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Published at 11th of September 2019 09:20:07 AM Chapter 306

 The sound of the ancient dragons rang, resounding between the peaks!

 White scales, four feet, and two wings!

 Ying Dragon!

 The lofty dragon appeared behind Qin Feng and stood side by side with Zhu Dragon!

 The two dragons stand side by side, this is the power, the heaven and the earth are changed!

 The wind of heaven and earth was whistling!

 "Dragon… It is a dragon! "

 Those Medicine Pavilion disciples, seeing the Zhu Dragon and Ying Dragon appearing behind Qin Feng, all have a look of horror, and after the horror is ecstasy!

 Because this dragon soul is called by Qin Feng!

 "There are two!"

 Mo Xiong saw the dragon soul behind Qin Feng, his face was suddenly changed . He thought that the appearance of a dragon soul was beyond imagination, but he never thought that this seemingly simple boy had such a powerful force . Can call out two dragon souls!


 He has only seen it in the records of ancient books, and he has never seen it before . Even the two dragons in front of him are not known which branch of the dragon .

 The windswept away from the forehead, Qin Feng 's cold eyes looked at the horrified Moxiong .

 But his heart thumped!

 Ten seconds, only ten seconds!

 Two dragons come together, with his current cultivation can not hold back for a long time, body cultivation . . . Already empty!

 This is the last fight!
 The golden cudgel in the hands clenched, red and white color around the stick body, the body shape like a string of arrows burst out!

 Behind the two dragon spirits, Zhu Dragon Ying Dragon is all over the top, and at the same time, the sound of the raging dragon screams, the pressure of not being weaker than Moxiong appears in this world!

 "I am already a Yuan Yin! I am not afraid of you! "

 Mo Xiong's face glimpsed, and behind him, there was an illusion which was different from the dozens of phantoms before!

 Among the phantoms, there is a black and golden sword! The body of this mantra is completely condensed by the sword!

 "Jian Yu!"

 Almost roaring, the sword in the hands of Moxiong blooms blue!

 This sound is everywhere, and the sword is like a wing with its wings, and the sword behind it is the same!


 The black gold scorpion slammed up and looked at Qin Feng, who was rus.h.i.+ng . Mo Xiong's back foot was smashed, and with the body behind him, he also rushed out!

 Double dragons roar! Sword screaming!

 With a stick and a sword, the two will be colliding in this Dan center!

 Everyone . . . Looking at this scene, watching these two people!


 "Win!" "

 "Win!" "

 Those Medicine Pavilion disciples, at the moment, screamed loudly! Although it is killing the people in front of him, even if it is b.l.o.o.d.y, even if it is almost dying!

 The word wins, the sound shatters!

 The wind has pa.s.sed . . . Yun Ling is shaking, seeing this scene, the hand holding the pendant is sweaty, biting the lower lip tightly!

 wind… Expect Feng !

 Qin Feng, you must come back!

 The clouds have already been shaken, and above the clouds, it is the endless blue sky .

 From the sky to the ground .

 The center of the Dan field, bang!

 The two collided in one place!

 this moment…

 The world seems to be quiet . . .

 One, two . . . When the third second arrives!

 shake… Dramatic shaking!

 The entire rain mountain peaks, just like a complete collapse, bang! The peaks burst!

 A wave of suffocation, scattered from the center of the Dan field, the wind of mad hunting swept across the heavens and the earth!

 Even if it is Jie Dan, under this turmoil, there is no such resistance . It is all being smashed, and blood is squirting!

 " Qin Feng !"

 Yun Ling's body is also under the wind was directly lift fly out of the rain mountain peak, her eyes were red and she was looking at Dan field direction, held out her hand to close to, but under the impact of not close to the slightest, body inverted mid-air .

 The air wave was sweeping the main peak of the rain mountain, countless mountain peaks burst!

 Just like the end of the world!


 The main peak of Kunlun Mountain, the fairy temple .

 Three white-bearded old men walked out of the temple, all with disappointment .

 The old man, who is headed, stood outside the door of the temple and looked back at the temple . After a long silence, he sighed . . .

 In the temple .

 "Lord, why did you let the Immortal League be established?"

 The three elders of Kunlun, the face was extremely angry at the moment .

 Penglai has always had a good relations.h.i.+p with Kunlun, so the event of Immortal League has just happened . Penglai immediately sent a person to Kunlun to report .

 He thought… Knowing the Immortal League, the word master Han Xiu can express .

 But who would have thought that after Han Xiu knew this, he didn't even blink his eyelids, let alone anger?

 "The civil service will only be lacking in Kunlun . It seems that these Jiuzhou cultivators is to abandon my Kunlun . "

 Another old man in the temple, the fourth elder of Kunlun, sighed .

 The day when the Immortal League was founded, that is, the day when Xian Ge was abolished, the millennium Xian Ge, the Kunlun . . . Will completely dissipate in the world .

 "gentlemen, the Immortal League, the owner has his own arrangements, we will still be waiting for it, but listen to the Lord's command . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

 The second elder looked at the elders in the temple, and with a gentle smile, they persuaded them to say, otherwise, there would be dozens of people in the temple, and perhaps that they will be furious .

 The second elder, named Zhao Wenhan, seem to have only 30 young people .

 Having said that, but when he looked at Han Xiu in the first seat, his brows was also wrinkled .

 Han Xiu doesn't care about Jiuzhou 's affairs, even doesn't care about Kunlun, And the elder Liu Changyi is uncertain, so the issues of the Kunlun affairs are handed over to the second elder Zhao Wenhan to deal with .

 He is very clear that if the Immortal League is established, Xian Ge will be in vain .

 "Dao . "

 Han Xiu muttered to himself and stood up and said nothing .

 The whole hall was suddenly fried . . .

 "Dao . " How come? !

 Outside the hall, Han Xiu walked on the snow-covered steps . Behind him, his only pro-chief female disciple, Yue Ying, followed .

 "Master, those teachers, and uncles are extremely angry, and Yue Ying thought that it should be well calmed . "

 Yue Ying is very nervous . After all, the situation in the temple just now, if not the second elder Zhao Wenzhao has been pressing, perhaps that it will not be the frying pan until Han Xiu leaves .

 Han Xiu's footsteps stopped a while, and there were no words . At that time, he looked up at the East, narrowed his eyes, shows indifference .

 Wind and snow . . . Floating and falling .

 The highest mountain in Kunlun, Tianqiong Peak .

 Peaks, here . . . There is a tombstone on one side .

 The tombstone is facing to the main peak of Kunlun .

 A priest sat in front of the tombstone and drank the wine from the wine gourd .

 Heavy snow fell on him, and he ignored it .

 The wine madman rarely returns to the Kunlun Mountains, but whenever he returns to the Kunlun Mountains, he will only go to a place where he will come to the place where the tombstones are .

 Above the tombstone, there is a name . . . Xia Zhi Rou .

 'Chang Yi, bury me on the peak of Tianqiong Peak after my death, so that I can see him . . . '

 The words of the past lingered in my ears . The drunken madman lay back and fell directly into the snow, with his muddy eyes open, looking at the swaying snow in the sky .

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