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Chapter 722: Have You Made Up With Tang Zheng?

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Lin Nuan raised her head to look at You Nainai.

 You Nainai opened the bottle of mineral water in her hand and handed it to Lin Nuan as she said, “Gu Qingcheng has always reported only the good news and not the bad, and he has always covered up his injuries. What's more is that he doesn't want to seek treatment, and no one can convince him to. That's why Sir Fu had to personally fly over. He'll be safe in France!”

You Nainai suddenly talked to Lin Nuan about Gu Qingcheng, and Lin Nuan took a while to respond.

 “Tang Zheng stayed behind in China because he's busy with saving Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter! I think Sir Fu didn't tell you… only because he didn't want you to worry! Sir Fu will be fine in France. If not, based on his relations.h.i.+p with Tang Zheng, Tang Zheng wouldn't let Sir Fu go there even if he had to knock him out with all his might!”

 Lin Nuan gripped the bottle of mineral water tightly. She was surprised that You Nainai actually knew what was happening!

 In that case, did she know Fu Huai'an's ident.i.ty? Did Tang Zheng tell You Nainai too?

 You Nainai could see the uncertainty in Lin Nuan's eyes and awkwardly touched the bridge of her nose. “I was with Tang Zheng when Lu Jinnan called him, and I vaguely overheard all of that!”

 You Nainai cleared her throat before continuing, “You don't have to worry about Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter just because of what Li Muyang said. With Tang Zheng around, he'll definitely get her out soon!”

 It was undeniable that Lin Nuan felt much more relieved after hearing You Nainai say that.

 She trusted in Tang Zheng's abilities!

 Lin Nuan wondered if the people who captured Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter wanted to threaten him for something.

 She didn't know how things worked in that world!

 But be it Fu Huai'an, Gu Qingcheng, Tang Zheng, or Lu Jinnan, she believed they were able to protect the people around them!

 Lin Nuan let out a long sigh. She could understand how anxious Fu Huai'an must have felt when rus.h.i.+ng over to France after hearing that Gu Qingcheng was injured!

 If she put herself in his shoes and something had happened to Bai Xiaonian or Song Yao overseas, Lin Nuan would fly over despite her fear of traveling abroad!

 As she calmed down, Lin Nuan suddenly had a faint smile on her face as she looked at You Nainai…

 How close did You Nainai have to be to Tang Zheng to hear what Lu Jinnan said over the phone?

 “Have you made up with Tang Zheng?” Lin Nuan smiled as she teased You Nainai.

The tips of You Nainai's ears flushed red. “No, Tang Zheng just came over to have a meal with Little Candy!”

 After she finished speaking, You Nainai's fair neck flushed red as well.

Lin Nuan wasn't Bai Xiaonian, so she wouldn't shamelessly ask You Nainai why her face was flushed red. Instead, she nodded and dropped the subject.

 Mu Taotao entered the room to help Lin Nuan remove her makeup. Lin Nuan thanked Mu Taotao!

 If not for Mu Taotao, she definitely wouldn't have escaped getting drunk today!

 “Hey! It looks like you've really worked out. You actually aren't exhausted after the program. Your stamina has improved!” Fang Yan couldn't help but smile at Lin Nuan as soon as she entered the room. “Keep it up and train harder! Aim to increase your stamina by a little more!”

 Her stamina improved? Her embarra.s.sing life with Fu Huai'an could help to increase her stamina? And she had to train harder…

Lin Nuan's neck heated up as well. She uncomfortably rubbed the back of her neck and pretended to be very tired. She then casually tied her long hair back into a loose ponytail. The tendrils of hair that framed her face did nothing to hide her blush.

After getting off work, Lin Nuan sat in the warm and toasty car in a loose camel-colored woolen sweater, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers. No matter how one looked at her, she looked like a and beautiful woman through and through. Her face, usually hidden by her bangs, was delicate and pretty, and if one looked closely, it was indeed stunning and feminine. No wonder outstanding men like Fu Huai'an liked her.

 Fang Yan had been there before and couldn't be any more aware. Looking at Lin Nuan's smiling eyes, which looked brighter and more beautiful than before, she knew Lin Nuan had been aggressively nourished!

 Fu Huai'an knew that Lin Nuan had to film a program today, and he wasn't sure when she would arrive home. He was worried that Lin Nuan wouldn't make it back in time in the afternoon and that Tuan Tuan would be alone at home, so he asked Auntie Li to come back.

 Little Tuan Tuan had already returned home as well. After eating dinner, he obediently went upstairs to shower.

 Lin Nuan counted down the minutes and called Fu Huai'an exactly when he was supposed to land. Thankfully, the call went through immediately.

“Were you keeping time? I only just got off the plane!” The smile in Fu Huai'an's voice was evident.

 Lin Nuan glanced at You Nainai, who had entered the house with her. She pointed upstairs and then at her own clothes. You Nainai understood and nodded.

 “Did you go to France because of Gu Qingcheng's injury?” Lin Nuan held onto the railing as she went upstairs.

 On the other end of the line, Fu Huai'an remained silent for a moment before replying. He didn't deny it. “I was scared you'd be worried. I just came over to see if Gu Qingcheng is in any danger.”

 “Do you know that Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter is in China?” Lin Nuan asked.

 “How do you know that?”

 Although it was a question, Lin Nuan clearly sensed that Fu Huai'an knew about it.

 Before Lin Nuan could respond, Fu Huai'an asked, “Did Li Muyang look for you?”

 “Yeah. I sent you a text, but maybe you haven't seen it because you just switched on your phone.” Lin Nuan didn't hide it from him. “He said something about his men being involved!”

 “I know!” Fu Huai'an said in a deep voice. Li Muyang was definitely a capable person. He still managed to talk to Lin Nuan even after he had arranged for so many people to be by her side.

 It was also Li Muyang's men who revealed to him that Gu Qingcheng's adopted daughter had been taken away to China.

 Lu Jinnan guessed that Li Muyang was doing this to try and please both sides so that he'd gain an advantage over everyone!

But based on the information that Fu Huai'an had on Li Muyang, a man like him… was arrogant to a fault. He definitely wouldn't resort to doing that!

Lin Nuan returned to the bedroom and closed the door. Her voice was much gentler now. “Then, be careful and come back soon!”

 Lin Nuan was only worried about Fu Huai'an's safety and nothing else.

 Fu Huai'an's chuckle could be heard from the other end of the line. He was scared Lin Nuan would be worried and added, “Qingcheng's a.s.sistant called Lu Jinnan and told him that Qingcheng is in a hurry to return back to China and save his daughter. That's why I flew over. Don't worry, I'll be safe here.”


 Lin Nuan's voice was still sulky.

 “Wait for me to come back, little sweetie. I'll bring back a present for you!” Fu Huai'an's mellow voice was mature and magnetic, and it had the ability to comfort people.

 Lin Nuan got dressed after she hung up. The tiny Tuan Tuan tiptoed as he pushed the door open and entered the room.

 “Mama!” Tuan Tuan exclaimed.

 Lin Nuan turned and released her already loose hair before tying it back up into a ponytail. She smiled at Tuan Tuan. “Our Tuan Tuan is so amazing! You showered on your own!”

Tuan Tuan was praised, and his ears flushed. After nodding his head, he said, “Mama… let's eat!”

 Downstairs, Auntie Li had prepared dinner for Lin Nuan and You Nainai.

 Tuan Tuan held onto Lin Nuan's index finger as they went down the stairs. Lin Nuan asked Auntie Li why Little Candy hadn't come over…

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