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The Yangxin Pavilion of Kunlun Mountain, this is the place where the Kunlun disciples rehabilitated.

    Yangxin Pavilion is divided into seven pavilions.

    The third and fourth floors at the moment.

    The wine madman stood by the balcony railing between the pavilions and looked at the direction of Tianqiong Peak.

    He had already changed his robe and armless sleeve, accompanied by wind and snow.

    "Senior brother... What are you doing? "

    Muttering to himself, for the order that suddenly let the disciples down the mountain, the wine madman is also very puzzled.

    Jumped down the pavilion and headed for the main peak of Kunlun.

    Polar array eye, explosive strange people, he is not clear, he is going to find Han Xiu, make it clear!


    At the bottom of the main mountain of Kunlun Mountain, in the secret room, the entire secret room is almost full of strong black fog, and a burst of laughter sounds in this chamber.

    "Han Xiu! You can't stop me! "

    "The king's million-strong army has been a.s.sembled, as long as we step through the gates, you... Your people, the rich Jiuzhou, everything will be mine! "

    "I want to build the Jiuzhou land to wors.h.i.+p the temple of G.o.d Fu !"

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    The sound of screaming resounds, not only the voice of the lizard but also some other sounds. It is the lizard's men and other lizards.

    Now even their voices are able to cross the boundary door. It can be seen that the power of the seal of this gate has been weakened to such an extent.

    The other side of the wellhead of the boundary gate is constantly pounding the seal, the Yunshui universal lock, exudes dazzling green-gold light, which can echo with it, only the chain in the east of the four chains.

    The remaining three are already completely sc.r.a.pped.

    Han Xiu's avatar, standing at the gate of this wellhead at the moment, looks calm and indifferent and ignores the voice of the lizard king.

    The hand is lifted, and the spiritual power is constantly flowing into the Yunshui universal lock, keeping the seal as unbreakable as possible.

    At the same time, the disciples of Zhulun of Kunlun Mountain began to descend gradually in batches under the arrangement of Zhao Wenhan, the second elder of Kunlun Mountain. Tens of thousands of disciples turned into nine shares, led by nine elders of Prime Yuan Ying, to the major forces of Jiuzhou.


    At ten o'clock in the morning, the sky was high and clear, the wind was light and the clouds were light. It is 70 feet from the sea in Binhai city. Qin Feng is sitting on the Somersault cloud. Somersault cloud is heading towards the beach estate.

    The wind swept the hair that had not been taken care of for a long time, and a few wisps of long hair covered the corner of his eye.



    Ding... ......

    In his hands, it was the string of bells, and now it was making a crisp ringtone.

    Yunling, Junqing is close, and a thousand miles are heard.

    Taking a deep breath, Qin Feng grabbed the bell and took the bell. Han Xiu handed the bell to him, and let the Kunlun disciples go out. He could guess what Han Xiu was going to do.

    Take the power of one person and protect this Yunshui Jiuzhou.

    Standing up, Qin Feng looked at the beach manor and was able to see Yun Ling standing alone on the beach. Obviously, the bell on her body also sensed the arrival of the bell.

    The distance of dozens of miles, for the Somersault cloud, is just a moment, Somersault cloud came over the manor, Qin Feng jumped and fell on the beach.

    "Don't ask me, what do you think in your heart, that's what it is."

    Qin Feng Yun Ling saw the puzzled eyes, before Yun Ling says anything, he said aloud.

    Yun Ling slightly wrinkled and frowned, but she nodded.

    Then the two walked toward the villa.

    As soon as I walked into the villa, the door was pushed open, and a huge bear hug was rushed up.

    "d.a.m.n, you motherf.u.c.king crazy, I am looking for you, if you have asked Mr. Deng, I really don't know where you live."

    Qin Feng looked up, it was Zuo Yingjie. The twins were in the villa too. At this time, they were playing with Qin Chuxue and they were having fun.

    "You kid, why here?"

    Seeing the familiar brother and seeing Zuo Yingjie, Qin Feng could n't help but smile. In Zuo Yingjie, he could find a feeling of being an ordinary person.

    "eh... you come out with me."

    Zuo Yingjie turned his head and smiled at Song Yu and others, and walked out with Qin Feng.

    Villa garden.

    "what is it?"

    Qin Feng doesn't believe that this guy will find him and have nothing to do.

    "eh… Blame on me, Zhao Zhihong died. "

    Zuo Yingjie said that he was afraid that Qin Feng was on fire, and he added a sentence: "This is not to blame me. You also know that at that time, the situation in Jiangzhou, the whole city was blown up, the land was ruined. When I went to the warehouse in Jiangzhou to find him, his legs were broken by gravel. Wounds are all infected with the purulent, he is dying on the spot, this is not long after brought him to Binhai city, he died in the hospital yesterday night."

    Zhao Zhihong...

    Qin Feng heard the name and thought of Zhao Wei.

    Immortal Court will lock the thirty-sixth universe, that is, the Yan Tian plate perceives the reincarnation text that Qin Feng entered into the soul of Zhao Zixuan.

    However, Qin Feng did not regret it. As a man, he did it, and he won't regret it.

    "Give him a cemetery and bury it."

    "Oh, this thing is on me."

    Zuo Yingjie saw Qin Feng not angry, suddenly relaxed, smiled, glanced at the direction of the villa, and turned to Qin Feng to raise an eyebrow: "You are really good at it, three beautiful women stay with you, are you kidneys ok now? Do you want me to give you something to supplement? "

    "Come on, keep it for yourself, and my golden gun will not fall."

    Qin Feng laughed, and with his brother, he also seemed a little easier.

    these days…

    There are too many things going on, one by one, and there is no stopping for a moment.

    And what will happen next is coming soon.

    One thing... More serious than before!

    The boundary gate of Kunlun Mountain will be broken within three days. The lizard army will come to the Yun Shui world through the gate. Han Xiu will be able to block even if he is fighting for his life. No one can be sure.

    In addition, the super big tortoise under the three islands of Penglai!

    If this big king is really related to Tian Xin Tong Lord, then things can be troublesome...

    This old tortoise has no news at all. Jiuzhou 's remnants of the Tian Xin Tong are not peaceful. As the saying goes, there will be no silence for no reason.

    And often, before the storm, it is silence!

    If the old tortoise body is really the one under Penglai Island, it must be trying every means to return to its own body now. Once it returns, it can control the spiritual power of Sanctify, and the threat it poses will far exceed that of the lizards.

    There is also a thing about big black dog. Yesterday, the big black dog has already noticed that the person's breath appeared in the Yun Shui world, which indicates that the person has roughly determined the position of the big black dog and is gradually searching for it.

    Since it is roughly determined, it is only a matter of time before the final determination of Yun Shui world.

    In addition to these, there is the most important thing, compared with this matter, the other is nothing at all.

    Yi Jun and what he said, Heavenly Soldier, gathered in the thirty-sixth universe, has been thoroughly searching the thirty-sixth universe, and he doesn't know what it's up to now, when will they find Yun Shui world.

    The red sunset in the temple outside the temple court, the wind has not come. The storm is about to burst.

    A lot of things that can't escape, will eventually choose to face.

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