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The evil Yan clan originated from ancient times.

    And the evil Yan body under the lake, according to Qin Feng, the strength of life is at least quasi-holy level.

    Quasi-holy is strong, Qin Feng is very clear.

    So he didn't dare to gamble, even if the corpse spirit could spur the power of one-tenth of the body of this evil Yan, and it was not that he could resist at the moment.

    and so…

    Must be prepared in advance.

    The right hand is constantly casting, and the speed is fast. The eyes of Nangong Yiren who are caught by him can't keep up.


    Qin Feng whispered, and then on the green island, it seems that there is an illusory blade of the thousand feet, this blade can not be seen, but carefully felt, but it is really true existence.

    He used his mind to have swords.

    Blade of the Soul.

    This is a kind of supernatural power that Qin Feng found from the Monkey King inheritance. It is from the ninth universe, immortal Dong Hua. Immortal Dong Hua studies the soul and the power of the souls. This 'Soulblade' is one of his special skills.

    When Monkey King wars the ninth universe, he suffered a lot. He was. .h.i.t several times in succession. During the war, he used the "Wan Fa Tong Dao" to write it down. It took several years afterward to learn about it.

    Now, Qin Feng took the advantage and he doesn't have to enlighten it but just use it.

    The invisible blade of the soul hangs on this green island, waiting for the corpse spirit to manipulate the body of evil Yan.

    Qin Feng's current strength, that definitely cannot be the evil Yan flesh opponent, so ... He can only directly find the most fundamental guy, directly over the evil Yan flesh, forcibly beheaded the corpse spirit!

    The lake in the center of Green Island has been thoroughly stained with dark green blood at this time. The millions of dwarves are all scared to kneel in the same place,they are all kneeling down, even dare not lift their heads.

    At this time, from the lake, there was a voice that came out like a word, but no one could understand it.

    This is the language of the people who lived in ancient times and the language of evil Yan.

    The words are incomprehensible, but anyone can listen to the hateful anger contained in them.


    The entire lake in the center of the green island, with a depth of 300 meters, all rose up at this moment and turned into water columns.

    In the center of the thousands of water column, corpse spirit manipulated evil Yan's body, slowly lift off.

    The broken black armor is covered in the body, the long purple hair is flying freely, the face covered with the sword-marking knife is full of a hegemonic temper, and the double-purple purple pupils give a deep mystery sense.

    Chaotic evil Yan!

    When he sees this evil Yan, Qin Feng narrowed his eyes, Golden fire eyes flicker in which he was able to see the body of this evil Yan, the corpse spirit that is trying to fuse with this evil Yan flesh, in order to completely control.

    From the body of this evil Yan, there was another anger, but the words that Qin Feng could not understand, the corpse spirit manipulated the left hand of evil Yan and slowly lifted it up.

    Right in front of Qin Feng.

    In the palm of evil Yan's left hand, the black light began to condense.

    Although Yao Ba has been using this trick in Kunlun Mountain before, this is not a level.

    If you want to describe it, one is a small pit and the other is the sea.


    The black light in the palm of nightmare seems to have an inky flame burning inside, but the light ma.s.s is not the size of the palm. When the condensation is completed, the surface of the black light ma.s.s turns out to have numerous purple and gold runes.

    As soon as the purple and gold runes appeared, a strong seal force came into being.

    The power of this seal, centering on this green island, spreads rapidly throughout the yin world ...

    The Yin world was originally thin in the aura, with the emergence of this seal force, at this moment, completely lost in silence!

    Qin Feng frowned, but fortunately, he had decided to bring Nangong Yiren, if not... the power of this seal is enough to seal himself to death.

    Looking at Nangong Yiren, Nangong Yiren at this time frowned, and her face suddenly became pale.

    Her heavenly lady, although able to help Qin Feng resist the power of this seal, although the heavenly lady is strong, her own cultivation is too weak.

    Under the powerful pressure of this evil Yan, it is difficult to support for too long and even will get hurt.

    Qin Feng naturally sees this and can't drag it down!

    If Nangong Yiren can't hold it, and his cultivation is suppressed by the power of this seal, it will be a big problem. Even if they want to run, they can't do it.

    Without any hesitation, Qin Feng faintly said: "Cut!"

    When he said the word, the 'Soulblade' hanging over the green island, cutting down toward the body of evil yang, which was manipulated by corpse spirit.

    'Soulblade' pa.s.sed over the body of evil Yan and did not cause the slightest movement.

    The blade cut through, the group of evil Yan's left palm had a purple gold rune, but it suddenly collapsed, and the evil Yan's body began to shake around.

    'Soulblade' is a supernatural power. It is not cutting the flesh, but the soul. The corpse spirit was the target!

    Obviously just now a blade cut, caused trauma to the corpse spirit, causing him to fail to control the evil Yan's body.

    Sure enough...

    A smile flitted across Qin Feng's eyes. He had only been testing before and did not know if there was any effect.

    Since there is an effect!

    Qin Feng grinds his teeth slightly, and his right hand began to cast with one hand again. The spiritual power in his body, like the flood of the opening brake, instantly rushed out.

    In a short period of time, a large amount of spiritual power was consumed, and Qin Feng's face suddenly turned pale, and the corners of his mouth … even a wisp of blood slipped down.


    Nangong Yiren saw Qin Feng bleed and suddenly became nervous. Qin Feng 's left hand was slightly tight, and Nangong Yiren was tightened a bit. This is also telling Nangong Yiren, don't be nervous.

    He previously fought hard on the Kunlun Mountains, at the cost of hitting foundation, absorbing the spiritual power in the ancient mountain beads, forcibly elevating the cultivation from Jie Dan to Prior Yuan Ying.

    At that time, this injury was always suppressed. Now that the spiritual power has been empty, this suppressed injury naturally broke out.

    However, Qin Feng did not care about anything, the right hand is still casting, and the spiritual power is still flowing wildly.

    In the sky above the green island, began to have one after another invisible blade appeared to cut the soul!

    His hand paused.

    Qin Feng stopped, and in this sky, he gathered a total of 72 swords!

    A breath that makes the soul tremble is released from the seventy-two souldblade.

    At this time, the corpse spirit, which had been cut once, had just slowed down, and with the body of evil Yan, it made a roaring voice.

    Apparently, Qin Feng's attack completely angered him.

    With the roar, the whole body began to have a radiant black light, but not only that but also a purple gold-colored singular rune appeared in the evil Yan.

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