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Chapter 1273: Role Model Immortal Sect of the Kingdom of the Nine States

Just as Ai Er was pondering a difficult question, the rubble around him suddenly began to tremor.

Beneath the ground, there seemed to be a living being chewing something.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch…

This was quite a sinister and gruesome sound that sent chills running down the listener’s spine.

“How troublesome, looks like I’ll have to find another place…”

The rock golem pondered for a moment as he listened to the strange chewing sound for a short while before tearing open s.p.a.ce and departing from this place.

In the Kingdom of the Nine States.

News of Sect Leader An Lin from the Four Nine Immortal Sect destroying the new Divine Dark Dao Sect and rescuing over a hundred thousand human prisoners instantly spread across the Kingdom of the Nine States and even the entire Tai Chu Continent.

An Lin and the others had not tried to broadcast this news. Instead, the hundred thousand rescued humans had been promoting them in their stead.

Thus, the Four Nine Immortal Sect’s reputation was elevated once again, and they truly became an immortal sect that everyone respected and revered. This was an extremely powerful sect that was determined to uphold justice. What else could one ask for?

The Four Nine Immortal Sect had always had a policy of upholding justice for itinerant cultivators and acting as their backers, thereby making them friends of itinerant cultivators. Now that they had saved all of those humans and destroyed a first-rate demonic sect, they had become friends of all of the citizens of the Kingdom of the Nine States.

An Lin only founded this sect for fun. He didn’t know that it would go this far. They had now become one of the role model sects for the entire Kingdom of the Nine States, and he was starting to panic a little.

The image he had built for himself was too hard to live up to!

If they did anything wrong in the future, they could very easily be criticized.

On the contrary, if their sect did not have such a scintillating reputation, there would be a higher chance of them being forgiven by the public if they did something wrong.

An Lin was very distressed, but he was powerless to change anything.

There had even been this strange mantra that had popped up among the citizens, which went along the lines of, if you don’t love the Four Nine Immortal Sect, you’re not a citizen of the Kingdom of the Nine States…

As the Four Nine Immortal Sect became more and more renowned, their number of outer-sect disciples began to rapidly increase.

There were very few inner-sect disciples. The only way through which one could become an inner-sect disciple was to display some sort of extremely exemplary performance as an outer-sect disciple.

Within the past few days, there had been no lack of Soul Formation Stage powerful beings that had applied to become outer-sect disciples…

An Lin was really worried that he would be ruining these prodigies by accepting them. However, they were simply too enthusiastic and pa.s.sionate for him to turn down, so he had no choice but to take them as outer-sect disciples.

Within the Dark Wind Imperial Palace of the Wind Plain State.

A purple-robed woman with beautiful features and a voluptuous figure had her hands folded on top of one another on a red wood table, above which her chin rested. The snowy-white melons on her chest had also been rested on the table.

The woman was looking at a white jade mirror, within which some breaking news from the Kingdom of the Nine States was being broadcasted. There was a picture of a handsome man in a white robe, beside which a long article detailed his feats in the Divine Dark Dao Sect.

She was the sixth princess of the imperial family, Xiang Qingya.

An involuntary smile appeared on her face as she read the news.

“I thought you would become the sect leader of a demonic sect, but I didn’t think you would do something like this… The light you’re giving off makes me want to get closer to you…”

Within the Four Nine Immortal Sect conference chamber.

“So that was what happened during my trip to the Divine Dark Dao Sect.

“Aside from the three immortal tools, eight immortal pills, and six immortal fruits, all of the other items, which consist of a hundred and fifty-six spirit tools, two thousand five hundred magic tools, three hundred and twenty spirit pills, five hundred spirit fruits, and various exotic plants and minerals will be contributed to be sect resources… Any objections?” An Lin spoke in a slow voice.

All of the pavilion lords and elders raised both hands in approval.

An Lin had completed this operation for himself rather than in the name of the entire sect. As such, all of these items An Lin was giving to the sect was essentially a personal donation!

Thus, all of the resources of the Divine Dark Dao Sect now belonged to the Four Nine Immortal Sect.

The Four Nine Immortal Sect could now be referred to as a tyc.o.o.n sect.

The eight immortal pills and six immortal fruits had all been given to Xu Xiaolan, Tina, and Da Bai.

An Lin only kept the three immortal tools, all of which were immortal swords!

These immortal swords were extremely useful to An Lin, so he kept them for himself. After taking the one hundred and thirty million spirit stones from the Divine Dark Dao Sect, he now had a total of one hundred and eighty-eight million spirit stones!

“Ah! What a bothersome amount of money!

“How am I going to spend it?” An Lin murmured to himself with a sad expression.

“If you don’t know how to spend it, you can let me spend it, woof!” Da Bai interjected.

An Lin shot a glance at Da Bai and stuffed a stuffed bun ignored by Da Bai into his mouth. “Shut up!”

Da Bai chomped on the stuffed bun ignored by Da Bai before chortling gleefully. “Hahaha… Big Brother An, do you think I provoked you by accident? It was all on purpose so that I could swindle a stuffed bun from you! Are you stunned by my wisdom? Hahaha, woof!”

An Lin: “… What a foolish and trivial pursuit.”

No matter what he said, Da Bai was still ecstatic, so An Lin just let him be.

The days at the Four Nine Immortal Sect always pa.s.sed by very quickly.

When he was bored, he would practice using his rainbow lightning and his seven flames. He would also instruct his disciple Ye Ling in her swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Before he knew it, it was time for the Heavenly Peach Banquet to commence.

“Come on, hurry up! The Heavenly Peach Banquet, which would be held for a duration of ten days, is about to begin. Let’s make the next ten days to be remembered!” An Lin rallied up all of his close friends.

Sun Yuluo looked on with envy at everyone gathered around him. “I really want to go to the legendary Heavenly Peach Banquet as well. I wonder what the peaches there will taste like…”

“Taste what… peaches? Are peaches… as tasty as I am…” A little boy with dark blue skin suddenly appeared in front of him before opening his ma.s.sive, abyssal mouth, revealing rows of bloodstained teeth as the pungent odor of blood and decay wafted forth.

“Ah… Save me, Mommy!”

Sun Yuluo’s heart almost stopped there, and he immediately turned and ran.

The little boy continued to give chase.

An Lin was quite elated to see this. “I was worried that Sun Yuluo would be lonely without us here, but it looks like my concerns are invalid. He still has the Blue Dream Sword to keep him company! Look at them, they’re such a serene and loving duo!”

Everyone’s face darkened upon hearing this. How was this a serene and loving relations.h.i.+p? Those two adjectives were perhaps apt for describing the sword spirit, but Sun Yuluo had been scared sh*tless!

There were a total of twenty spots for Four Nine Immortal Sect representatives to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Peach Banquet.

An Lin looked around at everyone. Xu Xiaolan, Xuanyuan Cheng, Su Qianyun, Liu Qianhuan, Bai Ling, Xiao Ze, Xiao Tu, Tang Ximen, Long Aotian, Xiao Hong, Little Tian, Xiao Chou, Bai Yao, Little Na, Little Gu, Ye Ling, Little Lang, Bryce, and himself made twenty people exactly.

“Let set off for the Heavenly Peach Banquet!”

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