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Huh ... Huh ... Huh ...

    A purple magma surrounds it, and there are regular calm snoring sounds, which slowly echoes at the bottom of this magma lake.

    Qing Yutai stopped, looking at the hundred and fifty feet ahead, with a dignified look in his eyes.

    In front of it is a hundred square meters of land, a separate s.p.a.ce, and the surrounding magma is completely isolated.

    And in this center of a hundred square feet, there is a beast, which looks like a tiger, but it is more powerful than a tiger. It has a pair of wings, purple body, and both wings are dark purple.

    There were purple flames all over and around him. At this moment, he was lying on the ground, his head was on the overlapping forefoot, and he made a slight breathing sound.

    One of the four great beasts of ancient times, Qiong Qi.

    And this one is the purple fire Qiong Qi.

    Its name: Yongqi.

    "Senior Yong, it's time to wake up."

    Qing Yutai stood outside this hundred square feet and prayed in a direction of purple fire.

    After a word came out, the purple fire Qiong Qi was strangely quiet, but still, there was a slight snoring sound, as if falling into a deep sleep.

    Seeing this scene, Qing Yutai 's brow suddenly tightened, raised his guts, and took a deep breath. Qing Yutai stepped directly over the purple fire magma and stepped into the 100 square feet of open s.p.a.ce.

    The forefoot has just stepped in!


    The void was like a collapse, and a throbbing m.u.f.fled sound was heard, and the whistle of purple fire Qiong Qi stopped suddenly, and supreme coercion came to Qing Yutai.

    That is the coercion of quasi-holy !

    With coercion, Qing Yutai was shocked and looked at the purple fire with horror in his eyes.

    Fortunately, Qiong Qi found out that the person is a demon. Otherwise, this coercion is enough to disperse Qing Yutai to the collapsed spirit!


    Qiong Qi slowly opened his eyes and looked at the coming Qing Yutai.

    Among those purple charm eyes, there was a raging purple fire burning.

    Reflected in the eyes of people, it seems to see through the heart.


    Yun Shui world, the sky, and clouds are pa.s.sing by the sky at an extremely fast speed.

    He Hai looked at Qin Feng standing on the head of the fire dragon, and couldn't help trembling madly, but he still didn't retreat, with a hard look, He Hai glanced at these Heavenly Soldier decurion beside him.

    "Go, capture the demon monkey!"

    A command was given, but no one was answering. These decurions were not stupid, and to capture the demon monkey? !! What a joke!

    No running is fine, but you have to do it yourself!

    However, this idea just came out of their hearts. He Hai grabbed their hands as if he was throwing a ball, any Heavenly Soldier beside him, whether it was the Chief Decurion or the ordinary Heavenly Soldier, was thrown directly to Qin Feng.

    Between the few seconds, the 50 Heavenly Soldiers were completely dumped by him.



    Boom boom!


    The four Dragon Souls, watching these coming Heavenly Soldiers, all made the roar of dragons. The airwaves from these four roars alone made these Heavenly Soldiers thrown out by He Hai against the blood. It was vomiting blood and falling.

    Only the three Sanctify peaks in those decurions were barely able to maintain in midair at the moment, but there was no fighting spirit, watching Qin Feng and the four dragon souls, s.h.i.+vering.

    At this time, Qin Feng, with a cigarette in his mouth, slightly glanced at the three Sanctify peaks standing at the head of the fire dragon. These three people obviously did not have the madness of Huang Hao before, and they were already frightened.

    Rat-tat, the three of them knelt directly in the midst of the sky and shoved their heads towards Qin Feng, their noses and tears bursting out.

    "Monkey King, my lord !"

    "Master Monkey King, spare us!"


    The three kept begging for mercy, and they cried.


    At this time, He Haimeng 's hand-pressed, and the coercion of Dongxu's realm was immediately pressed on these three Sanctify peaks decurions.

    The three were totally irresistible. They were all spitting blood, and their bodies fell wildly to the ground.

    But they were relived, and they were all thankful ...

    d.a.m.n! It is better to be seriously injured than to die under He Hai!

    "Demon monkey! You committed a heinous sin, and today the Centurion is going to take you back to Immortal Court, waiting for the emperor to dispose of it! "

    He Hai courageously dealt with the three Heavenly Soldier decurion. He didn't want to wait any longer. The more he waited, the more panicked and scared he was. He was afraid to wait any longer, and he would kneel directly like these Heavenly Soldier decurion. In front of Qin Feng.

    With a stern look, he stepped out!

    Both hands had an iron-colored light flas.h.i.+ng and the light dissipated. Two five-foot short hammers were in hand, and apart from that, with the coercion of Dongxu, he rushed towards Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's eyes narrowed, The golden cudgel shook fiercely, and instantly the four dragon souls all uttered the roaring dragon roar and then turned into red, white, black, and red. Four rays of light surrounded the golden cudgel.

    The original ancient gold stick body, with the integration of the four colors, began to slowly appear with four dragon carvings.

    The breath emanating from golden cudgel rose wildly with the appearance of these four dragon glyphs.

    It was also at this time, Qin Feng shook the golden cudgel fiercely and rushed towards He Hai.

    Hold one end of the golden cudgel with one hand, and spit it across dozens of feet!

    When He Hai saw Qin Feng really started to work, his fear of ' Monkey King ' rose to a commanding height at this moment. He finally understood the fear revealed in the previous Huang Hao's hissing!

    If it wasn't too late, he wanted to growl.

    Almost instinctively, He Hai closed his eyes and raised the double hammer to block.


    The golden cudgel fell on these hammers, and a powerful force pa.s.sed down. He Hai suddenly fell and flew tens of thousands of feet, only a few breaths roared to maintain his shape.


    He Hai was not harmed at all, at most he was frightened.

    He Hai, who was horrified, lost his soul in a while. He thought that he had just gone that far, and he might have to say goodbye to the world.

    But he never expected ... that stick, he beared it with his hands.

    Very surprised!

    pretty shocked!

    Very shocking!

    Also ... let most of the fear in his heart dissipate!

    Confidence, skyrocketed again!

    "Sure enough, like the will issued by Immortal Court, this" monkey heart "is so amazingly weak today that even a Dongxu like me can't beat it in one shot. It seems that it has already exceeded the peak to kill peak of Sanctify Huang Hao. "

    "Chance ... my chance! to be an immortal! "

    He Hai murmured to himself, glanced at Huang Hao who was not far away, and then looked at Qin Feng, his eyes burst into the light!

    "Demon monkey! Your dead time has come! "

    Suddenly a giggle appeared on his face, with a fierce grip of the double hammers, with raging spiritual powers all over the body, and the strong spiritual power of Dongxu sublime shocked the aura of Yun Shui world.

    His eyes glowed fiercely, with a desire to become immortal, with a wild laugh, He Hai broke through the sky and rushed towards Qin Feng.

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