Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 1319 - You’re so smart, don’t you understand this logic?

Mr Fu, I Really Love You -

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Chapter 1319: You’re so smart, don’t you understand this logic?

The reply on the other end of the line made Lin Nuan’s scalp tighten.

[I’m Li Muyang…]

It was indeed him!

After a moment of panic, Lin Nuan quickly calmed down and dialed the number.

Li Muyang probably hadn’t expected Lin Nuan to call him. He hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

“Were you the one who did this to Lu Jinnan?” Lin Nuan pressed the b.u.t.ton to record the call.

Li Muyang laughed softly. “I thought you called to ask me if I’ve been well these days.”

“What has your well-being got to do with me?” Lin Nuan’s voice was full of anger. “Does Lu Jinnan’s accident have anything to do with you?”

Li Muyang didn’t reply. He sighed and said to Lin Nuan, “Ah Zhan is dead…”

In the past, Lin Nuan had admired Ah Zhan because of his loyalty, but after Ah Zhan held Fu Tianci hostage, Lin Nuan only felt pity for Ah Zhan because of his misplaced loyalty.

Not hearing Lin Nuan’s reply, Li Muyang continued, “He committed suicide. He did so to mobilize the people, who were secretly protecting me, to come back and rescue me from the De Niro manor.”

Lin Nuan’s heart trembled…

Lin Nuan didn’t know how Ah Zhan had died.

“Lin Nuan, I have to avenge Ah Zhan…” There was slight sneering in Li Muyang’s voice. “So, I’m thinking of s.n.a.t.c.hing you from Fu Huai’an. It would probably upset him a lot!”

Lin Nuan gritted her teeth and said nothing.

“But I know that you won’t leave Fu Huai’an!” Li Muyang’s voice was low and restrained. Lin Nuan was unable to tell what kind of expression he was wearing.

“I should have killed you, killed you… and killed your children. Fu Huai’an would definitely be in so much pain that he wouldn’t want to live!”

Hearing Li Muyang’s words, Lin Nuan clenched her fists.

“But I couldn’t do it!” Li Muyang sighed softly. “I can’t kill you. I can only… kill the other people who are close to Fu Huai’an, such as Lu Jinnan, Tang Zheng, and… Gu Qingcheng!”

Lin Nuan’s heart was in her throat. Did Li Muyang know that Jacob Bellucci was Gu Qingcheng?

She remained silent, not wanting to remind Li Muyang that Jacob Bellucci was Gu Qingcheng.

“Watch and see, Lin Nuan. I’ll strip the people around Fu Huai’an one by one! Just like how he took Ah Zhan away from me!” When Li Muyang said this, there was a deep hatred in his voice.

“You know very well that if you hadn’t insisted on coming to Haicheng to s.n.a.t.c.h a woman who doesn’t like you and doesn’t belong to you, you wouldn’t have ended up being a hostage in your own territory, unable to enter and leave it freely. Ah Zhan wouldn’t have committed suicide in exchange for your freedom. Li Muyang… in the end, it was you who caused Ah Zhan’s death. If you want revenge, you should punish yourself! You shouldn’t have pitifully pushed all the blame onto someone else just to convince yourself that you weren’t in the wrong!”

Even though Lin Nuan had hit the nail on the head, Li Muyang still let out a soft laugh. “Lin Nuan… it’s been so long since we last met, but your mouth is still so sharp.”

Lin Nuan remained silent on the other end of the line. Li Muyang then retracted the gentleness in his voice and said to Lin Nuan, “Come to my side! I’ll send someone to pick you up… Only by staying by my side will you be safe!”

“What makes you think I would abandon my husband and children?” Lin Nuan’s voice was cold.

“Then take it as something you do to protect your children! Bring the children to my side!” Li Muyang said. “This is for your own good… the person I’m working with now is called Maynard Sanchez. He’s a lunatic! He’s bent on seeking revenge on Mr. Moral. If he finds out that Fu Huai’an is Mr. Moral, it’s not that I’m exaggerating… I’m afraid the Fu family will meet a bad demise. You’re not only Fu Huai’an’s wife, but also his children’s mother. You must first consider your children’s safety, right?”

“I believe in my husband. He will protect the three of us well, so you don’t have to worry about that! Also…” Lin Nuan paused for a moment. “If anything happens to anyone around me, I’ll hold you responsible. I’m a weak woman, and I can’t do anything to you right now. But I think many of your enemies would be very interested in your whereabouts! If they know that you’re still alive, they’ll probably pounce on you and make sure you don’t have peace!”

“If someone finds out that I’m still alive, Mr. Moral’s real ident.i.ty will definitely be released… Lin Nuan, it’s true that I like you, but my love won’t extend to even your husband. On the contrary… The more I like you, the more I dislike… hate your husband. You’re so smart, don’t you understand this logic?”

“Since you’re so smart, can’t you tell how much I hate you?” Lin Nuan’s voice was cold. “Li Muyang, there’s nothing else in this wonderful world that repulses me, but you… understand?”

Lin Nuan then hung up.

On the other end of the line, Li Muyang’s eyes trembled slightly as he listened to the busy tone on his phone. His lips slowly curled up.

He murmured to the busy phone, “But I… love you!”

After Ah Zhan died, the only person Li Muyang missed in this world was Lin Nuan. But… what should he do when the person that he missed dearly hated him?

Li Muyang put down his phone and looked at the show that was airing on the television. Lin Nuan was smiling as she chatted with the show guests, and his heart ached terribly.

Seeing that Lin Nuan had become even more mature and prettier, Li Muyang wanted to get closer to her.

However, he knew that Lin Nuan didn’t have him in her heart.

He could have chosen not to answer the call today, or he could have left the part where he said he wanted to bring her and her children over to his side.

But he couldn’t settle with just looking at Lin Nuan through the screen. He wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to pull Lin Nuan into his embrace and feel her.

Li Muyang even felt that if Lin Nuan was willing to come to his side and accompany him for the remainder of his life, he might be persuaded by Lin Nuan to let go of the thought of revenge.

Li Muyang’s eyes turned moist and red at the thought of Ah Zhan, who would always risk his life to protect him.

He gripped the sofa’s armrest tightly, closing his sore eyes.

But since Lin Nuan didn’t want to come to him, he couldn’t put down his hatred.

If Fu Huai’an died, Lin Nuan would probably hate him to death!

This was good too. At the very least, Lin Nuan would remember him… forever!

Fu Huai’an had already sealed off the news of Lu Jinnan being hospitalized due to a car accident. The outside world only knew that Lu Jinnan had gone overseas for a meeting, but they didn’t know anything else.

The next day, Lu Jinnan, who had slept for more than 30 hours, finally woke up.

The first thing he asked was Bai Xiaonian…

After Bai Jinyu was done checking Lu Jinnan, he laughed in disbelief. “You’re a grown-up man, yet you’re still looking for your wife the minute you wake up!”

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