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"Another… Half-Dragon..?" Kiron asked confused as he stared at the Bronze-scaled person in front of him, who in turn seemed quite excited as well. "Crystal Scales! Are you in any way have relations to the Great Trygan?!" The unnamed Half-Dragon asked with a wry smile as he further approached Kiron, who just looked over toward Eisen confused. With a slight nod from the old man, Kiron then looked back at the other Half-Dragon.

"Well… Yeah… He's my father…" The Half-Dragon Knight explained, before the unnamed half-dragon just formed an ecstatic expression on his face.

"Th-The Great Trygan's Son! It is an honor to meet you, your holiness!" He exclaimed and immediately chose to kneel in front of Kiron, one hand on his chest, before Kiron just turned toward his Grandfather, once more utterly confused. And it seemed like one of the four commanders had something to say about this as well.

"Ah, yes, our King is quite… Energetic, when it comes to the Crystal Dragon Trygan." The High-Goblin Lord pointed out, slowly approaching them while using his staff as a walking-stick, before Eisen turned toward him and the three other Lords that followed him.

"I see. Well, maybe we can desensitize him to such things. And I'm glad to see that you four are slowly coming around as well." Eisen said with a smile on his face, although the High-Lizardman just crossed his arms and pushed air out of his nostrils, seemingly still angry or annoyed.

"Anyway, this man here is, as you have seen, a Half-Dragon as well. His father seems to be a Bronze Dragon, and it seems like he's both a priest and open to fist-fights." Eisen said, trying to turn around toward the others to see if there was a proper term for that in Games, and Jyuuk slowly spoke up. "A Paladin then, probably." The Beastperson pointed out, before Eisen smiled back at him, "Right, a Paladin. Well, either way, as that is the case, I would like to suggest something." The old man pointed out, and then turned over toward Kiron again.

"I would like you two to fight. Just a small duel, but just so that we can figure out some things." Eisen pointed out, and Kiron looked at his Grandfather confused.

"Wait, what? Grandfather, I am glad to see that you believe in me, but… I have the strength I had at Rank 4, and just judging from a raw impression, he seems to be at Rank 5 at the moment… That is quite a difference, is it not?" Kiron asked with a frown, but at that point, the other Half-Dragon was already getting quite excited.

"A Fight with none other than the Dragon King's Son! How Delightful!" He exclaimed and clasped his hands together, and Eisen just chuckled and turned back to his Grandson.

"He might have higher raw strength, but you're probably above him when it comes to experience. On top of that, you experiencec Rank 10 before, and got there with your own power, so the way you can move is still on another Level compared to him, isn't it?" Eisen asked, and Kiron audibly swallowed his saliva before nodding his head.

"I… I understand. I will fight him. But… What other reason do you have for wanting me to fight him?" Kiron asked, and Eisen just started moving his fingers through his beard and smiled. "Well, for one, I truly want to see you when you're going all-out for once. I'm sure out of simple respect, our Paladin friend here will do the same."

"Of course I will!" The Bronze Half-Dragon interrupted, and Eisen just chuckled and nodded at him, turning back to Kiron. "But well, once you fought him, and beat him, you will have established clear superiority when it comes to strength. He's not a Boss anymore, so his Health, Mana, and other stats seem to have returned to normal as well." Eisen explained, but once more, Kiron was pretty confused at what Eisen was trying to say.

"And why is it that you need me to establish physical superiority?" He asked, and Eisen chuckled and kept moving his fingers through his beard. "It's no good if a Knight is weaker than his Squire, now is it?"

Immediately, Kiron looked at Eisen surprised, and even the other Half-Dragon seemed similarly confused, "Oh, right, I didn't mention that yet…" The old man replied with a smile on his face, "Currently, things are still quite messy. But nonetheless, we will be establis.h.i.+ng a Country here, and especially once I become King, I will need Knights to protect me and the Country. Obviously you will become the top of all Knights, but it might be tough to take care of everything yourself." Eisen pointed out, and slowly, Kiron began to form an excited smile on his face as well at hearing how he will be intrusted with such an important position in the future, but it seemed like someone else had something against it.

"Country? Mens not make country. We make country. Mens leave now." The Lizardman said angrily, but Eisen just rubbed the bridge of his nose annoyedly as he slowly increased in size to the max that it could be while at the same time activating his demonic transformation, although not any version of it, but the complete Yin Version made to instill fear.

"Sit down and wait until we get to you. Understood?" Eisen asked with an angry tone, but while the Lizardman seemed slightly scared in response, he didn't back off either.

"Stop it! Listen to them. You called me King, but it feels like he might be a better person to take that role on. So stand down." The Bronze Half-Dragon said with a glare directed at his Commander, who in turn seemed to be inclined to listen all of a sudden. Seemed like the Half-Dragon was still respected even in his mind.

So, with a sigh, Eisen deactivated his transformations and returned to his regular state, before looking at the two Half-Dragons. "Now then, do you two want to start now?" Eisen asked, as if all that just now never even happened, and the two of them slowly nodded their heads, while Eisen made everyone give them a little s.p.a.ce, before intiating the unofficial duel.

"Are the two of you ready now?" The old man asked the two of them, and they both nodded their heads, before Eisen clapped his hands together as a sign to start the Duel.

And before he knew it, Kiron began to swing his Giant Greatsword around his body as if it was just a stick, while the Paladin Half-Dragon seemed to have clad his body in Divine Energy again. Just a few moments later, both of them began to rush forward and Kiron swung his giant blade at the other Half-Dragon's body. But he in turn seemed to have quite nimbly dodged the heavy weapon, throwing himself to the ground and stopping his fall with his wings, before using his tail as support to push his body up again once the Danger pa.s.sed, immediately trying to attack Kiron with his bare fists, but at that point Kiron had already used the momentum gained from the ma.s.s of his weapon to have his body twist around in a circle as well, making it possible for him to slowly pull the weapon closer toward him and cover his body in the flat side of the sword like a s.h.i.+eld.

The Divine Energy released through the attack of the Paladin seemed to even push through the blade a little, however, and did a little bit of damage to Kiron, even if not a lot. But even then, Kiron didn't lose his cool and pushed his foot against the flat side of the blade to quickly gain some momentum, and by moving backward and slightly squatting, Kiron was able to move the blade over his head, and then immediately started a counterattack by slamming the blade down at the other Half-Dragon, but this time around, Kiron used the little bit of time that the Paladin couldn't see the blade to completely clad it in his element, the Devouring Crystal Flames, which were seemingly able to burn on anything at all and replace it with more flames that were only able to be put out by Kiron himself or even stronger magic.

But of course, due to being a quite heavy item, the Giant Greatsword didn't move that fast, quickly being dodged by the Paladin. However, what Kiron was aiming for wasn't actually directly him, but instead the gravel-like ground that they were standing on.

Due to the sheer force created by the impact, all of the little rocks and grans of sand were thrown in all directions, most of them covered in Kiron's element which slowly began to take the small pieces apart. And the Paladin wasn't able to get away quickly enough and was soon hit by Kiron's Crystal Flames, which he didn't manage to get off of himself no matter what he did, securing a way for Kiron to cause constant, stable damage to the Paladin.

Now, as long as Kiron was able to hold out long enough until the crystal flames competely depleted the Paladin's health below half of its original, a rule set by Eisen, Kiron would win.

And it seemed like the Paladin noticed this same fact, and quickly chose to go for a counterattack. Swiftly, he swung his wings around and caused all of the dirt, dust and sand mixed into the gravel to start flying around in a cloud that would hinder Kiron's sight at least momentarily, which seemed to be more than enough time for him to attack safely.

And so, the Paladin practically threw himself at Kiron and began to hit him over and over again. At the very least, that was until Kiron had enough of it, and just slammed the tip of his blade into his ground, using the same momentum to push himself up unto the blade in a handstand. At first, everyone was quite confused at why he was doing it, but soon enough it became rather clear what Kiron was trying to do.

He had his flames eat away at the ground that his blade was connected to to loosen it up at just the right moment, before using his wings to his advantage in order to properly gain momentum. And with exactly that momentum, Kiron twisted his body forward and pulled his Greatsword with him, slamming it against the paladin to cause a huge amount of damage. And due to the cloud of dust that the Paladin himself created, he wasn't really able to properly dodge either.

The Paladin wanted to get himself off of the blade that now basically ripped his shoulder apart, but at that point, the fight was already over.

"Alright, that's it! Kiron won!" Eisen exclaimed, and slowly used his wings from his demonic transformation to get rid of all the dust, showing the scene quite clearly.

"Now then… Let's get this guy out of you, shall we?" Eisen asked with a smile, grabbing the Sword by the blade as well as the Paladin's shoulder, pulling or pus.h.i.+ng on them respectively to get the blade stuck in the Paladin's body out of him.

"Anybody capable of healing, please help out here if you can." The old man exclaimed before calling Bree over toward him, because she was the one that had all the different first-aid kits with her.

And after the first few people began to heal the Paladin's shoulder either through Wonders or Healing Magic, Bree, who was one of them, turned toward Eisen.

"I think… Kiron might have damaged him too much… We might need a Perfect-Grade Potion, or someone with far stronger magic…" She told him quietly, but Eisen just raised an eyebrow and shook his head as he looked at the wound which had already closed most of the way.

"No, no, it's fine." Eisen said and quickly grabbed a small item out of his chest pocket, the spinneret capable oof creating manthread, and then looked at Bree. "Use your element and pour it into this, please." Eisen told her, so she looked at him with a slight frown but nodded her head, and while she was doing so, the old man poured just a little bit of his own mana into the enchantment as well so that he would be able to control the thread that would be created as well.

"It is fine, at the very latest after my next Evolution, my arm will have returned to peak condition. Do not underestimate a Dragon's vitality." The Paladin said, but Eisen just looked at him with a frown and just gently placed his hand onto the wound.

"Mother of- What are you doing?!" The Half-Dragon Paladin exclaimed, and Eisen just smirked at him. "Testing your 'Dragon's Vitality'. Just shut it and let me help you out, will you?" The old man said with a smile before starting to use the ManThread to close the Paladin's wound, and turned toward Kiron while he was doing so.

"Congrats on winning. It was a great fight."

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