One had to admit, ten thousand spirit stones for an ancient artifact really was quite a sweet deal…

He still wants to continue?! Hei Mu and Liu Huo’s visions blackened, and they almost fainted in shock.

They had initially thought that An Lin was a big fish who they could make a few bucks off. Who would’ve thought that they had actually invited a wolf into a herd of sheep? This was f*cking robbery! Ten thousand spirit stones for an ancient artifact… If this wasn’t a robbery, then what was?!

An Lin picked out a bronze colored dagger which also came with a sheath. Then, he used his Divine Inspection Technique.

“s.h.i.+eld of Promised Victory. Life-saving armor forged by Daoist Cang Ju. Gathers the conviction of victory and promise into one’s body. Possesses an extremely powerful protective ability. Unused and dust-laden with the pa.s.sing of time. Forgotten the feeling of danger and entrapped by the feeling of peace and happiness. As a result…”

So, this dagger-like ancient artifact isn’t used for attacking. Instead, it’s used for defensive purposes.

An Lin’s eyes glimmered brighter and brighter as he read through the information retrieved by his Divine Inspection Technique.

He released a mighty and aggressive power from his hands. After a moment, he tossed the dagger into the air. Then, he drew his Evil-Slaying Sword and without any hesitation, hacked ferociously toward the dagger in the air.

“Hold up! What on earth are you trying to do?!” This time, even Mr. Zhong was given a fright. Seeing An Lin’s actions, he immediately called out in panic.

Ancient artifacts were extremely valuable. How could they allow people to treat them with such violence and brutality?! If they were accidentally broken, no one would be able to shoulder the consequences.

“Go!” An Lin’s sword had already cut upon the dagger.

“Ding!” This sound was as if two jade pieces had collided, and it suddenly echoed across the rock altar.

A golden s.h.i.+eld projection rose from around the dagger, and it exuded a smooth and robust aura.

An Lin didn’t stop when seeing this. Instead, the speed at which he slashed became even quicker.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” As his sword collided with the dagger, the crisp ringing sound it created was unceasing. His sword flashed incessantly, and sparks flew ceaselessly.

“Are you going to recognize me as your owner or not? If you don’t recognize me as your owner, then I’ll hack you to death!” An Lin roared loudly as he continued to hack at the dagger ferociously.

Yan Meng, Hei Mu, and the others all widened their eyes in disbelief. They felt that An Lin had truly gone mad.

Mr. Zhong walked toward An Lin briskly, intending to put a stop to his violent behavior.

Right at this moment, the dagger suddenly unsheathed itself. As a brilliant gold light radiated, it became a blur of gold and pierced toward An Lin.

“Be careful!” Seeing this, Xu Xiaolan’s expression finally changed.

Meanwhile, as if he had sensed something, An Lin extended two fingers.


He caught the blade in his fingers.

“You lack instruction and discipline, get back!” An Lin spat and scolded the dagger.

The dagger “nodded” obediently and flew back to its sheath. Then, it started hovering around An Lin cheerily.

Mr. Zhong: “…”

Hei Mu: “…”

Liu Huo: “…”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

Yan Meng’s body quivered, and she shook her head profusely. “It’s fake, it’s all fake…”

Huang s.h.i.+ clawed at his face. “Heavens! Weapons can even be refined like this? What did I do wrong? Why was I forced to witness this?!”

An Lin took no notice of their expressions. He put away the dagger and excitedly took out a vital stone and handed it to Mr. Zhong. He was itching to go again.

Mr. Zhong grimaced and stared at the vital stone in front of him. A feeling of dread gripped at his heart.

This male standing before him caused him to experience a feeling of dread. Time after time, he used all kinds of unique methods to refine these ancient artifacts. He refined them with a peculiar yet irresistible force. This was far too terrifying!

Although having these ancient artifacts see the light of day again was a good thing, Golden PaG.o.da would perhaps go bankrupt if they let this male continue on his joyful ride…

Just as Mr. Zhong was thinking of what to say and how to turn down An Lin’s vital stone, the air around them suddenly tremored.

Immediately afterward, the remaining thirty-two ancient artifacts all exuded a powerful energy fluctuation. This was an ancient energy and willpower, and it spread through the stone altar.

These willpowers could allow one to understand their intentions without speaking.

That was right! Everyone present could clearly comprehend the sentiment that they wanted to convey.

This was just a simple phrase. That was:

“Choose me, choose me, choose me…”

Just like that, everyone was stupefied. They were all stunned speechless.

The master of the paG.o.da who had hurried over after sensing the commotion was also dumbstruck.

After seeing An Lin refine them in the way that they wished; after seeing their dust-laden companions be taken away by a soul mate one after another…

These ancient artifacts finally climaxed!

Their excitement and exhilaration were condensed into one simple phrase. “Choose me! Choose me! Choose me!”

Hei Mu and Liu Huo looked toward An Lin as if he were some freak, and their bodies trembled uncontrollably. What kind of person had they invited in?! If this continued, Golden PaG.o.da’s cash cows would all be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by An Lin!

They didn’t know whether Golden PaG.o.da would go broke. However, they knew that they would definitely go broke…

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