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Qin Feng looked at this 'black dog' and was ecstatic.

Although it is strange that this kind of monster should be powerful, why does it appear on the earth, and it is weak like this.

But that doesn't matter. For Yan Feng, this 'black dog' is precious!

Pretend to be dead, right?

Qin Feng looked at the 'black dog' lying still and walked to it casually.

Half Squat lowered himself and pinched the "black dog" with his hand, muttering to himself: "Still fatty, but since you are dead, you cannot die for nothing. Just come home with me and to fill my stomach."

Qin Feng grabbed the back neck of "Black Dog" and was about to bring it up!

"Go f.u.c.k yourself!"

The 'black dog' opened his eyes fiercely, and the dog's mouth speaking people's words.

Then turned out to be fiercely broke free of Qin Feng's hand and ran in the street.


Qin Feng looked at the "black dog" with a smile, let's see where you can go?

Without saying anything, he went straight to the car and Ferrari roared!

Although it's rather late now, it's over eleven o'clock, but some streets are still buzzing with people. These streets are called Night Street, some bars, street Kebab, and so on. These are on both sides of the street.

At this very moment, however, a strange phenomenon appeared in this street.

A lot of people were exclaimed first, and then they took out their mobile phones to record videos. This exciting news can definitely be on the Weibo headlines.

The t.i.tle can be taken like this.

"Rich second generation and big black dog Doomed love, the person chose the wrong dog, or dog loved the wrong person".

A royal blue Ferrari chasing a big black dog, screaming through the street, causing bursts of exclamation!

because…This dog is running too fast!

The first time they saw a dog that could beat Ferrari! It's really rare!

"silly dog."

Qin Feng looked at the of the big black dangling under his a.s.s in front of him, apparently male.

"Don't know to run in the alley? Really stupid. "

Feng Qin was really amused. This dog ...For the time being, he is a dog.

He has been running along the center of the street all the time. It is really a feeling that you come after me if you have the guts!

A car and a dog flew past this night street.

Perhaps this big black dog finally came to awaken. When turning to a street with only dim street lights, the big black dog found an alley and rushed straight in and disappeared.

Qin Feng also parked the car on the side of the road, opened the door and got off the car.

"run?" No way!

When Qin Feng first encountered a big black dog, he left his own spiritual mark on him.

Although Qin Feng is not well practiced at present, this imprint is absolutely guaranteed within a square kilometer in half an hour.

Qin Feng looked at the rows of closed shops, sensed the location of the big black dog with the vague mark.

At last, he set his eyes on the alley between a milk tea shop and a clothing store.

The alley is not wide. From the perspective of the lane, at most, only two people can be accommodated side by side.

In the dark alley, the big black dog is leaning against the wall, pats his chest with his front paws, and gasps constantly.

Those who can make this move are not serious dogs at first sight.

As soon as he was out of breath and preparing to land on with four paws, he wanted to go to the entrance of the alley to see if his pursuers had gone.

look up...

At the entrance, there is a pair of eyes watching him.

The eyes were burning in the night.

In the eyes of Qin Feng, the eyes of this big black dog...are f.u.c.king s.h.i.+ning!

The big black dog is fl.u.s.tered.

But after a second, there was a word in the dog's mouth that almost made Qin Feng laugh.

"Oh, my holy mommy, son of the biscuit!"

The big black dog was almost jumped up and the four paws were receding.

But…This alley is dead, the back is also sealed, there is only entry but no exit unless he can fly. But obviously, this big black dog has no power beyond that of a dog except to run faster and jump higher.

"Unexpectedly, it is a Sichuan dog. It seems that more pepper should be put into the stew, otherwise, it's a waste of Sichuan pepper."

Qin Feng smiled, his hands in his pockets, and walked in toward the alley.

The big black dog keeps going backward, this dog face at this time...It turned out to be a flattering face.

"Bro, keep, Keep Coo. Look at you, you are so handsome and powerful. It's not good to eat dog meat. Besides, dog meat is irritated. You're so young, dog meat will make you have acne later."

He said in Sichuan-Chongqing Mandarin which is very pleasant to hear.

"Do I?"

Qin Feng is with a smile: "I have good skin and am not afraid of the whelk. Besides, it is the first time for a dog like you to say that Sichuanese dialects are rare. It's so hard to not taste it, right?"

Qin Feng's hand was placed next to the ear, and when he waved his hand, golden cudgel appeared in his hand.

"Bro, dude, uncle, papa! Hey, hey...! "

The big black dog panicked at the sight of the stick. As the saying goes, Big stick beats dog, the big black dog was inevitably afraid of the stick. At that time, Sichuanese dialects soared and got up on his hind legs. The front two paws repeatedly begged Qin Feng for mercy. Before he had finished speaking, an ancient golden stick caught his eyes.

Then...The big black dog no longer had consciousness and said the last sentence before losing consciousness.

"f.u.c.k you son of the dog..."

Qin Feng put away the golden stick and looked down at the big black dog that was pa.s.sed out. He remembered the performance of the big black dog before, and it was a little laughable.

It seems that this legendary nine-tailed wolf suffered a lot.

Just don't know how this guy was like this, and even with a fluent Sichuan-Chongqing official language.

Nine-tailed wolf, it's almost like the king or the emperor of the monster's world. According to some memories in the inheritance of the Sun Wukong, this race is extremely arrogant, and the blood of the royal family in his family even like them ignore the Jade Emperor. Really is bada.s.s.

proud and aloof...

Qin Feng looked at the lying 'big black dog' in front of him, rolled his eyes and stretched his tongue. The word seemed to be unable to catch up with him.

Instead, there is a bit wretchedness...

Besides, what Qin Feng doesn't understand is that this guy is obviously a white wolf with nine tails. Why did he disguise himself as a black dog? If it weren't for his own golden eye, he really couldn't see through the real ident.i.ty of the big black dog.

Qin Feng didn't want to think so much for the time being. What happened to this 'dead dog', just wait for him to wake up and ask him.

Feng Qin tugged at the tail of the big black dog, dragged him out of the alley, threw him directly to the co-pilot of the sports car, and drove back to Luoting Hotel.

Luo Ting Hotel, in the stunned eyes of the parking attendant and the front desk as well as many guests in the hotel, Qin Feng inserted one hand in his trouser pocket and dragged a "dead black dog" in one hand. The long tongue of the big black dog was still sticking out, leaving a series of saliva on the ground like a brush until Qin Feng entered the elevator.

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