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Chapter 1282: Quintuple Kill

An Lin met the old monk’s Thousand Buddha Fist with his Mountain Quaking Fist.

Golden energy exploded, and both sides were knocked back as a result.

The old monk fell back to recover, but An Lin came under attack from the other two monks.

It was quite clear that they were going to use rotation tactics to grind An Lin down.

“If it isn’t for the fact that talismans, pills, and mechanical puppets are prohibited in the divine tool s.p.a.ce, I would crush all of you in seconds!” An Lin gritted his teeth as he surveyed the terrain before fleeing toward a small lake.

“You won’t escape!”

“Don’t go, Benefactor An!”

The three monks gave chase without any hesitation.

All of them ran over the surface of the lake with vital energy on the bottom of their shoes.

However, An Lin suddenly turned around and opened his arms to the three oncoming monks.

A black circle of light appeared at the bottom of the lake, from which an extremely powerful gravitational force erupted.

Abyssal Gravity Technique!




All three monks were caught off guard and fell into the water.

“He wants to use gravity to trap us?”

“What a joke!”

The three monks were already close to breaking free.

At this moment, the lake water beneath An Lin’s feet had already frozen, and the water around the three monks began to surge in a frenzy as the power of extreme frost transformed the lake water into countless blades of ice!

The reason why An Lin had led them here was that his Extreme Frost Vortex technique could be unleashed to perfection at the bottom of this lake!

Countless blades of ice tore through all living beings in their path with merciless brutality.

The monks were finally unable to hold on for any longer, and a series of anguished cries erupted.

A golden light appeared, and all three monks were disqualified.

An Lin’s body swayed slightly as he panted heavily.

“Take that, you bald donkeys!”

He chuckled coldly before making his way out of the lake.

His quintuple kill had been completed!

Within the Heavenly Palace, all of the Four Nine Immortal Sect members erupted into raucous cheers.

“As expected of Sect Leader An Lin! That was an exemplary performance!”

“Master’s plan to lure his enemy into a favorable terrain before sealing the deal with a perfect retaliation was ingenious!”

“Master is the best!”

Many representatives of the other powers had also noticed this battle, and all of them gasped with amazement and admiration.

An Lin’s quintuple kill was quite an extraordinary feat.

Meanwhile, the monks from the Western Paradise all shook their heads with disappointment. Five of their eight powerful beings had been eliminated, and their chances of finding the heavenly peach trees had become much slimmer.

An Lin continued on toward a ma.s.sive hand-shaped crater in the ground.

A rock golem was lying at the center of the crater, and he was finding it quite difficult to get up.

Hong Dou’s durability was certainly top-notch, and his golden protective light was not triggered even after taking a few of the monks’ attacks. This was quite astounding as well.

“An Lin, you…” Hong Dou was just about to flare up with rage.

“Well done, Hong Dou. I also did my part and defeated all five of our enemies. We make a great team together!” An Lin praised Hong Dou with a warm smile on his face as he pulled Hong Dou up from the ground.

Hong Dou’s words suddenly got stuck in his throat.

For some reason, his rage from being used by An Lin as a decoy completely vanished upon hearing An Lin’s words.

“Uh… yeah, you did well too.” Hong Dou nodded.

An Lin patted Hong Dou’s shoulder. “Let’s go, Brother Hong Dou.”

Hong Dou suddenly came to his senses. “Oh, right! We need to hurry and find that heavenly peach tree! Otherwise, someone else is going to take the heavenly peaches!”

The two of them quickly traveled in a certain direction with Hong Dou leading the way.

An Lin’s second-state Evergreen Technique proved to be extremely useful in a situation like this. He could feel his depleted vital energy quickly replenis.h.i.+ng as the life energy around him nurtured his body.

“It’s just up ahead! There is a heavenly peach tree in that forest there!” Hong Dou pointed up ahead as he spoke.

An Lin was very excited, but he was also very cautious at the same time.

A white light flashed past his eyes, and he discovered that something was amiss.

“There’s a spell formation up ahead. It’s an ambus.h.!.+” An Lin spoke with a solemn expression.

Hong Dou’s heart jolted with shock, and he immediately surveyed his surroundings with a tense expression, but he didn’t notice anything.

“Is there really an ambush? Why do I not see anything?” Hong Dou asked.

“You can’t even detect the spell formation that had been set up, so of course you would be oblivious to the ambush.” An Lin spoke with a smile, “However that spell formation is very ordinary. It might have been set up by a Soul Formation Stage living being.”

Hong Dou blushed slightly.

At this moment, the sound of energy clashes erupted from nearby.

“There’s a battle up ahead!” An Lin’s expression s.h.i.+fted.

“It’s in the direction of the heavenly peach tree!” Hong Dou spoke with excitement on his face.

An Lin immediately charged forward upon hearing this.

“Hey, didn’t you say there was a spell formation ambush?” Hong Dou provided an urgent reminder.

However, his voice had only just trailed off when he saw An Lin flick a finger toward a certain point in the air, upon which the spell formation was instantly shattered, as if it were a fragile soap bubble.

Hong Dou drew a sharp intake of breath and hurriedly trailed along.

Boom boom boom…

Waves of fire had completely incinerated all of the surrounding plants.

Earsplitting dragon roars erupted alongside a series of anguished wails.

An Lin was instantly intrigued by the scenes unfolding up ahead. “Isn’t that the double-headed dragon from earlier? Has it eaten the spinning top this quickly?”

“Brother Spinning Top!” Hong Dou lamented with a tragic expression.

“There are two other teams, one of which is from the Great Tang Imperial Family of the Bai Hua State. Two of them have perished, and there are only three of them left…

“The other team is from the Flaming River Imperial Family of the Heavenly River State, and they also only have three people left. It appears that the two imperial family teams have not formed an alliance…” An Lin looked on with an intrigued expression.

That spell formation from earlier had most likely been set up by one of the two imperial family teams. They were just fighting for the heavenly peach tree when the double-headed dragon returned, upon which the battle descended into complete turmoil.

“Mr. An Lin, this is a great opportunity. We can survey the battle from our hiding place and capitalize on the aftermath of their battle, ohohoho…” Hong Dou was very excited.

“Capitalize my a*s! Can’t you see that someone has almost made it to the heavenly peach tree already? If we get there any later, there are going to be no more heavenly peaches left, so we have to go and take the heavenly peaches now!” An Lin slapped Hong Dou on the head as he snapped.

He really didn’t know whether there was a brain in that rocky cranium of his.

Hong Dou scratched his head with a gloomy expression. He wanted to offer a retort, but he didn’t know what to say.

The three powers were engaged in a fierce battle. On a small hill off to the side, there was a majestic tree upon which grew many decadent heavenly peaches. Alluring light revolved around the peaches, making them appear even more precious and enticing.

“Hahaha… This heavenly peach tree belongs to our Great Tang Imperial Family!” A handsome man in a lavish robe charged toward the heavenly peach tree as his companions fought to open up a path for him.

“Be careful, Prince Yan Luo, more enemies have arrived!” a female general yelled.

Not only did the man in the lavish robe not turn back upon hearing this, he instead threw himself even more quickly at the heavenly peach tree.

It had to be said that this was the most correct decision.

However, his enemy was far too fast, and a sharp, tearing pain suddenly erupted in his chest.

Immediately afterward, a black sword blade pierced through his body!


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