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The main peak of Kunlun Mountain, the bottom of the mountain.

    Four chains in the chamber, at the moment... Of the four, the one responsible for the other side, with a loud "clang", broke off in a split second.

    At the moment when the chain breaks, the boundary force of the wellhead boundary gate drops rapidly, from 50% to 20%.

    "Han Xiu! You can't stop me! "

    The power fell, and the lizard king's screaming voice came from the well.

    The black mist began to diffuse from the wellhead and filled the entire empty room.

    Han Xiu, who is sitting cross-legged at the height of twenty feet, his white eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. For the broken chain, he has been psychologically prepared, and he is not surprised.

    He is not frowning for this, but for his junior fellow apprentice.

    The polar south is broken, then Lu Changyi, how is he now?!


    He wants to know that the current wine madman is alive or dead!


    The land of the extreme south, the desert of death.

    The frantic gravel fluttered in the darkness, a large pit with hundreds of thousands of square feet, and the yellow sand inside was completely slashed, the desert was abruptly pulled down hundreds of meters, revealing the yellow sand under the soil.

    "What are you doing to save the old? ! ......

    Angry snoring, the wine madman fiercely pushed Qin Feng in front of him, his white hair was fluttering, and his face was angry.

    Qin Feng was so pushed by the wine maniac that he stepped back and looked at the wine maniac who was roaring toward him with a broken arm.

    "When the old man is dead, he is dead. This is a broken eye, but it is the life and death of Jiuzhou people! Why don't you know the difference? ! ......

    "wanna die?"

    Qin Feng's eyes were calm, he waved his hand, a Cang Lan sword floated in front of the madman: "If you want to die, you can cut your throat now. Don't push your nose and eyes with me. I came all the way to save you. Don't you just say thank you and still f.u.c.king with me here, is it endless? ! ......

    Eyes are narrowed, said casually, Qin Feng's words shocked the wine madman.

    This kid... Sure enough, he did not play cards according to common sense.

    If it were someone else, then it would be a bit of persuasion to say either good or bad.

    "I, I am joking with you."

    The drunken madman grinned and then gave a hearty laugh.


    Qin Feng smiled coldly: "If your injury continues to drag on, you will have to joke with the King of h.e.l.l."

    Turned around, momentarily from the sky, a golden light fell, a golden cloud floating in front of him.

    "Go, I will send you back to Kunlun."

    Stepping on the somersault cloud, the drunken madman behind Qin Feng, when he saw the cloud, his eyes flashed surprise...

    He remembered the last time Qin Feng was seriously injured. When he was in a comma in Tianqiong Peak, the shadow he saw from Qin Feng, wearing a gold armor, a red cloak...

    It's like ... The legendary existence!

    "Why? Do you want to drag yourself to death? "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Qin Feng stands on the Somersault cloud , and glanced at the standing madman.

    "You don't talk nonsense, the old man has to live another five hundred years to get enough."

    The wine madman pressed down what he was thinking, laughed, and then set foot on the Somersault cloud.

    A golden light, and quickly went to Kunlun.

    In this dead desert, there is only one huge deep pit. The lake and the southernmost array of eyes are all under the self-explosion of Yao Ji. They have completely turned into fly ash and disappeared.

    The raging sand is surging, and on the edge of the deep pit, the large sands of large stocks are pouring into this deep pit, and the big pit is refilled.


    Binhai city, beach estate.

    The big black dog walked alone on the beach, leaving behind a dog's paw footprints on the beach.

    At the moment of the big black dog, the dog face is full of sad, especially the eyes, from time to time on the silver but he forced to pressure down the power.

    "Why so fast..."

    Muttering, the big black dog is very annoying now.

    Because twenty minutes ago, he was surprised to find out that he... The fourth tail will be opened soon!

    It's a good thing to have the tail, meanwhile, it's a bad thing.

    Opening one more end is an increase in strength.

    If the big black dog is completely with the fourth tail, even if it is Yuan Yin peak, it is not his opponent.

    However, at the same time, with the fourth tail, the corresponding tail disasters will also arrive.

    And don't talk about the tail disasters. How will this life and death be? For the big black dog, what he is most worried about is that his tail disasters are coming... The guy who is looking for himself will definitely feel it!

    Once he perceives it, he will definitely come to Yun Shui world. He does not want to involve Qin Chuxue and others.

    The power of tail disasters was beyond his control.

    "d.a.m.n, it is not long before the third tail is opened."

    The big black dog muttered, he was speechless, and the third tail that was opened not long ago, it didn't make sense to open the fourth tail so quickly.

    In fact, think about it carefully, this is also a normal phenomenon. After all, the big black dog was given Yun Shui world by his father hundreds of years ago.

    He first slept for hundreds of years, and after waking up, he went to the high-risk areas such as "slaughterhouses" and "dog meat restaurants". This is a common occurrence for big black dogs, coming and going freely, and the stray dogs who never return would envy him so much.

    During the period of sleep and wandering, for the normal Nine-Tail Wolf, it is already in a juvenile stage, and the age of the human race is about sixteen.

    The nine tails wolf clan, after the blood is activated, the adult wolf opens the ninth tail. At this stage, the big black dog is able to reach the seventh and eighth tail in sleep.

    He used to be because the blood was not activated, so the tail did not move.

    Now the blood is activated by the Tuntian Holy Pearl. Naturally, it will be replenished in a short time, so it will be opened. It will not open too long, and it will be stimulated and opened three times.

    Anyway, this time, he didn't get any stimulation. and the inexplicable is about to open the fourth.

    "Ugh… Is it really the dog I am too talented? "

    The big black dog looked up at the moon, and his eyes were very sad. he thought …. Why is he so talented!

    But now it is not the time!

    At this time, a crisp girl's voice sounded.

    "Blackie, the food is ready, mom made your favorite sauce duck leg!"

    A hundred meters away, Qin Chuxue is in a little white dress, waving at the big black dog.

    "Sauce duck leg?! ......

    The big black dog's eyes have been lit up, and he clearly heard the words.

    "I'm coming!"

    He replied, then turn and run towards Qin Chuxue.

    f.u.c.k it, first fill the stomach.

    In fact, in terms of age, judging from the adult time of the nine-tailed genius, the big black dog is equivalent to the 16-year-old of the Terran, and it is similar to Qin Chuxue, who is 16 years old.

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