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Little Lu paused. The present for the amba.s.sador's private gathering was already prepared, so why was there still a need to bring flowers?

Without asking further, Little Lu instantly whipped out his phone and speedily said after checking, "There's one not far away, just a few streets from our hotel, about 3km…"

Fu Huai'an put on his jacket, fixed his sleeves, and walked towards the door. "Check again, where can we find postcards?"

Little Lu looked at the map. "There's a place at the end of the street where the florist is located!"

Fu Huai'an nodded. "Let's go buy the postcard first!"

In the postcard shop, Fu Huai'an picked out a postcard displaying Dubai's evening scenery, then went to the florist to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers. He whipped out a pen from his pocket and wrote something on the back of the postcard, the contents of which Little Lu didn't see because he turned around to give Fu Huai'an some privacy.

Only after Fu Huai'an closed his pen and slipped the postcard into the little envelope did Little Lu turn around and take the bunch of flowers from Fu Huai'an's hands.

Fu Huai'an slipped his pen into his pocket and said to Little Lu, "Get someone to send these flowers to Xiao Nuan."

Little Lu couldn't hide the smile in his eyes as he nodded. "Okay, Chairman! Getting on it right away!"

Little Lu had thought that Fu Huai'an was planning to bring the amba.s.sador's wife some flowers. Unexpectedly, it was for his little bride.

Fu Huai'an's black and deep eyes were filled with a warm smile. "It's better if you stick to calling me Sir!"

"Okay, Sir!"

Little Lu was an efficient worker. The minute he returned to the hotel, he arranged for someone to make sure to send the flowers to Lin Nuan before she woke up the next morning!

After working under Fu Huai'an for so many years, this was the first time Little Lu realized how romantic Fu Huai'an could be.

In Little Lu's eyes, Fu Huai'an had always been a mature, steady, and brooding man. He had thought that a man like Fu Huai'an would never resort to sending flowers to please someone. Unexpectedly, Fu Huai'an did something like that for Lin Nuan.

On the drive back, Little Lu maintained a smile on his lips, envious of Fu Huai'an and Lin Nuan's relations.h.i.+p.

Netizens had said that Fu Huai'an and Lin Nuan were walking dog food dispensers, and that was truly the case!

As a man, Little Lu was also jealous of Lin Nuan.

Fu Huai'an sat in the backseat with his phone in his hands. He was gazing at Lin Nuan's sound asleep face, deep emotions rippling in the softest spot in his heart.

The groundbreaking ceremony was to be held tomorrow, and Fu Huai'an was scheduled to attend a bunch of other things following that.

The day after tomorrow, Fu Huai'an was scheduled to go to the Kaide Corporation's heavy machinery and equipment company, where several big and small meetings were awaiting him.

The earliest that Fu Huai'an would be able to return would be in three days, and that was if Qin Zhe was done with his matter.

Fu Huai'an slipped his phone back into his pocket and closed his eyes, worried about Qin Zhe.

It was rare for Lin Nuan to be able to sleep well without Fu Huai'an by her side.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Huai'an sitting before his office desk and flipping through doc.u.ments on her phone screen. He seemed to have just showered, as water droplets were dripping from his black and messy hair onto the towel he had placed around his neck.

The instant Lin Nuan moved, she felt a swollen pain from her injured arm, which made her inhale slightly.

"You're up?" Fu Huai'an looked towards the phone screen.

Lin Nuan nodded as she picked up her phone and glanced at it. It was six in the morning…

That meant that it was two in the morning in Dubai!

Through the screen, Lin Nuan couldn't see if there were red blood vessels in Fu Huai'an's eyes, so she asked, "You haven't slept?"

Fu Huai'an could see the look of worry in Lin Nuan's eyes. "Perhaps because of the time difference. I took a short nap in the afternoon, so I feel rather awake right now. I'll sleep a little more after I'm done with these doc.u.ments! How's your injury? Does it still hurt?"

Lin Nuan sat up straight and held up her phone. In her peripheral vision, she could see a gorgeous bouquet made up of roses of several colors and decorated with baby's breath and lavender. The bouquet gave off a flamboyant, vibrant, and pa.s.sionate vibe, just like the magnificent and scorching sunset in Dubai…

Her lips slightly parted as she used her left hand to hold the phone carefully. When she picked up the flowers, a lovely scent entered her nostrils.

She couldn't veil the surprise in her eyes, revealing eight pretty teeth as she looked at the screen. "Is this from you?"

"Like it?" Fu Huai'an wiped his hair with his towel.

Lin Nuan nodded, carefully hugging the flowers to her chest. "If I had woken up to see that it was you by my side, I'd be even more surprised! Am I being a little greedy by saying this?"

"I like Mrs. Fu's greed!" Fu Huai'an's smile intensified.

Lin Nuan seized the opportunity to raise a request. "Since, for the time being, you're unable to satisfy my request of appearing by my side the minute I open my eyes, I'll put up with the best alternative. I want to hog your private line during the time that you're in Dubai. I want you to stay on the line until you're back so that I can hear what you're doing. Okay?"

Fu Huai'an's calm and deep eyes carried a smile. He seemed to have easily seen through Lin Nuan's little scheme.

Lin Nuan didn't bother to hide it either, saying, "I'm afraid you'll involve yourself in danger. I want to keep tabs on you. I want to know that you're not doing anything dangerous behind my back!"

Lin Nuan's ears turned even redder.

"Where in the world do people sound so frank and righteous about keeping tabs on someone else!" Fu Huai'an couldn't resist laughing in a low voice.

Lin Nuan bit her lip. "Me!"

Fu Huai'an sighed, a helpless and doting tone in his voice. "Will doing that put your heart at ease?"

Lin Nuan nodded. "Mm! It will very much put my heart at ease!"

"Okay!" Fu Huai'an agreed without hesitation.

Lin Nuan's heart palpitated.

Fu Huai'an's pleasant-sounding and magnetic voice could be heard over the phone. "So long as it puts your heart at ease, I'll stay on the phone the whole time, 24 hours a day!"

Lin Nuan bit her lip even harder, emotions churning in her heart. "Just tell me if you're in a meeting. I'll turn off the microphone and not disturb you. If there are things that I can't listen to…"

"There's nothing you can't listen to!" Fu Huai'an didn't want to give Lin Nuan any room to imagine that he would be putting himself in danger and make her worry for nothing.

"Then, I'll go and wash up first!" Lin Nuan bit her lip. "You rest early!"

Fu Huai'an glanced at the doc.u.ments he was holding. "I'll sign one last doc.u.ment before I go to sleep…"

"I'll accompany you then! I'll wash up after you go to sleep!"

The two of them were stuck to each other like two lovebirds madly in love.

Fu Huai'an nodded. He signed on the bottom of a doc.u.ment, then closed the lid on his pen and set the papers aside. Immediately after, he picked up his phone and walked to the side of the bed.

"Blow dry your hair before sleeping!" Lin Nuan reminded him.

Fu Huai'an obeyed. After blow-drying his hair and changing into his pajamas, he returned to the bed.

There was a smile in Lin Nuan's eyes. "Rest well, and don't hang up the video call…"

"Okay!" Fu Huai'an's black eyes carried a smile as well. "Morning, baby!"

"Night! Hubby…" Lin Nuan beamed even broader.

She sat at the head of the bed and watched as Fu Huai'an closed his eyes. Upon hearing the sound of his breathing gradually become even, Lin Nuan muted the microphone and began looking for a vase to contain the flowers she was hugging.

When she s.h.i.+fted to the side of the bed, she felt something hard under her palms…

Lin Nuan took a look and saw an envelope.

Setting down the flowers, she picked up the envelope. Inside was a postcard of Dubai's evening glow.

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