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Since w.a.n.g Hui was the CEO of the company he couldn't be removed just like that, therefore, it was decided to hold a shareholders' meeting to remove him.

Sky Imperial was a family business of the w.a.n.g Family and if Sky Imperial had a CEO other than a family member of the w.a.n.g Family, then they would lose their control from Sky Imperial which w.a.n.g Hong Wei couldn't accept.

He had put his sweat and blood on this company and there was no way he would let anyone take away his company.

Now he could only think of only one solution and with that, he promptly left w.a.n.g Mansion.


Soon a black Mercedes arrived in the busy streets of City B where a lot of restaurants had lined up and many youngsters and tourists were strolling around the streets in search of the best food.

The chauffeur immediately got down from the car and opened the door of the back seat and the old man got down with the support of a cane.

"Old Master w.a.n.g, do you want me…" The chauffeur wanted to accompany w.a.n.g Hong Wei and before he could say anything further, w.a.n.g Hong Wei interrupted him. "Wait for me here!"

With that w.a.n.g Hong Wei walked away. Then he came in front of a restaurant. 


This name was imprinted on a lavis.h.i.+ng board that was hanging outside and many people were also waiting outside to get a table inside for their lunch.

A look was enough to know that the business of the restaurant was very good. 

Lee Chang-You was sitting at the counter with a bright smile on her face which was clearly showing that she was living a very good life.

However, this thing wasn't looking good in w.a.n.g Hong Wei's eyes. There was a kind of jealousy in his eyes.

This la.s.s, who had begged him to save her daughter and who had lived a very miserable life, was now living a very good life compared to him.

However, things did not stop here. Even this la.s.s's daughter, Lee Xuiye, was living a very blissful life. Besides, she was now already hooked up with Mo Lingtan with whom every family wanted their daughter to be married to him.

While the pair of mother and daughter were living blissfully, the things in the w.a.n.g Family had turned sour.

While w.a.n.g Yeyi's career, reputation, and her wellbeing had been destroyed coupled with her sorrowful marriage with Gu Kai along with w.a.n.g Hui and Huan Deng were also fighting like a dog and cat every day after w.a.n.g Hui's position as a CEO was at risk. 

Worst of all, the Gu Family was also after w.a.n.g Hui's position.

Even though, both the family were in-laws, there was nothing good had left between them and they always believed as a strangle and now as an enemy. 


w.a.n.g Hong Wei would never let anyone take the position of CEO of Sky Imperial other than a member of the w.a.n.g Family.

However like sun rays came through the cloudy skies, there was a good thing which w.a.n.g Hong Wei had heard that there was a new shareholder who had recently purchased 22% of shares in Sky Imperial, and now that new shareholder was the biggest investor in Sky Imperial.

Although w.a.n.g Hong Wei still didn't know who the new shareholder was, there was a slight ray of hope in his heart that if he could convince that new shareholder that w.a.n.g Hui was the best person to whom the position of CEO belonged to. Then w.a.n.g Hong Wei didn't have to worry about anything.

That was why w.a.n.g Hong Wei had come here to ask Lee Chang-You to accept all the blame on herself that she had seduced w.a.n.g Hui, then Mo Lingtan's words wouldn't hold any value which he had said against w.a.n.g Hui.

w.a.n.g Hong Wei knew that it was not an easy thing but he had come here, so it meant he had a trump card.

After a while, w.a.n.g Hong Wei came back to his senses and walked towards the Aroma'S.

Lee Chang-You took the money from the customer and said while seeing the customers off "Thank you for coming. Please come again."

At that moment, the bra.s.s hanging bell was swinging as the door opened. It was the indication that new customers had entered into the restaurant.

"Welcome to Aroma'S. Please tell me your name and wait for some time, we are having a small wait..." Lee Chang-You put the money inside and looked up at the customer but then she was startled to see an unexpected person in front of her.

"We need to talk. Come outside." w.a.n.g Hong Wei said and turned to leave without waiting for Lee Chang-You's reply as he knew that she would come after him.

As he had expected, Lee Chang-You came after him and asked "What do you want now?"

"The day after tomorrow is Sky Imperial's shareholders' meeting, I want you to come over there." w.a.n.g Hong Wei straightforwardly said.

"Me? Why? I don't think I have any kind of relation with Sky Imperial." Lee Chang-You didn't know what w.a.n.g Hong Wei was talking about. Since Mo Lingtan had started taking care of all the things related to the w.a.n.g family, Lee Chang-You unknowingly became more relaxed and didn't bother herself with the w.a.n.g Family anymore.

Perhaps, she trusted Mo Lingtan more because of his overwhelming and powerful position in Country X that she could believe that the latter would solve all the problems.

"Yes, you didn't, but now you have. All thanks to your daughter." w.a.n.g Hong Wei sneered.

"My daughter?"

"Yes if she hadn't opened her mouth, then Mo Lingtan wouldn't have said things against w.a.n.g Hui and put his position at risk. Now, come to Sky Imperial and accept the fact that you had seduced w.a.n.g Hui and he didn't leave you out in the cold."


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