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The party will be held in Rose International's largest venue, Love of Roses.

The large venue, whether tables, chairs or decorations, is luxurious and magnificent. It is crowned with bright red roses. Under the rendering of the crystal lamp, the colors are intoxicated and extremely gorgeous and charming.

For women, the lethality of this atmosphere is fatal.

Everywhere there were waiters with red wine, dessert, and long tables of extremely beautiful roses.

The appearance of Qin Feng did not attract much attention. After all, he wore simple clothes and somebody even wondering if he is her accidently.

But Nangong Yiren is different!

A Chanel sling with waist purple skirt, delicate white skin, a marvelous delicate face and that elegant temperament.

Beauty, sup12f326eer beauty, are often the focus of the!

Women are jealous, men love.

From the moment Nangong Yiren entered the meeting hall, more and more people gathered on Nangong Yiren with eyes, especially men, who were almost eager to turn into a hungry wolf.

Nangong Yiren is very obedient to follow behind Qin Feng, clever as a small white rabbit.

Qin Feng's expression is indifferent, but his eyes are full of surprises.

There are about a hundred people in this meeting, among which there are fifty or sixty friars. The strongest one is in the mid-term of foundation construction, and the weakest one is in low qi cultivation.

These people were sitting on both sides of the conference hall, with a rose-decorated sofa, very comfortable, beside the sofa is some delicate dessert wine.

Qin Feng randomly selected a more remote sofa seat to sit down, a sofa can sit down three or five people, Nangong Yiren is sitting beside him.

It's about time now.

With the change of music, the lights in the arena also become blurred. The red roses are very beautiful. These are all gimmicks. Then the host appears. A lot of all kinds of chaotic words are said in vain.

And finally, the main auction of the evening party officially began.

As the auction went on bit by bit, Qin Feng had no interest in seeing it at first, because it was all antiques, but it came to the last part.

Slowly changed.

Those antiques are all magic weapons, and at this time the bidders are the friars hiding in the crowd.

With two eyes narrowed, an ancient sword called the Han and Tang Dynasty was taken away at a high price of 50 million yuan, and something was lifted up.

A two-person high ancient cooking vessel is divided into four sides, each carved with the green dragon, white tiger, Rosefinch, tortoise, lifelike.

Qin Feng frowned instantly.

He feels familiar with this ancient cooking vessel!

He subconsciously searched in the heritage to find the shape of this vessel, and finally found it!

Four Dings of Heaven and Earth!

Obviously, it's not this one. It's just a defective product made out of a muddled picture. But in Yunshui, it's a treasure.

At least the medicine to be used under this baby can be refined from this.

"From the Warring States Period Chu's Four Seas Vessel, starting price 30 million!"

As the hosts' voices fell, soon someone began to bid.

Thirty-one million, thirty-three million, thirty-five million... Forty million... Fifty million!

It was the friars who basically bid, and just then, when the price was called to 50 million, a familiar voice sounded.

"One hundred million."

Immediately quiet down, this kind of ordinary people and friars mixed auction, in the cultivation world, is just entry level, so at most, will the foundation level will attend.

For foundational friars, especially for the part-time cultivators, hundreds of millions of a.s.sets are already quite a few.

An extra 50 million yuan was added out of thin air, and it was given at a loss. No one was willing to be the suckers.

Moreover, because of this person's price, many people recognize Xiao Zhenyun's ident.i.ty and shut up one after another.

Mr. Xiao, one of the nine great families, who dares to rob him of what he wants?

However, things are so unfortunate.

Qin Feng just wanted to try alchemy. This Dan vessel could be used. In addition, this fellow provoked Qin Feng before, so Qin Feng was upset. Now that he met, he had a good time.

"One hundred million and one yuan."

Qin Feng's number plate had been received before, and it was written 13, raised, and a quiet voice came out.

As soon as it came out, everyone was stunned.

This is an obvious smas.h.!.+ Just one more yuan!

Xiao Zhenyun was in high spirits. He increased his price by 50 million yuan at a time. Suddenly, such a voice came out. When he saw that it was Qin Feng, he became angrier.

"110 million!"

Xiao Zhenyun shouted again.

"110 million and one yuan."

In many people's doubtful eyes, Qin Feng is still calmly holding the plate, these people are thinking, who is this person?! How dare you be tough with Mr. Xiao!

Xiao Zhengyun looked hard at the direction of Qin Feng, but Qin Feng did not give a s.h.i.+t at him at all.

"130 million!"

"130 million yuan and one yuan."

"150 million!"

Xiao Zhanyun was obviously angry and called out the price again. Although he was determined to win it, the price was ... It is really a blood loss, lost a whole hundred million! After all, he is to give away!

And... Although his family is not short of money, he is not the owner of the family, Xiao family has many lineages, which are unified management and distribution, even if he is a descendant of his immediate family, it is also a monthly use of money. At most one, two or three hundred million yuan will be in his pocket in a year. It is strange that he did not feel distressed when he used nearly one year's savings.

He thought it was supposed to be over, but the voice that made him so annoyed sounded again.

"150 million and one yuan."

Qin Feng, still slowly said.


Xiao Zhenyun couldn't help but stand up directly from his seat, staring at Qin Feng fiercely, trying to say something, and finally suppressed it.

After all, there are so many people that Xiao Jia can't afford to lose face.

After a few seconds of silence.

"160 million!"

Xiao Zhenyun cried out again: "If you want more, I will never raise the price!"

The voice was cold, and many people heard a tremor. This was a warning from Xiao. Threat!

Almost everyone, including the host on that stage, is a little nervous. Xiao's family is very big and it is really not a good thing to annoy Xiao's family.

They are looking at Qin Feng, a little nervous, also a little small expectation, this looks very unfamiliar young man, how to choose, only add one yuan at a time, this is obviously he played hin as a monkey.

Even Nangong Yiren around Qin Feng, with more and more eyes, she became a little nervous, subconsciously looking at the Qin Feng around her.

They are nervous but Qin Feng is calm, he just calmly did a thing.

Raise the sign and say a number.

"160 million and one yuan."

The voice is clear and steady. It falls into everyone's ears clearly.


The floor tile on the sofa under Xiao Zhanyun was cracked within 3 meters by him!

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