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Chapter 723: Lin Nuan's Heart Was Filled With Grat.i.tude!

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You Nainai explained, “My mom called me earlier and said that she brought Little Candy back. Since I'm working, it's best not to let the child disturb me. She's afraid that I'd be distracted and would lose this job that has such great pay. She's also scared that I won't be able to take good care of Little Candy.”

 Lin Nuan nodded and couldn't help but smile.

 Since Fu Huai'an wasn't around, You Nainai planned to stay at Tianfu Bay for the night. Auntie Li had already prepared the guest room.

 At night, Tuan Tuan carried his small pillow and ran over to Lin Nuan and Fu Huai'an's master bedroom.

 In Tuan Tuan's heart, as long as his papa wasn't around, he'd be able to sleep with his mama. Therefore, he secretly hoped that his papa would go on more work trips. The kid didn't have many expectations. He only hoped that the frequency of his papa's work trips would be like it was before!

 When Lin Nuan came out after taking a bath, she saw Tuan Tuan hugging his pillow and lying on the big bed with his arms and legs spread out. His stomach was exposed, and he was already fast asleep.

 Lin Nuan closed the windows, gently drew the curtains, then tucked him under the blankets.

 When Lin Nuan looked at Tuan Tuan, she couldn't help but think of Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter…

 Had Tang Zheng found Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter?

 Lin Nuan couldn't sleep, so she got up and quietly headed to the bathroom with her phone. She had wanted to call Fu Huai'an, but after some thought, she found Tang Zheng's number on her contact list and dialed it.

 The call went through, and Tang Zheng's voice, which sounded hoa.r.s.e from smoking, rang out. “Sis-in-law still isn't asleep yet?”

 “Has Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter been found?” Lin Nuan got straight to the point.

 Tang Zheng's voice paused. Before he said anything, Lin Nuan knew that she hadn't been found…

 Lin Nuan said, “Li Muyang said that his men are also involved. Would it be possible to find her through him?”

 “It'll take a little effort, but it won't be too difficult since we're within our country. Sis-in-law, don't worry. Have a good rest!” Tang Zheng feigned a relaxed tone, not wanting to let Lin Nuan feel worried.

 It was true that this happened in their country, but the country was too big!

 Li Muyang had released news that he was involved in this, but it was only because he wanted to draw attention to himself. If Tang Zheng's men were to start investigating him, it would hold them back a little.

 “Tang Zheng, I don't know if it's right for me to say this since I don't really understand things…” Lin Nuan asked in a soft voice, “Can we call the police?”

 Lin Nuan's voice sounded hesitant. After all, she knew nothing about Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter. If Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter had been kidnapped from overseas, then she had no idea what the process involved would be if they were to call the police!

 However, if Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter was in the country, the police should be able to handle things.

 Lin Nuan also hoped that she'd be able to be of some help.

 “Sis-in-law, it's not that I'm underestimating the police. But regardless of whether it's the police in our country or those overseas, they aren't comparable to our men…” Tang Zheng's voice was calm but indifferent.

Lin Nuan pursed her lips. She understood what Tang Zheng meant.

 “There's no need for Sis-in-law to be worried over this. I'll do my best to find Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter as soon as possible! Don't worry…”

 After hanging up the call, Lin Nuan's heart was filled with varying emotions.

 Tang Zheng had yet to find Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter. If she were to try to escape again…

 For no reason, the image of a girl that was the same age as Tuan Tuan having her legs broken and crying for her parents flashed in Lin Nuan's mind. She turned and grabbed onto the sink with both hands, feeling a little scared.

 After a moment of hesitation, Lin Nuan once again dialed Tang Zheng's number.

 Once the call went through, Lin Nuan didn't wait for Tang Zheng to speak up before she said, “Li Muyang came to look for me today. He said that he would hand over Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter if I were to have a meal with him. Therefore, I'm thinking… if you haven't found that girl yet, why don't I meet up with him?”

 Tang Zheng's brows furrowed tightly. “Sis-in-law…”

 “Li Muyang said that Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter tried to escape a few times and was beaten up and covered in wounds. If she attempts to escape again, they'll break her legs! Tang Zheng… for the sake of Huai'an, you, and Lu Jinnan's peaceful lives, Gu Qingcheng is stuck deep in that vortex, unable to get out! We can't let him lose his family over this! It's nothing for me to have a meal with Li Muyang! With you keeping an eye on things, and with Nainai by my side, nothing will happen!”

 Lin Nuan sounded determined.

 Toward Gu Qingcheng, Lin Nuan's heart was filled with grat.i.tude!

 If it wasn't for Gu Qingcheng, Lin Nuan might never have been able to meet Fu Huai'an.

 It was Gu Qingcheng who had put himself in danger so that Fu Huai'an and her could live a sweet life. Lin Nuan had known about this for quite some time.

 Tang Zheng's heart kept wavering from Lin Nuan's words. He clenched his teeth and said, “Sis-in-law, we'll still be the ones to decide on the location. Pick a location that has more people. Let me know once the meet-up has been arranged. I'll make arrangements for our men to be on standby to ensure everything is safe…”

 Lin Nuan was Fu Huai'an's precious, and Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter was Gu Qingcheng's precious!

 Nothing must happen to either of them!

 They mustn't sacrifice one to save the other. Otherwise, how many lives must Tang Zheng have to be enough for Fu Huai'an to chop off?

 “Okay!” Lin Nuan nodded.

 After hanging up the phone, Lin Nuan dialed Ah Zhan's number. She wasn't surprised to find that it was Li Muyang who picked up the call.

 Just like things had been previously, Li Muyang was confident that Lin Nuan would call him. He smiled and said, “This is faster than I predicted. I thought that you'd only take action after we sent a finger from Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter to Mr. Tang.”

 Lin Nuan's heart turned numb at the thought of the little girl's finger being cut off. Her chest undulated, and her voice even uncontrollably rose a few pitches higher. “Li Muyang, are you a pervert?”

 Li Muyang let out a soft laugh.

 “I agree to have a meal with you. Tomorrow morning, Man Jiang Lou! I want to see Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter! And between tonight and the agreed-upon time for our meal, I want your a.s.surances that no more harm will come to Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter!”

 “Nuan Nuan, my men aren't the only ones here. I can only a.s.sure that my men won't harm Mr. Gu's adopted daughter. As for the others…”

 Li Muyang's voice went up a little, sounding as if it was filled with smiles.

 Lin Nuan's hand that was clutching her phone tightened its grip. “Li Muyang, if you have something to say, just get to the point! Don't beat about the bus.h.!.+”

 “This is the way you talk to the man who saved your life?” There was a gentleness in Li Muyang's voice.

 Lin Nuan didn't say anything, so Li Muyang spoke up. “Let's make it tonight. I've been waiting for your call and haven't eaten anything. Accompany me to have some food. I'll bring her over…”

 Tuan Tuan was already asleep, and Auntie Li was around. Lin Nuan agreed without any hesitation. “Alright!”

 “Let's still go to Man Jiang Lou! There are more people there, and you can feel more a.s.sured!”

 Lin Nuan didn't feel awkward at being exposed by Li Muyang.

 Regarding the matter of bringing Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter back… no matter who it was who did this, Lin Nuan would be thankful toward them!

 Even if the other party didn't suggest that she treat them to a meal, Lin Nuan would take the initiative to do so to express her grat.i.tude.

 However, Lin Nuan would only feel disgusted toward the way Li Muyang used threats.

 If Li Muyang were an ordinary person, Lin Nuan would definitely call Lu Hanzi to join her in heading to Man Jiang Lou. Then, under Li Muyang's stunned gaze… she would smile and introduce him to Lu Hanzi, explaining that he was a renowned psychologist and telling him that if he was ill, he should look for Lu Hanzi to treat him!

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