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Published at 11th of September 2019 09:20:11 AM Chapter 304

 " Yuan Yin ?! "

 Over the Medicine Pavilion, Tiemu, who is fighting the Jie Dan cultivator in Yusu Mountain, subconsciously looks at the direction of Dan Field . When he perceives the breath that comes from Moxiong, his body trembled!

 This is incredible!

 " Yuan Yin ?!

 This is in the Yun Shui world, it is completely the legendary realm!

 Everyone knows that before the millennium, Yun Shui world did not have a Yuan Yin cultivator, so at that time, Kunlun, Yusu, Penglai, Da Zhao, and Xiaozhao Temple, they are even in Jiuzhou .

 The first appearance of Yuan Ying was the Kunlun leader thousands of years ago when a cult made chaos in Jiuzhou .

 The Kunlun Pavilion settled the cult, restored Jiuzhou, established Xian Ge, and reorganized the order .

 Since then, every Kunlun Pavilion owner is the owner of Xian Ge, and all is Yuan Yin cultivation .

 Since then, Kunlun has surpa.s.sed the other three, standing on the top of Yunshui, and has become the admiration of Yunshui cultivators .

 Now, Yusu Mountain leader has turned into Yuan Yin, how can Tiemu not be shocked!

 He is horrified, but the cultivators of the Yusu Mountain are excited . As the saying goes: The boss eats meat and the younger brother drinks soup .

 Now that their boss has become a Yuan Yin, and the big man of Kunlun Mountain is nothing, until the next Immortal League is established, Yusu Mountain will be a well-deserved boss! And they will also become the first Yusu cultivators of Yunshui 's many forces! They gonna dominate Jiuzhou, of course, they are happy!

 These things, when they think about it, they are excited!

 " Yuan Yin, the achievement of the lord, we will use the blood of this Medicine Pavilion to congratulate the Lord!"

Advertis.e.m.e.nt The third elder of Yusu Mountain screamed loudly, and the sound fell into the ears of every Yusu mountain cultivator's ear . These people were all excited and laughed, killing, and going crazy!

 even… In the words of the three elders of Yusu Mountain, the people of Medicine Pavilion are all cult!

 In accordance with their intentions, if the Medicine Pavilion is eliminated . On the Immortal League meeting, Yusu Mountain declared the Medicine Pavilion to be infiltrated by the cult . Yusui Mountain had no choice but to destroy the Medicine Pavilion . This is a reasonable solution for Jiuzhou . Reasonable, legal and compliant .

 A good plan, playing seamlessly .

 After all, Mo Xiong took the position of Yuan Yin cultivation to be the head . If he says so, who dares not to admit, who dares to question? !

 The strong are the king, which has never changed .


 Yongzhou, Liangzhou, and the intersection of the two states .

 This place has a snowy mountain, its name . . . Kunlun .

 This mountain has been wors.h.i.+pped as a holy place by millions of people in Yunshui .

 The Kunlun Mountains are a thousand miles . No friar dares to step into half a cent without permission .

 The main peak of Kunlun Mountain .

 Snow, all year round, at first glance, the peaks are snowy .

 The ancient wooden pavilions decorated with white snow are standing on top of this main peak .

 Peak .

 With long white hair and a long shawl, a person in a blue robe stood with his hands on his back .

 The man is white, but his face is not wrinkled like that of an old man . On the contrary, he is more like a young man in his twenties . His face is as resolute and handsome as a fine knife .

 At the moment, his face is slightly wrinkled, looking at this snowflake swaying day, as if he felt something, his eyes are very dignified .

 The owner of Xian Ge, the owner of Kunlun Pavilion, the number one cultivator of Yunshui, sword master Han Xiu!

 As the only Yuan Yin cultivator that exists in Yun Shui world . When this world appeared a cultivator comparable to his breath, he naturally is the first one to be able to perceive .

 "What? Do you feel that your first position in Yunshui is threatened? "

 A squeaking voice sounded, behind Han Xiu's body, the body was ruined, the wine was messy, the hair was messy, and the middle-aged man with a beard pulled away .

 Holding a wine gourd in his hand, swayed one step at a time .

 Han Xiu's junior fellow apprentice Lu Changyi, sword Drunkless . . . Alcoholic madman!

 "The world has its own way . "

 Han Xiu just said casually .

 "Oh? Your way is to do nothing and die in this mountain? "

 "Your way! Is it watching Jiuzhou chaos here? ! "

 "Your way! Is watching the corpse across the field, blood stained the earth? ! "

 "Your way!

 The wine madman looked up, the wine in the gourd was crystallized and fell into his mouth . After sipping the wine, he took a deep breath and stood side by side with Han Xiu . From the peak, he looked to the east, this moment on his face, he can't see the slightest meaning of drunkenness . Some are just sorrow, regret, anger . . .

 "Your way! You just can't even meet her for the last time . "

 Vaguely visible, when the words of the wine madman said the moment, Han Xiu, the first cultivator of Yunshui, the body trembled, and the moment was restored .

 "brother, you are drunk . "

 "drunk? Yeah, I have been drunk, you . . . Why have you woke up? "

 The wine madman laughed and smiled . When he turned around, he walked and shook his body . After three steps, he turned into a sword and broke away . Only a word was left in this air .

 "Wine doesn't make a man drunk if he's not in the mood . "

 And at that moment, a crisp sweet voice came, it was a woman dressed in a blue dress, with a simple bun, long black hair draped behind her, oval face delicate and pretty face, big eyes and fine eyebrows, very clever, came to Han Xiu three meters away, respectfully salute .

 "Master, Penglai came to see . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .


 Rain Mountain, Medicine Pavilion .

 The wind whistled in this world .

 Those Yusu mountain cultivators, after learning that Moxiong condensed Yuan Yin, were all motivated, and the Medicine Pavilion disciples began to gradually lose .

 Everyone . . . They all look at Dan field, looking at Qin Feng!

 In their view, Qin Feng is their last hope .

 He is also the last hope of the Medicine Pavilion!

 If Qin Feng wins, the Medicine Pavilion will lasr, Qin Feng loses . . . The Medicine Pavilion, which has been pa.s.sed down for thousands of years, will disappear in Yun Shui world! No trace!

 On the east side of Dan field, a building outside the 10,000 meters, away from the killing land, and away from the Dan field, Yun Ling stood at the top of the pavilion, a pair of beautiful eyes watching the direction where Qing Feng stands .

 Her fist tightly pinched .

 The first time in this life . . . She was so nervous that she was shaking all over her body .

 Dan field .

 The cigarette in Qin Feng's mouth is already burning to the bottom .

 "You are able to die in the hand of me, Yusu Mountain head, and the future Immortal League head, it is also the glory of your life . "

 Moxiong laughed arrogantly, and the blue sword in his hand was lifted up . In an instant, when he raised the sword, there were dozens of phantoms that appeared in the Dan field . Surrounded by the field, exactly the same as his movements, he raised the sword in his hand .

 The tip of the sword was pointing to Qin Feng!

 The most powerful pressure that Qin Feng has encountered in this life, from the body of Mo Xiong, from the dozens of thousands of phathom around the Dan field .

 Eyes are still calm as water .

 The corner of the mouth was slightly loose, and the burnt cigarettes fell to the ground .

 Qin Feng 's hand slowly lifted up and grabbed the Magic Cudgel standing on the side!

 At the same time, the one hundred and eight handles of Cang Lan swords also fell over the sky, and gathered back around the nine handles, surrounded by circulation .

 In his eye… A touch of glory pa.s.sed!


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