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At the same time…

    Yin world, a huge turbid lake.

    At the center of the lake is an island like a fairyland, with abundant trees and flowers.

    On the island, millions of dwarfs like elves live.

    In the center of the island, there is a clear small lake.

    Around the small lake, there are groups of dwarf children who are playing around. From time to time, some dwarf children curiously come to the lake and watch the giant sitting in the center of the lake dazed. ..

    For the dwarves, the ten-foot-tall evil Yan is an absolute giant.

    These dwarf children learn the shape of giants and step on the water, but every time they fall into the water, they are very surprised why the giant can sit on the water and they fall.

    The wind that stroked the wind, blowing the messy hair of evil Yan.

    Just at this time…

    Evil Yan, who has always closed his eyes and crossed his knees, his face full of knife marks, suddenly opened his eyes, the purple eyes showing a deep meaning.

    Deep purple, deep and deep, evil Yan opened his eyes, and the dwarfs at the lakeside were screaming, one after another, scared to the forest behind them.


    Yunshui Yang Realm.

    Qin Feng did not want to use the power of evil Yan, after all, evil Yan's body is very weak at the moment, will go a long nourished with spiritual power, but now the situation had to use.

    "You just bluffing, your strength is now approaching the limit! How can you beat me? !! "

    In fact, seeing the dark purple color in Qin Feng 's eyes, He Hai shuddered in his heart. The self-confidence that finally broke out was destroyed most of the time, after all ... this is Monkey King!

    For him before, this is a legend, and he is not even qualified to meet him.

    Although his heart was trembling, his eyes still showed a fierce color, forcing himself to shout a wave to suppress the fear in my heart.

    "Communicate with the demon monkey, deserve to be killed! Die! "

    With a loud drink, the dazzling light of the spiritual power group in his hand bloomed, and it instantly burst, and hundreds of thousands of streams of light fell from the sky, and they fell towards these Yunshui cultivators like a fireball.

    The face of Yunshui cultivators was pale for a while, and they felt very clear. In the face of this lowered spiritual power, whether it was Jie Dan or practicing Qi, there was no slight resistance.

    If it falls, even if it is an aftermath, they will disperse their souls.


    The word haunts everyone's mind.

    Some people may be afraid, but more people are fearless, even if they die!

    Lu Changyi and Dongfang Qing, both left and right, stood beside Qin Feng, both with the intention of dying.

    However ... just then.

    Hundreds of thousands of streamers that originally fell with wild hunting, but three thousand feet above the crowd, were all still.

    Everyone was stunned. He Hai was suddenly shocked, and his subconscious eyes looked at Qin Feng.

    It doesn't matter if you look at it, the body-soul suddenly seems to be pulled away.

    Those dark purple eyes were deep, and behind Qin Feng, if there was another person, it was a broken black battle armor with a ten-foot figure, a broken sword-covered face, flying Long hair covered his face halfway.

    What astounded He Hai the most was the qi brought by this phantom, which made him feel tremor from his bones!

    With his cultivation and insights, he couldn't tell what this breath was. He could only feel that it was powerful ... unspeakable.

    That's ... desolate!

    Prehistorical powers!

    The evil Yan tribe, prehistorical powers. No one can stop it!

    Qin Feng 's body is slowly rising to the sky at this moment. As for the hundreds of thousands of falling streamers, as Qin Feng rises, one by one is annihilating and dissipating at a very fast speed.

    It's like never before.

    He did not summon his second body but used the soul as a bridge to project the evil Yan body onto the first body.

    As for how strong it is, Qin Feng can't judge for himself, but it is definitely enough to deal with the small Dongxu lower in front of him.

    "you you you!"

    He looked slowly lifted off the sea of Qin Feng, looked at the feet behind Qin Feng, looked at two pairs of glowing purple ink deep pupil, panic spread terror in the hearts, which shares the mood no matter how pressed can't hold it.

    He ... regrets!

    "Ah ah ah ah ah!"

    As if crazy, He Hai shouted, hitting Qin Feng with palms of palms, but these spiritual powers were not close to the range of Qin Feng, was given by an invisible force Boom.

    Qin Feng 's eyes were glowing purple, looking at the crazy He Hai, his hands slowly raised, the golden cudgel turned into a golden light and dispersed.

    Instead ...

    A faint purple air surrounds the palm of his hand. Behind him, the ghost of Evil Yan 's body also raises his hand.

    It's all ... a sudden grip!

    A whole body of ink purple, the top is a halberd like a "derrick", appeared in the hands of the first body and the second body, although it is only a ghost ... but the breath emanating from it is full of intimidating Prehistoric.

    This halberd was discovered by Qin Feng 's second soul and the body of evil Yan slowly in the past.

    This is the destiny magic weapon of this 'Feng Yan'.

    G.o.d Slayer Halberd!

    Just listening to the name is extremely domineering.

    It's true that the evil Yan tribe in ancient times was extremely incomparable.

    As soon as the illusive halberd appeared, He Hai was a terrified soul without a body. Looking at the halberd that was glowing purple, his eyes were irresistibly frantically spinning. His original confidence was already completely silent.

    this moment…

    He really realized that he was so ridiculous that a small Heavenly Soldier centurion even wanted to fight the Monkey King who once crushed All Worlds, and he wanted to capture it back to Immortal Court.

    Ridiculous ... It's ridiculous!

    But now there is no turning back ... he can't go back!

    Looking at Qin Feng, looking at the ten feet of unreal evil Yan behind Qin Feng, He Hai's face turned red, his mouth continued to take a deep breath, his eyes flickered into madness again.

    It was a loss of consciousness!

    "Ah ah ah!"

    He shouted madly, using this to cover up the fear in his heart, He Hai held the double hammer in his hand, turned into a streamer of bright sky, rushed to Qin Feng from the front!

    At the moment, Qin Feng had a slight turn in his halberd, as did the shadow of evil Yan behind him.

    He throws it at will, the imaginary shadow of the "G.o.d Slayer Halberd " is like a purple lightning bolt, which immediately emerges from the hand and breaks into the rus.h.i.+ng He Hai.

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