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Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er before looking at Situ Li. "So what if this prince says yes?"

His tone was overbearing and arrogant, like he considered himself unparalleled in the world.

Su Xi-er's brow was slightly knitted. He deliberately drew Situ Li away. That is to say, he knows all about me approaching Liu Ye-er and trying to trick her into saying something. 

This man hides his schemes too deeply. If that's the case, he won't ever believe my obedient and terrified appearance again in the future.

Thinking of this, Su Xi-er clenched her fists before making up her mind: regardless of how he doesn't believe me or how he sounds me out, I definitely can't let the cat out of the bag.

Prince Hao doesn't have conclusive evidence, so he can't capture someone as he pleases. I have to be prudent in not allowing him to find out anything that may incriminate me.

Situ Li slowly walked closer towards Su Xi-er, When he was less than a metre away from her, he suddenly reached grabbed her right hand, pulling her behind him.

Pei Qianhao raised his eyebrow and found it very interesting as he looked at Su Xi-er but he was talking to Situ Li. "She's with you?"

"To use Prince Hao's words, so what if this imperial prince says yes?"

"This prince has no interest in the matters of you two. It's fine as long as you don't actively provoke this prince. Su Xi-er, am I right?" Right afterwards, Pei Qianhao began scrutinising Su Xi-er's expression.

At one side, Ruo Yuan was still kneeling on the ground. She could no longer fathom the current situation. Judging from Prince Hao's and the Third Imperial Prince's behaviour, they're arguing over Su Xi-er? They have taken a fancy to the same woman?

Su Xi-er struggled free of Situ Li's hand and bowed to Pei Qianhao respectfully. "This servant will keep your words in mind, Prince Hao. In any case, there are still chamber pots beside the well that haven't been scrubbed. This servant will be taking my leave."

"You still know that you should go and work." Pei Qianhao chuckled and waved his hand, indicating for Su Xi-er to leave.

Su Xi-er turned around and signalled to Ruo Yuan with a meaningful glance. Soon, the two of them had left the woods.


Meanwhile, Situ Li looked at Pei Qianhao and said coldly, "Prince Hao, I hope that you won't interfere in the matters of Beimin's imperial household."

Pei Qianhao cast a sidelong glance at him. "This matters involves Commandery Prince Xie. Don't tell me that he is someone from Beimin's imperial household?"

"He naturally isn't. He is just a commandery prince with a different surname. Situ is the surname of Beimin's imperial household."

"This prince is aware of the surname of Beimin's imperial clan. You don't need to remind me, Third Imperial Prince. However, it seems that you have forgotten that if it weren't for this prince being soft-hearted, you would still be in a remote county."

Situ Li's expression immediately changed. The moonlight illuminating his face caused his visage to appear even more ashen pale.

"Your Mother Empress' death anniversary is almost arriving. On the account that you miss your Mother Empress very much, this prince summoned you back with a decree."

Situ Li suddenly laughed and his tone carried a trace of mockery. "This imperial prince should thank you instead."

"Since you know that, you should stay further away from Su Xi-er." His tone was unquestionable and extremely domineering. 

"Prince Hao, you just said that you have no interest in caring about this imperial prince and Su Xi-er's matters."

Pei Qianhao's eyes darkened as the corner of his lips were raised. "Third Imperial Prince, you didn't listen fully to this prince's words. Those who provoked this prince, this prince won't let them off. If you get too close to Su Xi-er, you may be implicated in the future."

Situ Li listened attentively. He understood Pei Qianhao's implied meaning. There was an audacious palace maid who mounted a sneak attack on Prince Hao in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters that night.

Furthermore, Prince Hao has already started to suspect Su Xi-er, but he simply suspects her, and doesn't have any evidence.

"Prince Hao, if you put it in such a manner, it would mislead this imperial prince into thinking that Su Xi-er provoked you."

"Third Imperial Prince, you don't have to trouble yourself over this matter. The people of the imperial clan have pampered and fragile bodies. With how late it is, you should rest earlier." 

Afterwards, Pei Qianhao directly left without glancing at Situ Li.

In the woods, Situ Li was absorbed in his thoughts.


After Pei Qianhao walked out of the woods, he didn't leave on his horse but instead walked towards the well.

From far away, he could see Su Xi-er scrubbing the chamber pots earnestly as the other palace maid collected the water from the well for her.

He had dispatched people to investigate Su Xi-er. She had entered the imperial palace very early on, staying in the Palace Side Quarters for ten years, and she is now fifteen years old.

In those ten years, Su Xi-er would be bullied every now and then. If it was serious, she would be punished by a beating with the wooden planks. If the punishment was light, she would be whipped. Although her body was fragile, she had managed to get through it. Having lived in this kind of environment for ten years, she is an extremely timid and afraid of others.

"Prince Hao," a soft voice sounded. It was Wu Ling.

Pei Qianhao turned around and asked, "How did it go with disposing of the body?"

"Everything has been dealt with appropriately. As for Commandery Prince Xie…"

A devilish and wanton smile appeared at the corner of Pei Qianhao's mouth. "There is no medicine for regret in this world. Besides, this was single-handedly caused by him." He turned around and walked into the distance without another word.

Wu Ling immediately followed and mustered his courage to ask, "Prince Hao, are you really going to take Su Xi-er into the Beauty Palace? When you collected beauties in the past, the Empress Dowager didn't care. This time, the Empress Dowager insists on interfering."

"This prince won't take her into the Beauty Palace. As for the Empress Dowager's side, let her be."

Wu Ling was completely taken aback. What does that mean? Is he going to disregard Su Xi-er, and leave her to perish on her own? If that's really the case, why does Prince Hao always come to the Palace Side Quarters, even going as far as to personally send medicine to Su Xi-er?

"Prince Hao, you are just going to leave Su Xi-er to her own devices and not care about her?" Wu Ling asked again.

Pei Qianhao stopped in his tracks and glanced at Wu Ling coldly. "You have asked too much."

Looking at Prince Hao as he faded into the distance, Wu Ling sighed. The rumours say that Prince Hao collects a beauty every time he sees one. In reality, Prince Hao doesn't pay any attention to any woman after they enter the Beauty Palace. He only gives them a grandiose prison and watches them struggle against each other inside.

It's just like watching a few dozen crazy rabbits biting each other. If Su Xi-er really enters, perhaps this would be the result as well.


Beside the well, Su Xi-er was scrubbing the chamber pots. After Ruo Yuan pulled up the water from the well, she squatted down and looked at her carefully.

"The Third Imperial Prince grabbed your hand. I feel that he is very concerned about you."

"Ruo Yuan, you still have to get up early tomorrow to work. You should rest earlier."

Ruo Yuan shook her head. "I'm not sleepy. I still haven't recovered from the many shocking events that happened tonight."

Su Xi-er raised her head, revealing her solemn countenance. "Never breathe a word of the matters tonight. Do you understand?"

"Mhm! Even if you give me ten guts, I wouldn't dare to tell others anything about this. However, Su Xi-er, if Prince Hao and the Third Imperial Prince reach out their hand to you at the same time, which person's hand would you hold?"

Both men are n.o.ble men with extremely ma.s.sive power. Ruo Yuan was curious. Which one of them will Su Xi-er actually choose?

After a while, Su Xi-er smiled. "I won't choose either of them."

"Ah?" Ruo Yuan's face was full of puzzlement. She will reject both of them?!

"Prince Hao is a dangerous tiger, while the Third Imperial Prince is a silent leopard. Will you choose the tiger or the leopard?" Su Xi-er used an a.n.a.logy.

Ruo Yuan's expression changed. She raised her hand and shook her head repeatedly. "I wouldn't want either of them. A tiger and a leopard are too scary. As soon as I'm not careful, I will be bitten to death!"

"That's right, you'll be bitten to death. It's still better to scrub the chamber pots seriously." Su Xi-er laughed before she lowered her head and continued working. 

Ruo Yuan looked at Su Xi-er. She didn't know why, but she always felt that Su Xi-er would definitely be successful with many accomplishments in the future.

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