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Chapter 1248: Celebrate April Fools' Day With You

In the end, the box office results were rather outstanding, exceeding everyone's expectations!

Lin Nuan was acting in a movie again, and it was directed by Director Hu. Add to that the partic.i.p.ation of the lately very popular Yun Liuli, and it could be said that the movie was highly antic.i.p.ated even before it was released.

Lin Nuan had made arrangements with Bai Xiaonian to watch “The General” in the theater on the day it premiered, wanting to show support for Yun Liuli. She had arrived at Bai Xiaonian's apartment building ahead of time, planning to visit Bai Xiaonian's father before picking Bai Xiaonian up to go to the theater.

When Lin Nuan went upstairs, she ran into Bai Xiaonian's father, who happened to be heading downstairs to play chess. She said that she was going to watch a movie with Bai Xiaonian and asked him to go ahead with his chess plans and not mind her!

Bai Xiaonian's father trusted Lin Nuan, so he handed her his house keys. He said that Bai Xiaonian had spent a long time in the bathroom this morning, and he wasn't sure what she was doing in there. He told Lin Nuan to let herself into the house with the house keys.

Lin Nuan opened the door and entered the house. She had just set down the tonics she bought for Bai Xiaonian's father when she saw Bai Xiaonian exit the bathroom with reddened eyes.

“Xiaonian?” Lin Nuan gazed at Bai Xiaonian.

Bai Xiaonian looked up, her hand tightly clutching the pregnancy test kit…

“Nuan Nuan… he's back!” It was unclear whether Bai Xiaonian was weeping out of joy, but her entire body was quivering. She couldn't restrain the panic and joy in her voice. “My child, he's back!”

Lin Nuan remained frozen to her spot, pausing momentarily. She watched as Bai Xiaonian broke down, squatting down and crying while hugging herself with her face covered. She placed her bag on the floor and walked over to Bai Xiaonian, squatting before her and gently hugging Bai Xiaonian's shaking body.

She caressed Bai Xiaonian's back and comforted her gently. “This is a good thing, don't cry!”

“The child really didn't leave, he really has been waiting for a chance to return to my side! Nuan Nuan…” Bai Xiaonian cried so hard that she couldn't breathe properly. “This time around… I'll definitely protect him well! I won't act out of spite anymore! Not anymore!”

“Mm! This time around, you'll definitely protect him well!” Lin Nuan nodded.

Since Bai Xiaonian was pregnant, they surely wouldn't be able to watch the movie today. As a safety precaution, Lin Nuan took Bai Xiaonian to the hospital for a checkup.

Fu Huai'an came to know of this when Lin Nuan asked him if he could allow Lu Jinnan to go on leave!

With their chemistry as a married couple for a long time, Fu Huai'an understood what Lin Nuan meant. He hung up the phone and called Lu Jinnan to get him to come upstairs.

Lu Jinnan had plenty of doc.u.ments to handle. Over this period of time, he had been going to work for half a day while spending the other half by Bai Xiaonian's side or handling matters for her without her noticing.

When Lu Jinnan entered, he was biting a cigarette with his lips. He came in with a stack of doc.u.ments and pulled out the chair at Fu Huai'an's large office desk to sit down. He opened a doc.u.ment and s.h.i.+fted the cigarette away from his lips before asking, “What's the matter?”

Fu Huai'an smiled lightly at Lu Jinnan as he said, “You've become a father!”

Lu Jinnan pulled over the ashtray with his cigarette-wielding hand and tapped some ash into it. “You called me upstairs to celebrate April Fools' Day with you?”

Today was the 1st of April, April Fools' Day. Although Lu Jinnan didn't celebrate such nonsensical festivals, it didn't mean he was unaware.

“Xiao Nuan just called me and told me that Bai Xiaonian is pregnant. They're at the hospital now… Do you want to go over and visit your wife?” Fu Huai'an said in his deep voice.

Lu Jinnan halted in his act of tapping away the cigarette ash. He looked up into Fu Huai'an's deep-set eyes, the pupils of his originally calm black eyes violently shrinking.

“Hua Tang Private Hospital. Xiao Nuan personally applied for leave on your behalf to let you take care of Bai Xiaonian!” Fu Huai'an's vision swept over those doc.u.ments Lu Jinnan brought in. “Leave these. Set aside your work… and prepare for the wedding before Bai Xiaonian's tummy starts to get big!”

Fu Huai'an then retrieved a ring box and placed it on the large office desk, pressing two fingers on it and pus.h.i.+ng it to Lu Jinnan.

Lu Jinnan paused in surprise. He picked it up and opened it. “This… why is this with you?”

“I knew you'd regret it one day. Little Lu had someone scoop it out of the water!”

This was a design Lu Jinnan personally drew. He was planning to surprise Bai Xiaonian with this ring at their wedding!

Later, when the custom-made ring was ready for collection, he and Bai Xiaonian fell out really badly. In a drunken state, Lu Jinnan tossed the ring into the manmade lake.

Fu Huai'an ultimately got Little Lu to get his men to think of a way to fish it out of the lake, for he knew it would be of use one day.

Lu Jinnan gripped the ring tightly. Clearly, he wanted to speed to Bai Xiaonian's side right now, but it was like his body was nailed in place.

“I want to go to Xiaonian quickly, but I can't stand up. What's going on?” Lu Jinnan's voice was shaking.

Fu Huai'an laughed. “I understand! When Xiao Nuan was pregnant, I had the same reaction. In order to prevent accidents, I'll get someone to send you to the hospital. Also… since Bai Xiaonian is pregnant, you've got to quit smoking. It's bad for pregnant women!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Jinnan frantically put out his cigarette with trembling hands.

Despite his tense face, feigning calmness, he was incredibly frantic inside…

The child really came back!

There was finally hope for his and Bai Xiaonian's reconciliation!

“Still not leaving?” Fu Huai'an asked.

Lu Jinnan's throat vibrated. He supported himself with the armrest as he stood up, then asked Fu Huai'an, “Xiaonian is pregnant… what should I do?”

Fu Huai'an looked deeply at Lu Jinnan, a smile on his lips. “Keep her company! Quit smoking, let her have her way…”

Lu Jinnan nodded, then tossed his pack of cigarettes onto Fu Huai'an's large office desk. He didn't even return to his office to get his jacket, simply frantically going to the underground parking lot to his car before realizing he didn't even have his car keys with him.

“Old Lu! Why are you so fl.u.s.tered?”

Tang Zheng, who had just parked his car, asked upon getting out of his car and seeing Lu Jinnan's frantic movements.

Lu Jinnan looked up and saw Tang Zheng walking over to him. His eyes lit up… and he strode over to Tang Zheng in large steps.

“Did you forget your cigarettes?” Tang Zheng deliberately teased Lu Jinnan. “Want an aphrodisiac cigarette?”

“Give me your car keys!” Lu Jinnan then reached out his large hand and began feeling for Tang Zheng's car keys on him.

As a grown man, Tang Zheng felt itchy being searched by Lu Jinnan like this. He frantically dodged away and handed his car keys to Lu Jinnan. “Where are you rus.h.i.+ng to?”

Lu Jinnan unlocked the car and pulled open the door to the driver's seat before replying to Tang Zheng with a smile, “Xiaonian is pregnant! Our child has returned!”

Tang Zheng looked confused…

It was only when his car tires made a loud screeching sound against the ground that Tang Zheng shouted after the back of the car. “Aye! Lu Jinnan! That's my new car! Drive slowly!”

But how could Lu Jinnan, who could no longer contain his excitement, heed Tang Zheng's words?

He wished he could grow a pair of wings and fly to Bai Xiaonian's side now. Drive slowly? That wasn't going to happen!

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