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" Yuan Yin, it's really Yuan Yin !"

  Among the cultivators, Gongsun looked at Moxiong above jade platform, feeling the storm of spirituality sweeping around him, feeling the pressure that he had never felt before, and his heart be like a huge stone.

  It's hard to breathe for a long time.

  He knows that Qin Feng is capable of anything and knows that the strength of Qin Feng cannot be determined according to the cultivation.


  Yuan Yin!

  This is Yuan Yin!

  This is a mythical realm in Yun Shui world!

  It has been a hundred years, the sword master of Kunlun Mountain is not present, in this case, Jiuzhou cultivators simply do not know how Yuan Yin exists.

  Many of the cultivators here, even the Jie Dan cultivator, are the first time in this life to see what Yuan Yin is.

  Because they have seen Han Xiu, but they have never felt the pressure of Yuan Yin!

  And now, they feel it!

  That kind of shock, that kind of horror!

  The feeling of insignificance ... Fear from the heart!

  This is Yuan Yin!

  This is the power of Yuan Yin cultivator !

  No resistance at all! Also can't start the slightest resistance!

  Among the cultivators, as Mo Xiong spread his own Yuan Yin cultivation, Yusu was always head-high, and the surrounding cultivators looked at their eyes, all filled with horror, including being on the same level as them. The same is true of the Penglai cultivators.

  This is the way that When a man gets to the top all his friends and relations get there with him.

  The cultivator of Yusu Mountain is obviously enjoying this kind of awe-inspiring eyes in the eyes of others, all of them are confident!

  "Hey, hey."

  NiuDaZhuang kept humming in a low voice, he shows helpless and asked for help, but Liu Man didn't have the interest to see him.

  At the moment, Qi Linger's hands tightly hold Niu Dazhuang's wrist. The more nervous she is, the tighter she holds it.

  " Mr. Abnormal! you can! You can do it for sure! "

  In such a meditation in her heart, Qi Linger actually shouted out!

  "Qin, you can! Beat him! Beat him!

  The original cultivators who were shocked by Moxiong, the original silence was completely broken under the scream of Qi Linger.


  Mo Xiong above jade platform, who was enjoying this fearful vision, heard the words of Qi Linger and suddenly picked up his brow.

  With a wave of the hand, the finger becomes a sword and fall toward Qi Linger.

  This time, Mo Xiong, but completely solidified the cultivation, his strength is more than 50% stronger than that he was in Medicine Pavilion!

  And this sword, he didn't hold back at all.

  A real Yuan Yin hit!

  Let alone Qi Linger, that is, Jie Dan will also annihilated!

  "Protect the master!"

  Behind Qi Linger, Qi Hong and all his family members suddenly changed their faces and were about to block the multiplier. However, when they sensed the coming shock wave pressure, all his family members were white and bloodless.

  Those dharmvessels that were sacrificed were even under this sword, and they were collapsed into powder as if they were tofu.

  Yuan Yin cultivator, even if it is a gentle hit, it is too strong!

  they… Can't stop it!

  The cultivator of the rest of the forces, seeing the fall of this sword, when the eyes are horrified, it also has a bit of sad sigh.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

  The blame is on this young master who has no idea about her power and shouted now.

  "Hmmm hmmm hmmm!! "

  NiuDaZhuang is w.i.l.l.y-nilly, shout at top of voice, the whole body is red, the body jumped several meters high, blocked in front of Qi Linger.

  The sword is not coming, and the sword inside is already lowered.

  Qi Linger's face was fiercely white. Under this sword, she did not have the slightest resistance.

  Is she going to die?

  In her pupils, this sword is enlarged, enlarged, and infinitely enlarged!

  Under the subconscious, she looked at the direction of Qin Feng, where Qin Feng's physique still remained, just standing on the jade platform, even did not look at her.

  For a moment, the heart cools to the freezing point.

  Compared to the coming death...

  Qin Feng 's disregard has made her heart a hundred times more painful!

  He He… Doesn't he care about her? !

  At this moment, Qi Linger stepped forward step by step, actually bypa.s.sing the big guy, facing the sword that is coming!

  Since he doesn't care, then she will die in front of him!

  Looking up, Qi Linger closed her eyes.


  The imaginary sword did not come, but a sound with a playful taste fell into her ears.

  "how? Just the gla.s.s heart? "

  This voice!


  It's him! !

  Qi Linger fiercely opened her eyes, surprised to see the back of the Qin Feng, Qin Feng's fast speed was just beyond human imagination!

  At the last moment, Qin Feng came to Qi Linger and shattered Moxiong's sword.

  The sword gas collapsed, and the Moxiong who was above the jade platform was shocked.

  Just that scene he saw clearly, Qin Feng didn't even reach out his hand, his sword qi in front of Qin Feng collapsed three meters away.

  This scene is naturally seen by other cultivators .

  Suddenly, they cannot shut their mouth even.

  Especially Dongfang Qing ...

  For the sword that Moxon randomly swayed, if he faced him, perhaps that it would have to be tossed to survive. After all, this is a blow to Yuan Yin cultivator.

  However, Qin Feng, just arbitrarily dissipating a qi to blast it.

  Can do this!

  At the very least, the strength of the two will not be much different!

  That is...

  It seems that the cultivation is lower Jie Dan and whose bone age is lower than 60 has the strength to compete with the Yuan Yin cultivator!

  It also… Too much beyond imagination!

  No wonder... No wonder he does not want to join hands with himself.

  At this moment, Dongfang Qing, he smiled and laughed at himself.

  At the beginning of the Immortal League conference, he thought he would be the protagonist of this Immortal League. He thought that the position of the lord was his own. With the arrival of Moxiong, he found himself becoming a supporting role, and with QinccFeng he... The owner of Penglai Island has become a dispensable dragon.

  "Only just this sword."

  At this time, Qin Feng 's voice slowly sounded, everyone was paused, holding their breath and listening, their eyes were staring at Qin Feng and Mo Xiong.

  At the moment, Qin Feng, in their hearts, has risen to the same height as Moxiong.

  "You can die."

  Qin Feng raised his head slightly, with a cigarette in his mouth, and looked at Moxiong with a slight disappointment.

  "Ignorant children, do you think to take my random blow so that you can rampant? ! "

  Mo Xiong sneered, the steady Yuan Yin lower cultivation, which gave him full confidence!

  The Yuan Yin -cla.s.s sword gas storm swelled out, all the cultivators, who sensed this cold sword from the Moxiong body, were scared and pale, could not help but rush back, for fear of being accidentally injured.

  "I will let you know how strong the real Yuan Yin is!"

  He waved his hand, the blue sword is in his hand!

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