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The following day...

John brought his pregnant girlfriend into Ayala Triangle Gardens, it's a 2-hectare park that was situated right in the middle of Paseo de Roxas, Makati Avenue, and Ayala Avenue that forms a triangle. The Ayala Triangle Gardens is the center of Makati's business district. Many multinational companies, banks, and other major establishments had made a home on the triangle. Restaurants, bakeries and cafes and free Wi-fi, make it one of the public's favorite place to hang out for those who are nature lovers.

The best thing about this place that John loves very much is the lush garden, considered as a breather for nature lovers who want to take a break from the fast-paced city life. Refres.h.i.+ng green surroundings can be enjoyed by anyone who loves jogging or just walking and inhaling fresh air. You can relax, unwind and be surrounded with the abundance of natures bountiful blessings. The park is dotted with palms, acacia trees, and foliage and over a hundred trees of several types. There is also a library and some monuments of heroes and other important figures related to the country's history.

As they were walking hand in hand, they didn't notice that someone was following them at a far distance.

That someone is a woman, and it's Ella wearing a black sweats.h.i.+rt and her head was covered with a hood, and she wore a that was big enough to cover her entire face. She wore a black jogging pant and got earplugs attached to her ears as if she was listening to a piece of music, but her eyes were fixed to the sight of the sweet couple that was a few steps ahead of her.

Her heart was being hammered with jealousy upon seeing how attentive and doting John was towards her pregnant girlfriend. She caught him bestowing some loving and lingering kisses on his woman's head and cheeks. He was so smitten with his girlfriend. There's no mistaken of the intensity of love and affection he had for the pregnant woman. It makes her heart throbbed in pain upon witnessing his intense display of emotion and affection for his lady love. She felt jealousy, envy and the strong desire to be the one standing beside John, instead of that pregnant woman, she wants to be the receiving end of John's love and affection.

Too bad she isn't his woman!

The only thing she can do now is to perfect her strip dance ch.o.r.eography so that she can entice John to touch her body and she would do everything from that moment on so that he will go all the way with her, she must make sure something intimate will happen between them on the first round of their challenge.

If she can successfully seduce John again, it would be easy to dispose of his pregnant girlfriend. Once they become physically intimate, she would make sure she will get pregnant right away with his child. She would love carrying his child. She wants to be the center of his world and his attention. She wants him to look her in the eyes filled with love, longing, and desire.

She needs to make John her husband. He got all the qualities that she desired for a husband to be, what she loves the most about him is his loving, gentle and caring att.i.tude. John has all that and a lot more to offer to her. She loves to be his wife! Gos.h.!.+ she was already feeling euphoric just imagining all these things! She would love to have a Big Fat Greek Wedding with John!

But first things first, she needs to seduce him again!

She keeps going back to the events on the swimming pool when John's tongue and mouth were hungrily sucking at her t.i.ts, it's so erotic that it suddenly turns her on just thinking about it. That scene has been replayed in her mind a thousand times and still, she can't get over with it. The texture of his strong rough hands locking on her waist drawing her closer to his body and the way he groaned in pleasure when she keeps stroking his manhood to give him a hard-on, that was ten times more precious than any of her expensive jewelry combined!

She was having countless wild erotic fantasies inside her bedroom with the help of her s.e.x toy just by imagining the moment when she was about to insert his hard erection into her core, right there in the swimming pool, but alas, his girlfriend come into the vicinity of the pool area and interrupted them, just when she was about to do the finis.h.i.+ng touches, she wondered what would happen then if his woman didn't arrive into his flat? In her fantasies, they did go all the way, but she wondered if John would go all the way with her?

Just thinking about him makes her wild with erotic l.u.s.t, she needs to go home now and stop torturing herself with the sight of John and his girlfriend. Inside her bedroom, she can make love to John all day and all night long.

In reality, he was owned by his girlfriend, in her fantasy she owned John, so her fantasy is way much better to compare to the reality.

Ella took one last look at the couple, she turned around and sighed heavily.

One day her time would come that she will be the one standing on his side, she will wait patiently for that time to come. She continues walking and went back to the parking area where her chauffeur was already waiting for her in the car.


John and Catherine entered one of the restaurants located in the park's vicinity to eat some delicious dishes. The restaurant offered j.a.panese staple food. John ordered sus.h.i.+, sas.h.i.+mi, tempura, grilled steak, spicy tuna salad, and seafood crepe salad. He knew that he ordered a lot of foods, too much for the two of them, yet he loves watching Catherine eat, her appet.i.te is contagious! she can eat everything. He loves feeding her because the baby inside her womb also loves to eat like her mother. And that wonderful thoughts brought tons of suns.h.i.+ne into his heart.

By the time the foods were served by the waiter to their table, Catherine was already drooling, her eyes brighten up seeing the variety of dishes on the table. She took the spoon and began tasting the dishes one by one. She attacked the dishes that taste better in her taste buds and ignored the dishes that she doesn't like. Out of the six dishes, Catherine likes four dishes and the rest of the two dishes which was the grilled steak and spicy tuna salad, she shoved it to John.

John smiled at his lady love. "I love you so much, Cath," he murmured.

Catherine continues eating in silence, unaware of the degree of adoration and love his boyfriend was showering on her.

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