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In addition to the Qing Daqian sword array covering the entire Kunlun Mountains, tens of thousands of Kunlun disciples, anxiously watching the scene in the big array, seeing the black fog between the winding peaks, one by one is anxious sweating I almost didn't use my head to hit the wall.

    The ten old Prince Yuan Ying , Fu Yuanchao is now going down and calming down.

    The wine madman is sitting on a tree not far away and drinking.

    Only left Zhao Wenhan and the other eight people, looking at each other, from time to time will also look at Lu Changyi drinking on the tree shrew.

    They are all awkward...

    They don't know what to do at all.

    There is a Qing Daqian sword array that Han Xiu personally arranged to cover Kunlun. They can't do anything except watching it outside.

    At the same time.

    The main peak of Kunlun, the bottom of the mountain.

    The secret room is completely flooded with black fog.

    From this dark fog, there are footsteps. With the appearance of footsteps, the black fog... slowly dissipated.

    Beside the wellhead, stood eight lizards.

    They are all humanoid, seven men and one woman.

    The seven lizardmen, all without exception, are all similar to Yao Qi, completely ugly to the depths of the soul, especially the pair of triangle eyes, big nose, one looking at them will spit it out overnight.

    And the eighth!

    If Qin Feng and the wine madman are here, they will definitely feel that they are blind.

    The eighth lizard woman was exactly the same as Yao Ji's appearance, with a charming face and enchanting figure, except that the fatal three points were covered by white armor.

    The rest, no cover, fair-skinned skin, jade legs, towering snow peaks, collarbone ...

    It is all in a glance. If it weren't for the white-breasted beast's tail swinging back and forth behind him, this face and figure would be enough to move the heart and soul of any man in the world.

    This lizard woman, like the Yao Ji, is because she is the younger sister of Yao Ji, Yao He.

    And including this, these eight lizards are the top ten warriors under the lizard king.

    However, there will be only eight left in the top ten battles. Yao Ji and Yao Qi are both dead already in the hands of Qin Feng.

    "sister, I will definitely revenge for you! Will definitely kill the people who killed you! "

    Yao He's eyes were ablaze with revenge. The twin sisters felt the feelings for each other. The moment Yao Ji died, Yao He saw the appearance of Qin Feng through Yao Ji's eyes.

    At that moment, she was completely mad.

    She broke into the dwarven tribe, killed 5,000 dwarven slaves (another weak race in the yin world), watered them with blood, and suppressed her anger.

    Just came out of this gate, this Yao wanted to leave to find the enemy who killed her sister and to find Qin Feng!

    "Yao, stop it."

    The seven ugly lizard men to the depths of the soul, led by the one, he is also the top of the ten war generals, its name Yao Yi, growled at the moment.

    Obviously, they respect the boss and the foot that was stepped out was stopped and forced to take back the already-killed heart.

    "Do not need to worry, this world, after all, it will be ours, G.o.d Fu, will not forget the contribution of Qi and Ji to the ethnic group."

    From the wellhead, there was a hoa.r.s.e voice, it was a lizard king!

    When the sound came out of the sound, the eight people all turned around and turned to the well at the knees, and the hands were lifted to the top of the head, and the palms were facing the sky.

    "Welcome to the king!"

    Shouting in unison, the voice is incomparably respectful.

    In other places in this chamber, the lizard- Jie Dan -cla.s.s warriors, who are condensed out, are also devoutly adoring the same att.i.tude as the eight people, wors.h.i.+pping this well.

    iThe Yunshui universal lock on the wellhead still exudes a faint glow of green gold, and want to make the final struggle, but this green light just s.h.i.+nes.

    A black mist hit the Yunshui universal lock, and the blue-gold light was completely dispelled.

    Together with this Yunshui universal lock, it was completely smashed together.

    The strong black air surged out of the well head during the pilgrimage of the lizard clan.

    This is the lizard king!


    "One hundred years, one round and one round."

    In front of the tomb of Xia Zhirou, the ancient robes, black-haired swords, the face was handsome, the eyes are like stars, snow, and whistling.

    This is Han Xiu who has returned to his youth appearance.

    "As it happens, I may ... meet you this time."

    Looking at Xia Zhirou's tombstone, Han Xiuxing's eyes smiled softly.

    At this moment, there is a towering peak on the west of Kunlun Mountain. At this moment, the whole mountain is shaking violently and the rocks begin to roll. In the center of the mountain, there is even a huge crack.


    A loud and clear sword pierced the heavens and the earth, and the Kunlun mountains roared with alarm.

    From the crack, the blue and gold sword light sky shatter, a folded body in mid-air, straight to the sky peak.

    Han Xiu, eyes glowing with tenderness, looked at Xia Zhirou's tomb, and the roaring light of the green golden sword suddenly stagnated when it was about to fall on Han Xiu.

    The sword light dissipated, it was a long-sword with a blue-green body, and the blade was covered with cold awns. The sword was engraved with extremely mysterious patterns.

    This is the real Kunlun Shangqing sword.

    It is the sword pa.s.sed down by successive leaders.

    The sword was floating half a meter away from Han Xiu's right side, waiting for Han Xiu.

    And at this time.

    There is a ray of morning light across the thick clouds in the sky, spilling over the heavens and the earth.

    At dawn, it's time.

    Han Xiu, also at this moment, raised his right hand.

    Suddenly grabbed and grabbed the hilt.

    A scream coming from the sword body.

    "wait for me."

    This is... a deal.

    Looking at Xia Zhirou 's tombstone and finis.h.i.+ng the words, Han Xiu turned around and stepped on the snow, step by step... toward the main peak of Kunlun.

    His eyes were no longer warm and jade, and there was no mercy.

    Only endless killing, only blood dyed Kunlun.

    That is the killing of aliens!

    Eyes, looking at the peaks of this Kunlun mountain, the lingering black fog covered the snow of the peaks, and there was a lizard screaming in the dark fog.

    These lizards came from the conquest of Yunshui Jiuzhou for the purpose of enslaving Jiuzhou.

    Han Xiu's Shangqing sword in the hands slowly lifted.

    Standing on the edge of the sky peak, the wind raised black hair, and the sword in his hand was cut off. The shock wave of thousand miles and turquoise gold sank into the black fog, destroying everything but lizards who touched the shock wave.

    Everything is turned into dust in the wailing, and there is no resistance at all!

    The rest of the lizards are aware that this sword is from the Tianqiong Peak, and they are looking towards the Tianqiong Peak, pairs of triangle eyes...

    And in these triangle eyes, it is a figure, a pair of... cold eyes full of chilling colors.

    Those who commit crimes against our race will be killed and have no forgiveness!

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