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Qing Ye Group, all the employees today are cheering.

 The reason for the happiness is also very simple: The announcement came from the upper level that there would be a holiday.

 However, all the people on holiday were ordinary employees. In the buildings, those high-level officials who were children of the Ye family did not leave. Instead of leaving, from outside the building, one after another of the luxury cars soon stopped and large crowds poured into the Qing Ye Building.

 These people are all Ye family members who are resident in Binhai city.

 In Binhai City, Ye's Seven Leaf Consortium has two leaf headquarters that are set up here, Green leaf and Red Leaf.

 At the moment, from the lobby of the building, two old men wearing gray exercise clothes walked in. All the family members of Ye, when they saw the two old men, were all solemnly respected.

 These two people are two of the seven elders of Ye Family, the third elder Ye Mu, and the fifth elder Ye Tong.

 As long as they become Jie Dan, they can become an elder. Ye elders are many, but only seven can be ranked. From the great elder to the seventh elder, seven people are in charge of a group.

 "Third Brother, I haven't been quiet since your grandson took over Qingye."

 The fifth elder Ye Tong jokingly opened his mouth, while the black-faced third elder Ye Mu was anger. When his staff told him that Ye Liangchen had been beaten violently in the office, he couldn't believe it.

 Ye's children will be beaten suddenly and violently in Qingzhou?! In his own office!

 A shameful shame!

 This is going to be pa.s.sed back to the family. His department must be a laughing stock in the family!

 "Which family is it, dare to get their hand my Ye family."/

 Ye Mu's face was cold, and Ye Tong was with a slight smile. The two men went to the first conference room under the guidance of others, followed by thousands of people, and the whole building was squeezed.

 At the moment, the first meeting room of the Qing Ye Building.

 Qin Feng stepped on Ye Liangchen, his teeth were half broken, but still the arrogant look: "Don't blame Liangchen for not warning you, I have a hundred ways in Qingzhou..."

 "shut up."

 Qin Feng's feet were slightly exerted, and the remaining half of the teeth of Ye Liangchen was also broken. The blood of the mouth was flowing down the corner of the mouth and flowing to the ground.

 It seems that this time, even if Ye Liangchen is not dead, he has to go to the hospital to install a t.i.tanium denture.

 "How dare you!"

 At this time, from the door of the conference room, Ye Mu and Ye Tong came in. When the two old men came in, they saw Ye Liangchen, who was stepped on by Qin Feng, and suddenly became angry!

 Although Ye Liangchen is not a child of Ye's direct line of descent, he is also a sideline that is very close to the direct line of descent, let alone... This is the grandson of Ye Mu!

 So people are stepping on the ground, that is to hit the face of Ye Mu, hit the face of Ye!

 And the house of Ye, as a family of nine majors, as a family dominated in Qingzhou, the face is more important than anything else!

 "Grandpa, Grandpa Five!"

 When Ye Liangchen saw Ye Mu and Ye Tong appear, suddenly his face showed ecstasy, screaming in the blood of his mouth.

 "My grandfather and grandfather came, and gonna die!"

 Ye Liangchen's eyes are filled with joy, and he is desperately looking up at Qin Feng, being stepped on his face but looking like still arrogant.

 Such people… It's just that the word "a.s.shole" has been engraved into the bone marrow, and it's uncomfortable if they don't be an a.s.shole.

 After Ye Mu and Yetong entered the conference room, a large number of people poured in from behind them, crowding the entire conference room, all looking badly, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

 The backbone of the group brought by Qin Feng, these people are ordinary mortals. When they see this situation, they are all scared and pale, and the subconsciously look at Qin Feng.

 For the two old men, Qin Feng just squinted and then stood up.

 "How dare a foundation cultivator to invade Ye Family. Do you know what the consequences of offending Ye Family are?!"

 "You know, what is Ye family?"

 Ye Mu's face is cold, especially when he sees Ye Liangchen's face full of blood, it is even more furious!

 However, just at the moment when Ye Mu said this.

 Two blue streams of light flashed in front of their eyes, and the two handles of Cang Lan swords appeared in the neck of their necks, the blade already cut in the flesh, the blood has penetrated.

 It is also this moment, Ye Mu and Ye Tong, both of their eyes are narrowed, and they don't dare to move. They feel a cold ice from the bones of Qin Feng.

 They can even feel that this flying sword in their neck was about to cut! The cultivation of this Jie Dan top grade will be blasted in a flas.h.!.+

 From Qin Feng, there is a pressure that they can't resist at all. The two old men are all shocked! Looked at Qin Feng 's eyes with an unbelievable look!

 Qin Feng's hands inserted in the trouser pockets, slowly walked toward the outside of the conference room, Nangong Yiren also got up and followed, a voice sounded.

 "Qingye, since then, belonged to the Qin Group."

 This voice, like the announcement of an appointment, does not allow any resistance.

 Everyone is stunned...

 Especially those family members, because they found out that their two elders, at this moment, actually stood still and did not dare to move.

 The two elders did not dare to stop, they did not dare to move.

 "Grandpa, can't let him go!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

 At this time, Ye Liangchen stood up fiercely, watching the back of Qin Feng, and the angry voice echoed in this room.

 But at this moment, a touch of blue stream light pa.s.sed through its body, the stream of light dissipated, Ye Liangchen's pupils shrank, his Dan Tian bursts!

 After froze, the light in the eyes dissipated, after the plop, he was thrown to the ground.

 He is a man of his word.

 Qin Feng has already said that if he does not sign, he will die.

 What's more, this Ye Liangchen's character is arrogant. At first glance, it is not a good thing. It is estimated that there are many people who are harmed by him. It is also a benefit to society.

 "Uncle Deng, I will hand it over to you."

 Ye Liangchen died, so he was killed on the spot. Ye Mu, who is a grandfather, did not dare to move. After all, he was still important to his own life. He has more than one grandson.

 What's more, at this moment, he has completely collapsed, the land of Jiuzhou... He knows any powerful cultivator.

 But why can't he think of the person in front of him, where did the young man come from?

 Ye Tong next to him trembled, just two of them... Really feel the feeling of walking on the edge of the gate of h.e.l.l.

 b.l.o.o.d.y smell filled in this conference room.

 When Deng Qing heard the voice of Qin Feng, he quickly responded. Then he started working with his men. This time... Not a 5% share, but a complete reception!

 All the procedures, the transfer of shares, and the replacement of legal persons require a series of work.

 However, it is obvious that at this moment, Qing Ye Group, these Ye family members, did not dare to stop.

 After merging the Green leaf, since then, the market value of Qin has been turned several times, and it has grown into a consortium in the forefront of Jiuzhou!


 Rain Mountain, Medicine Pavilion.

 The Medicine Pavilion at the moment, the appearance is different from the day Qing Feng came.

 The main peak of the rain mountain has collapsed completely.

 The everywhere on the land of the main peak filled with cultivators wearing blue armors!

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