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Linhai port, the sea breeze was blowing the port.

With the sound of a flute, a cruise s.h.i.+p named "Roaming" officially weighed anchor and left the port.

After fifteen minutes.

On the third floor of the cruise s.h.i.+p, there is a deluxe VIP room, living room, kitchen and bedroom, which can be described as complete.

The bed in the bedroom is two meters wide and has a white quilt. A beautiful woman's half upper body and head are exposed outside the quilt, with her eyes closed and her mouth open, while the inside of the quilt is continuously shaking.

With a violent convulsion and a woman's rapid groan, the shaking came to an abrupt end.

A middle-aged man with a thin hair opened his quilt.

Wei Hai's face has a rea.s.suring expression.

Not only because of the venting of the body, but also the relief of the mind.

"Daring, you seem to be tired today; will you have a rest?"

The beautiful woman pulled up her hair and put her hand around Wei Hai's neck and said with charm.

"I got out and took a breath."

Wei Hai ha ha a smile, wearing his, looks delighted and relaxed, this morning he really had a "hard" time.

So as soon as he boarded the s.h.i.+p, he went into the cabin without saying anything. He pushed down the women around him and gave vent to her severely.

Put on the clothes, Wei Hai is out of the cabin.

For a three-tier cruise s.h.i.+p, the price of the third-tier ticket is dozens of times higher than that of the first-tier, and only the rich can buy this kind of ticket.

With Wei Hai's billions, it doesn't matter.

Wei Hai stood by the railing and looked at the blue sea and sky. Facing the fresh sea breeze, the wind blew the scattered hair on his head.

Only a short morning, but for Wei Hai, it seems to have been half a century.

And now, everything is fine.

Breathing this refres.h.i.+ng sea breeze, fresh and natural, Wei Hai could not help but want to scream a few times.

After a long breath, Wei Hai took a cigar from the inner pocket of the suit and lit it, took a deep breath.

Just as he was spitting out the smoke.

A very calm voice came into his ears.

"Can I borrow a light?"

Unconsciously, coupled with the fact that Wei Hai was in a good mood at the moment, he immediately rushed out of English: "of course!"

As he spoke, he turned his head, but a familiar face caught his eyes and froze instantly.

"Feng, Feng..."

"Uncle Wei, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Qin Feng lifted the stunned hand from Wei Hai, took the lighter and ignited the cigarette in his mouth.

"You, how are you here?"

After some surprise, Wei Hai soon recovered.

"I am unemployed, a n.o.body, is it normal to come out for tourism?" On the contrary, I heard that uncle Wei was promoted to the group's president. When did Qin's group president become so idle and have time to go on vacation? "

Qin Feng is also leaning against the railing, the sea breeze blowing the strands of bangs scattered in front of his eyes, with a cigarette in his mouth and a smile.

"I was too busy at work some time ago, so I wanted to come out and relax when I was under too much pressure."

Wei Hai casually replied that he didn't seem to want to say much to Qin Feng either.

Anyway, he conspired with Qin Yu to murder Qin Feng's father. Just because of this, Wei Hai didn't want to be close to Qin Feng, not at all.

"Feng, I still have some urgent matters to deal with. Just make yourself at home, please. All expenses are on me."

He is very heroic, say that finish, hurriedly turned to go.

"Uncle does not intend to talk to the nephew? The man named Sun Yi told me a lot of things, you don't want to hear what he said? "

Qin Feng said, when the sound fell into Wei Hai's ear, especially the name 'Sun Yi.'

Wei Hai stunned.

Sun Yi?!

The reason why he chose to run so decisively, except for Xu Hu and Zhang Kaiyu, is the disappearance of Sun Yi, the last straw that made him decide to run.

After knowing that Sun Yi lost contact, Wei Hai hardly considered anything. Apart from his mistress, he didn't even notify his wife and children. He used his fake ident.i.ty, which he had done well in the past, to book a ticket to j.a.pan.

The reason why he did not fly was that Sun Yi lost contact at the airport. He was afraid.

At this time, the name of Sun Yi was said from the mouth of Qin Feng.

A feeling of palpitation pervaded Wei Hai's heart.

Fear is also growing.

"You, how did you...? He, what did he say to you? "

Wei Hai p.u.s.s.y's reputation is not empty indeed. Qin Feng only mentioned Sun Yi's name, and Wei Hai has even knotted his tongue.

"Zhang Kaiyu, do you know?"

Qin Feng was smoking a cigarette, and his eyes gradually became cold.

"I, I don't know!"

At the moment of hearing Zhang Kaiyu, Wei Hai was like being hit by a heavy hammer, decisively denying it and subconsciously wanting to escape.

It was suddenly discovered that he did not know when Qin Feng had arrived in front of him, his eyes slightly low, looking at the bald head in front of him.


"Uncle Wei, you have been with my father for more than ten years."

Qin Feng spoke lightly and grabbed Wei Hai's shoulder with one hand. In other people's eyes, there was nothing strange. He slowly came to the stern with Wei Hai.

"You, you killed them? Sun, Sun Yi? "

Wei Hai is already scared to pee his pants. He is truly a coward. This is also why Qin Xiao has not reused him.

"Human change so fast."

Qin Feng is very cool, looking at a few seagulls flying in the blue sky, smoking a cigarette in his mouth, completely regardless of Wei Hai s.h.i.+vering beside him, also don't answer Wei Hai's question.

Because he knows that this question does not need to be answered, when he said the name of Zhang Kaiyu, Wei Hai knew it.

He asked this, just holding a trace of luck.

Unfortunately, there are not so many luck in the world.

"In those days, you were my father's brother. You followed my father in the market and fought hard together. You were famous for decisive war. Unfortunately, you have changed since you were rich. You have become selfish, greedy and accepting bribes. You have become all hypocrisy with enjoyment and interests as the highest point."

"All you know is that my father snubbed you, but you don't know what kind of person you have become. The cancer of the group. If my father hadn't remembered the old relation, you would have left."

Qin Feng said word by word, for Wei Hai, unlike Sun Yi, when he was young, Wei Hai once hugged him and played with him.

Before the incident, Wei Hai was always a bald uncle who was peaceful in his heart.

"Feng, Feng, spare uncle, Wei. Let me go…I still have a wife and a child..."

Wei Hai used the voice of begging for mercy.

"Uncle Wei, look at it."

Qin Feng smiled and pointed toward the left front of the stern. Wei Hai looked puzzled in the direction pointed by Qin Feng and immediately turned pale.

There, the sea was surging, and the waves were splas.h.i.+ng gently, with more than ten shark fins sticking out of the sea.

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