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Chapter 1006: Luo Water Fist Technique

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Who's King Taige?

Perhaps only Luo Xu dared to talk to him recklessly like that.

King Taige didn't feel angry at all. He remained calm. “I heard the news that you would come to this sacred place, so I came here especially to meet you. I don't have to show up to deal with Zhang Ruochen.”

“You are here for me?”

Luo Xu was still peaceful, making people feel calm. He nodded, “I haven't fought in a long time. Alright, let's fight.”

If he hadn't killed a Blood King of the Immortal Vampires with a fist just now, perhaps many would regard him as a weak scholar.

King Taige put on a grave and cautious look. The three giant pairs of silver wings on his back kept absorbing the Spiritual Qi between the Heaven and the Earth.

The silver brilliance given out by the six wings became more and more dazzling.

It was an awful image. The silver light shrouded the whole sky and the ground. Its brilliance was even brighter than that of the sun. Clouds of silver flames floated in midair.

Meanwhile, the giant black turtle who carried the palace on his back made a strange sound. Then it reached out a foot, which was as tough as lead and iron, to step on the green wooden boat.

The giant black turtle had a glorious past. It was a king of savage beasts in the North Sea called the “Elder of the Toads and Turtles,” ruling the sea area for millions of kilometers and billions of savage beasts of the Aquatic Race.

It also took King Taige months to tame it as his ride.

The black giant turtle was so powerful that it could lift dozens of islands the size of big mountains in the sea.

The power of its one step was about the same as a strike of King Taige's full strength.

Before the step landed, the wind caused by it had made cracks.

Luo Xu put on a serious face as well. He stepped into the void, and appeared at a place which was about 100 meters high to give a fist, as if he had stepped on an invisible ladder.


The power contained by the fist turned into circles of giant energy waves to push the Spiritual Qi out like rolling surf.

The strong powers crashed into each other. With a crack, the foot of the giant black turtle broke into pieces, making a blood red rain.

The giant black turtle screamed. Its giant body kept shaking.

Those Immortal Vampires brought by King Taige had seen the terrible defensive power of the giant black turtle first. Even saint weapons failed to crack its sh.e.l.l.

Unexpectedly, with just one fist, Luo Xu had smashed its foot.

Luo Xu hit again to its lower parts. This time, he aimed at the belly, and made an air wave shape with his fist.

“How dare you!”

King Taige had condensed enough power, so he flew down like a silver shuttle. He played a saint spell, which burst out dozens of times his original power to attack.

Luo Xu didn't panic. He added more strength to his fist.

Unable to stand the strength of Luo Xu's fist, the giant black turtle's belly sank inwards. A dozen blood red cracks appeared on it. And it flew upwards.

“Xueming Mountain.”

The saint spell played by King Taige formed the blood mist which spread hundreds of kilometers away. A lofty blood mountain showed up. It was more than 10,000 meters tall, pressing down like an aerolite falling from outer s.p.a.ce.

Xueming Mountain Print was one of the three prints of the saint spell “Xueming Death Print.” Its power was stronger than ordinary saint spells.

Zhang Ruochen and Luo Shuihan stood on the green boat, and felt it being greatly pressed. It seemed that the s.p.a.ce was frozen and their blood stopped flowing. They even found it hard to move their fingers.

The coverage of the Xueming Mountain Print was huge. Once it landed on the ground, it would destroy everything in its range of hundreds of kilometers.



The army of the Immortal Vampires activated their Defense Formation immediately to link all the surrounding s.p.a.ce and to protect them from the power waves of the saint spell.

Luo Xu didn't retreat. On the contrary, he went forward.

“The first move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Heavenly River Dividing up the Work.”

After the fist attack, deafening noise of wind and thunder was heard for hundreds of kilometers around. The Spiritual Qi kept shaking until it was thousands of kilometers away.

The shadow of a vast and mighty heavenly river showed up. It hung in the sky. The power given off by it had broken the blood mountain in parts, which were more than 10,000 meters tall.

King Taige retreated at once. His skeleton made crack sounds.

Luckily, thick light appeared on his blood red armor, resolving the power of the fist attack.

“This is…Luo Water Fist Technique…”

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes wide.

The 36 moves of the Luo Water Fist Technique were well-known in the Heavenly Devil Mountain. It was the unique skill of Luo Xu that had made him his name.

Zhang Ruochen once entered the Half-Saint Intention Map left by Luo Xu, and comprehended a little of the Luo Water Fist Technique, so he was familiar with it.

But now he felt different seeing Luo Xu displaying the Luo Water Fist Technique.

This fist technique was not only grand, magnificent, ingenious and unparalleled, but also could trigger the Rules of Heaven and Earth and form resonance. Its power could have resolved all saint spells in the world.

The Luo Water Fist Technique comprehended by Zhang Ruochen by then was nothing compared to the one played by Luo Xu.

“The Luo Water Fist Technique must have an unusual origin. If I can compound the essence of the fist way into palm plays and Way of Sword, it will burst out even greater power.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Luo Xu attentively, waiting for him to display the second move.

Beside him, Luo Shuihan was also observing the fight above them carefully, observing the Luo Water Fist Technique played by Luo Xu. Golden light gushed out from her eyes.

“The second move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Nine Curves and Nine Twists.”

“Xueming River.”

Luo Xu and King Taige each gave a strike, making a strong explosion.

Although they fought in midair, the earth was shaking violently. Some cracks which were meters wide were seen on the ground.

King Taige stepped back again. Blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. Apparently, he was hurt.

Luo Xu stepped into the void, and strode to King Taige with one hand behind his back and the other pinched into a fist. He laughed, “It's just the first two moves. Can't you take it?”

“Xueming Death.”

King Taige shouted and raised up his hands.

The blurring shadow of death was condensed right after it. It was more than 3,000 meters high, taking up most of the sky. The Qi given by it was several times stronger than that of the Xueming Mountain Print and Xueming River Print.

“The third move of the Luo Water Fist Technique, Crossing the Heavenly Road.”

Luo Xu played a long fist move. Gus.h.i.+ng water sounded again. And a wide river really showed up and flowed to King Taige violently.

The magnificent shadow of death was cut in two by the river, and dispersed like the blood cloud.

King Taige was severely wounded. His body was broken like porcelain wares. Thick cracks appeared on it.

Each crack gave out strong golden lights, as if a sun was inside his body and was ready to burst out at any time.


King Taige swallowed a bottle of saint blood and pressed his hands together, shouting.

The cracks on him recovered quickly.

King Taige stared at Luo Xu across from him solemnly. “What fist technique did you use?”

“Luo Water Fist Technique.”

King Taige said, “What a powerful fist technique! It could compare with the most powerful fist moves of the three Ways. It deserves to be remembered, not buried with no name. Why didn't I ever hear about it?”

“Because, it was created by myself,” Luo Xu said quietly.

King Taige fell silent for a while, and said, “Figures like you, if born in the Middle Ages, might have had a chance to become a G.o.d.”

“Why in the Middle Ages? Why not now?” Luo Xu asked in return.

It was the confidence to compete with the Way of Heaven.

Even if the Rules of the Heaven and the Earth were changed, there were outstanding figures trying to break them.

King Taige laughed. “Luo Xu, I know you are powerful, even more powerful than any living creatures I've met so far. But today, you can't beat me.”

“How? Do you have other methods?”

“Ten Saints Blood Armor.”

King Taige crossed his fingers to form a cross. Holy Qi and blood Qi gushed out and poured into the armor.

The blood red armor was on fire. Star-like spotlights appeared on it.

Meanwhile, ten shadows of saints flew out of the armor and surrounded King Taige according to a special rule.

“I have the support of ten saints. How can you defend yourself from me?”

King Taige's hair jumped up. He was like an unrivalled demon G.o.d. Blood inside his body flowed quickly like the river, making a rumble noise.

The Ten Saints Blood Armor was made of the blood of ten saints with saint bones, Saintly Sources, saintly rocks, saintly jade and the secret spell of the Immortal Vampires.

Not only was the Holy power of ten powerful saints conserved in it, but also their wisdom and will power.

With the support of the ten saints, King Taige's power went up. Stronger and stronger, he had reached a new state.

Meanwhile, King Taige commanded the 100,000 Immortal Vampires, “Activate the Ten Places No Life Formation. Kill Zhang Ruochen.”

It was clear to King Taige that Luo Xu was protecting Zhang Ruochen.

So he used Zhang Ruochen to restrict Luo Xu.

King Taige didn't only want to beat Luo Xu, but also to kill him.

A figure like Luo Xu was surely a great enemy to the Immortal Vampires. He might even destroy the Immortal Vampires in the future.

Even if he had to pay a price, he had to kill Luo Xu in advance.

On the ground, each soldier of the Immortal Vampires took out a blood bag made of human skin, and poured the blood on the ground to form a giant Formation which covered the area of hundreds of kilometers in diameter.


As the Formation was activated, the blood on the ground was in flames. All had turned into a sea of burning fire.

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