They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Why a n.o.ble!?

Author: Sakurakiri Kohaku (桜霧琥珀)

Okay, going to start and do my staple. The cheat sheet on the top, it will eventually grow to include new characters and appearances.

Fari von D'azell . Previously Nanjou Yukiho, nicknamed Yuki by Kami. 

Is currently 10 years of age.

Kami-sama, or also known as Kamille. Is a girl that looks 12 but is a G.o.d. Has silver hair and red eyes.

Also Fari always uses, 私 aka female p.r.o.noun Watas.h.i.+.

". . .Well regardless it's fine. Now I am a girl."

Let's just move on and say, the s.e.x couldn't be helped.

Now I am a 10 year old girl named Fari. I'm not Yukiho anymore.

I've had a decade worth of life. It's more than enough to establish a sense of self as a female. 

If I just suddenly regain my memories of my past life as a man, it doesn't mean that my sense of self is going to revert to that of a man and I'm just going to live as a man. I've made memories and experiences over these past 10 years. That isn't going to just be thrown away just because I remembered a slightly longer life.

I'm a girl now. I'm just Fari.

That isn't the real question.

"By the way Kami-sama. Why did my social status change to a n.o.ble's status?"

That's right. I still have some questions.

First is my social status.

D'Azell family has a relatively small territory near the royal capital. The D'Azell head is a viscount, which is just slightly lower than a count.

My papa is Gilbert von D'Azell, and he is a viscount.

The D'Azell family has ruled over its territory for generations.

Our family excels in martial arts and magic. From generation to generation, they have produced numbers of great warriors.

And of course my Papa is one of them.

Under him is an army of knights that are a part of the viscount territory, their military might is extremely strong, perhaps much stronger than the royal city.

If there was a political battle between the n.o.bles, the D'Azell would be able to come out on top.

However the D'azell has gotten the loyalty and respect from the aristocrats already. The D'azell family has protected the kingdom, the king, the aristocrats, the populates, and the citizens of the D'azell fief for generations.

Therefore they have got famous enough to receive the nickname" D'Azell's Zeal"

And of course they are well liked by the royal family.

Speaking only in terms of influence on the monarch, Even though they are only a viscount, they would be equal to a duke when it comes to influencing the king on policies.

So what I am trying to say is. . .Why was I born to this family? Isn't it a bit strange for me to be born so lucky?

In my previous life, I was just an ordinary citizen from an ordinary family, right?

I was also only a university student, right?

It wasn't even with a scholars.h.i.+p. I was even repeating years.

Isn't it completely over my previous social status?

"It's because that's what Yukii wanted, right?"

She told me that so naturally.

"What I wanted? What do you mean?!"

"Yukii said she wanted a "Peaceful and happy” every day life. You didn't say to be reincarnated with a "commoner status", right?"

". . .Ah"

As I said that my eyes went to dots.(TN: Like this ( ̇  o ̇ )

Oh, that's right. I didn't specifically ask to be reincarnated with a certain social status.

Well, rather Kami-sama took my ambiguous request for "Peace and Happiness" and used that to have me born a n.o.ble.

"Phantasm is a fantasy world in the medieval times. Its filled with swords and magic. So you know if you go out and are not careful you could run into a monster. So if you wanted a life full of "Peace and happy" , you can't necessarily guarantee your safety or peace if you were a commoner."

"Guu. . .I guess that makes sense."

I can't see a fault in her reasoning.

Maybe she placed me here on purpose, but her logic for it makes sense.

However I still have one more question.

Here is another one. These chapters are pretty short, I was contemplating whether I should just combine like 2 or 3 chapters to make it longer, however that would make the wait like 2 or 3 days longer. So let me know what you think. 

Also it's nice just to have a bit more realistic gender bender who remembers their past. Doesn't revert or think of them self as a man, because they already had a sense of self and personality before the memories.

Okay I leave link  Kohi link

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