Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 550 - There's Nothing That We Can't Speak About In Front Of Lin Nuan

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Chapter 550: There's Nothing That We Can't Speak About in Front of Lin Nuan

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She turned around and circled her arms around Fu Huai'an's neck. She wanted to kiss Fu Huai'an on the lips, but her soft lips landed on his chin instead.

Fu Huai'an held Lin Nuan's firm and slim waist with both hands and stuck out his chin, a hint of a smile on his face. "You're being so seductive right after waking up. Do you not want to leave on time? Tuan Tuan and Uncle Hu are waiting downstairs!"

Lin Nuan flared up and let go of Fu Huai'an's neck, landing her pointed feet firmly on the ground. She deliberately glared at Fu Huai'an. "It was merely a kiss. How was I deliberately seducing you? You're thinking too much!"

Just then, Fu Huai'an's large hand pulled Lin Nuan into his arms, and he pa.s.sionately kissed her with great force… so much so that Lin Nuan couldn't help grabbing him by the shoulders, her body leaning backward.

Sensing the subtle change in the spot where the two of them were closely pressed against each other, Lin Nuan's cheeks grew very hot.

She had already turned from cooperative to resistant, afraid that this one kiss would turn into something far more.

Their lips parted, and both were panting. The back of Lin Nuan's waist had already been pinned to the back of the sofa. She panted heavily, lowering her head to control her heartbeat.

Fu Huai'an's heavy breathing was right at the top of her head, sweeping past the fringe on her forehead. His hot breath made Lin Nuan's body grow numb…

"Fooled around for so long last night because of your smile and gaze!" Fu Huai'an forcefully pulled Lin Nuan's waist towards him, letting her feel his desire. "Think about your kiss again. Is that not scary this early in the morning?"

Lin Nuan couldn't stop herself from laughing. She looked up at Fu Huai'an, who was supporting himself with one hand against the back of the sofa while holding her in his arms. "You get scared too?"

"Scared…" Fu Huai'an nodded his head in all seriousness. "Scared that Mrs. Fu is only responsible for igniting the fire but not extinguis.h.i.+ng it!"

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless.

"Thud thud thud…"

The sound of knocking at the door caused a frantic Lin Nuan to push away Fu Huai'an hurriedly.

Fu Huai'an, however, tightened his hold around her and spoke in the direction of the door, asking, "What's the matter?"

"Sir, Madam, do you need me to help with the luggage?" Uncle Hu's voice rang out from the other side of the door.

Lin Nuan's heart was beating especially fast.

"No need. Madam and I will head down in a few minutes!" Fu Huai'an replied.

"Yes, Sir!"

Hearing Uncle Hu's departing footsteps, Lin Nuan shoved hard at Fu Huai'an's chest. "Stop fooling around! Tuan Tuan and Uncle Hu are waiting downstairs!"

"How can I go downstairs in this state?" Fu Huai'an pulled Lin Nuan close to him again.

Lin Nuan blushed; Fu Huai'an was indeed in no state to appear downstairs…

"Then, I'll pack for you first!" Lin Nuan's tone softened. "You can ease yourself before we head downstairs!"

After letting go of Lin Nuan, Fu Huai'an leaned against the sofa and watched as Lin Nuan reopened the suitcase and placed his underwear inside. There was a visible smile at the corner of his lips.

"Thud thud thud…"

The sound of knocking at the door came once again. Fu Huai'an was a little displeased at being hurried. "Coming right down…"

"Sir, Miss Chu is here. She said she's here to speak to you regarding an important matter," Auntie Li said at the door in a hushed voice. "I've invited Miss Chu in, but she said she's fine waiting by the door. It's just a few words."

Lin Nuan, who was rearranging the luggage, looked over at Fu Huai'an…

It was understandable that Chu Xun didn't wish to enter the house, but what surprised Lin Nuan was Chu Xun's courage. After being caught stripping naked in front of Fu Huai'an at the Tianfu Bay villa the other day, she still dared to come.

It could either be because the matter was really important, or because Chu Xun's tolerance had grown stronger.

"Got it…" Fu Huai'an replied.

Lin Nuan didn't utter a sound and continued packing, then closed up the luggage.

"Chu Xun has really surprised me…" There was an implying smile on Lin Nuan's face. "For her to come again, I guess she must be here about a crucial matter. You go down first."

"Let's go down together!"

Fu Huai'an walked over and lifted the two suitcases off the ground.

When Lin Nuan and Fu Huai'an came down with those two suitcases, the fat cat was squatting on the back of the sofa, its sneaky eyes staring at those two pieces of luggage.

Lin Nuan put on a baseball cap and reached out to pat the fat cat's head before looking up and bidding Auntie Li farewell.

Chu Xun was standing outside the gate and hadn't entered.

Uncle Hu saw Fu Huai'an carrying the two pieces of luggage, so he swiftly walked over to help.

Chu Xun, who was standing at the entrance, was clutching tightly onto her handbag.

Chu Xun's car was parked at the entrance of the villa, the rear of the car blocking the front of Fu Huai'an's car. The car window of the driver's seat wasn't rolled up; Chu Xun's a.s.sistant was seated inside. Previously, when Chu Xun had first arrived at Haicheng TV Station as a paratrooper, this a.s.sistant had gone to the various production crews and given out lunch boxes on Chu Xun's behalf, so Lin Nuan could recognize them.

Chu Xun was wearing a white V-neck s.h.i.+rt and a light pink tight skirt, plus a light blue trench coat. She was carrying the latest design of white Hermes handbag, and there wasn't a sign of dust or dirt on her 7cm white heels. With her long hair falling over her shoulders, Chu Xun appeared to be the most eye-catching shade of color in this fall season. On top of that, she was exuding an aura of competency.

Seeing Fu Huai'an coming out, Chu Xun tightened her grip on her bag. There were some things that Chu Xun had wanted to tell Fu Huai'an yesterday, but she didn't find the chance to.

Later, when she wanted to raise the topic, Fu Huai'an had left with Lin Nuan and Tuan Tuan.

After she heard that Fu Huai'an was going on a long vacation overseas with Lin Nuan starting today, Chu Xun feared she might not be able to track Fu Huai'an down; therefore, she came to Tianfu Bay early in the morning to catch him.

Even if this was a place that made her the most ashamed of herself, she still had to come.

Chu Xun thought that Fu Huai'an would directly come out and talk to her, but Fu Huai'an had stopped in his tracks at the door and turned his head around to peer into the house.

Auntie Li accompanied Lin Nuan as she came out, reminding Lin Nuan to take care of herself and eat properly when they were away.

Fu Huai'an reached out and grabbed Lin Nuan's hand, then said to Auntie Li, "Don't worry!"

"With Sir taking care of Madam, I'm not worried about anything!" Auntie Li chuckled.

Fu Huai'an went down the stairs at the door with Lin Nuan and walked over to the door. After putting the luggage into the trunk, Uncle Hu closed it and lightly jogged to the door, wanting to open the gate for Fu Huai'an and Lin Nuan. Fu Huai'an, however, had done so before him in a relaxed manner. Uncle Hu hurriedly moved to one side.

"President Chu…" Lin Nuan said h.e.l.lo to Chu Xun with good grace.

Chu Xun's expression was a little dark. The guilt she was feeling made her unable to look Lin Nuan in the eyes, so she could only look to Fu Huai'an and say, "Huai'an, I have an especially important matter to talk to you about!"

Fu Huai'an didn't let go of Lin Nuan's hand, nodding. "What is it?"

Chu Xun glanced at Lin Nuan in an implying manner before saying, "The matter concerns my Chu family, can we speak in private?"

Lin Nuan released Fu Huai'an's hand and made a move to leave, but Fu Huai'an gripped her pet.i.te hand tightly, having no intention to let go.

"There's nothing that we can't speak about in front of Lin Nuan…" Fu Huai'an gave a slight smile. "Rather than me having to recount it to Xiao Nuan later, you might as well just say it in front of her."

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