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"You...What did you say?" Lee Chang-You angrily asked. 

'Take all the blame that she had seduced w.a.n.g Hui and he didn't leave you out in the cold.'

Was it a kind of joke she had just heard?

However, no it wasn't a joke but surely, w.a.n.g Family had taken her life as a joke.

She believed that whenever the w.a.n.g Family was doing something hurtful to her and Lee Xuiye, this was the last time. 

But no!

The w.a.n.g Family would never change their nature as they only knew how to hurt other people especially this pair of mother and daughter for their own selfish reason and every time, they made sure they would do something more hurtful.

Lee Chang-You really regretted that part of her life where she had fallen in love with w.a.n.g Hui and believed at his promises.

She really hated herself for being so foolish that she couldn't see the true nature of w.a.n.g Hui that he was such a bast*rd!

"Don't forget Lee Chang-You, you had made a contract with me that you would never tell anyone about your relations.h.i.+p with w.a.n.g Hui but you broke your deal and told Mo Lingtan everything! Now you have to bear the consequences." w.a.n.g Hong Wei sternly said.

"It wasn't me who told Mo Lingtan!" Lee Chang-You said while gritted her teeth. 

"Don't try to be smart with me. You and I know well whether it is a breach of the contract or not. Since you have broken the contract, you better do as I say otherwise won't blame me for being merciless."

"Then let's see what you could do." 

Lee Chang-You was about to retort but before she could say something a voice came from behind. Both Lee Chang-You and w.a.n.g Hong Wei turned to look at the source of the sound and found Zhang Wei was coming towards them.

"Lee Chang-You won't come to Sky Imperial. Do whatever you want to do." Zhang Wei fearlessly declared.

There were many times when w.a.n.g Hong Wei had suppressed Lee Chang-You and at that time even Zhang Wei wanted to do something, he couldn't because of Lee Chang-You's hesitation.

However, there was a limit to everything and moreover, now they had Mo Lingtan's support so there was nothing to be fearful about.

"You are just a business partner. So you better not interfere in her personal life." w.a.n.g Hong Wei warned him.

w.a.n.g Hong Wei seemed to be irritated by seeing Zhang Wei. Every time, he came to talk to Lee Chang-You, Zhang Wei always interfere and he had let Zhang Wei know about his place.

w.a.n.g Hong Wei believed that if he could suppress Lee Chang-You, he would get the results that he wanted. However, this Zhang Wei was very difficult for him like always.

"Whether I could interfere in her life or not, it is not something you should tell me. Lee Chang-You won't come to Sky Imperial and that's final. You could do whatever you want but now we don't have to be fearful of you and you know why." Zhang Wei sneered as his clear hint of what Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan would do to w.a.n.g Family if w.a.n.g Hong Wei caused any more trouble here. Then he grabbed Lee Chang-You's hand to bring her back to the restaurant.

"Fine, then don't listen to me. However, you better not come back to me to beg for mercy because then I won't be having as big of a heart to forgive you." w.a.n.g Hong Wei warned Lee Chang-You as he still believed that she would concede in front of him seeing her worried expression. However, before she could say a word, Zhang Wei had already dragged her far away.


"Wei, you should have let me talk to him." Lee Chang-You complained as soon as they reached the back to the restaurant.

"Talk? Ha! From what I heard I don't feel like you both were talking. It looked like he was ordering you which he usually does and you… Well… What can I say? There was not a single time that you didn't do as he said, but now enough is enough…. You don't have to follow his orders." Zhang Wei unhappily responded.

"But...we have broken the contract. When Mo Lingtan posted a comment against w.a.n.g Hui, I told you we should talk to Mo Lingtan, but you stopped me saying that Mo Lingtan would handle everything. Even I came under your influence and stopped bothering about the w.a.n.g Family, but see w.a.n.g Hong Wei has finally come here…" Lee Chang-You worriedly said.

Lee Chang-You finally felt that now she would live her life peacefully without any pestering from the w.a.n.g Family after Zhang Wei's comfort, but now w.a.n.g Hong Wei's arrival had caused uneasiness within her.

She didn't know what w.a.n.g Hong Wei would do as there was nothing good she could expect from him.

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen. I will let Lee Xuiye know about it and she and Lingtan will handle it. C'mon, let's go back to work." Zhang Wei comforted her.


After a day, as Lee Chang-You had expected, an hour before the Sky Imperial Shareholders' meeting, w.a.n.g Hong Wei had used his dirty tricks and he threatened Lee Chang-You that if she wouldn't come to Sky Imperial's shareholders' meeting, then he would release the news about her that how Lee Chang-You hadn't married Zhang Wei but she was still living at the same home with the latter and working together with him.


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