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The dharma of the heavens and earth!

 Golden light rises from Qin Feng's body like a round of sun, blooming between heaven and earth!

 The dazzling light covers all the five peaks of Xianling...

 The direction of the Xianling Tai, nine holy servants, and those disciples, when the golden light blows up at the moment, they subconsciously narrowed their eyes, they are all dignified.

 Yu Yiming is not the same, looking directly at the golden light, he is still excited!

 At this moment, he can feel extremely powerful power from the seven-star puppets!

 Controlling this power, he has 100% confidence to take Qin Feng down!

 There will never be any loss!


 "How did master Qin suddenly s.h.i.+ne?! "

 "There is a good feeling..."

 "Is it... This is the legendary glamour? ! Ah! I can't open my eyes! "


 Among the crystal columns, these students were shocked by the golden light that covered the world. Many optimists even made jokes in the shock.


 The golden light is just an introduction! The real shock is only beginning now!

 Golden light gradually dispersed!

 In the eyes of everyone, it is no longer the seven giants, but eight!

 The eighth is Qin Feng!

 With Qin Feng's current cultivation, he can be thousands of meters high by using The dharma of the heavens and earth.

 "Qin, master Qin has grown bigger!"

 "This is this... How is this possible! How can people become so big! "


 "he can turn into a giant, but still s.h.i.+ne... master Qin is the giant of light? ! "

 "It's ridiculous, it's you again, can you say less? Giant of light... When you were young, you watch too many cartoons! "

 "Hey, master Qin is getting bigger is more handsome..."

 "I am even more curious, will master Qin's d.i.c.k be big too..."


 The students in the crystal column were surprised to discuss, and on the pillars, the nine holy servants and the soul-killer saw Qin Feng who became thousands of meters high, they were also surprised.

 after all… The cultivator's body is transformed into more than thousand meters!

 They have never heard of it! Not to mention seeing it at the moment!

 For the first time, it always leads to curiosity and horror.

 To say that the most excited one is Yu Yiming, even if he sees Qin Feng turned into thousands of meters, he is still in the spirit of fighting!

 The flag shows!

 Yu Yiming's hand waved and turned the flag suddenly into seven!

 The seven flags, which suddenly rises to the sky, has seven bright blue lights on top of this flag, and it instantly connects the seven star puppets!

 Deep and remote blue light enters the seven-star puppets, and cold murder gleams in those deep and remote blue eyes!

 The middle star puppet suddenly went mad and headed for Qin Feng with a roar like the earth-shaking. The axe in his hand is blooming with a dazzling blue glow! It cuts toward Qin Feng!

 The sound of breaking the wind shocked!

 Qin Feng looked indifferent, with a chill in the eyes, and saw the rus.h.i.+ng star puppets, but the mouth was slightly raised, and the golden cudgel in his hand reached out.


 The golden cudgel hit the big axe in the hands of the star puppet, the axe seems to be able to smash the mountain was like tofu, and was broken!

 Then the golden cudgel directly hit the puppet on the chest!

 The star puppet, whose body is thousands of meters is booming under the attack!

 Starlight rises! The huge body shape was bursting!

 Under a stick, thousands of meters puppet scattered!

 Before and after but a round of the match, Qin Feng casually smashed the star puppet and held the golden cudgel in one hand. The raised eye did not look at the remaining six star puppets but looked at Xianling Tai direction.

 In the eyes, there are disdain.

 This scene is reflected in the eyes of everyone, everyone is shocked!

 Many of the students in the crystal columns, even Tan Qingzhu, Shang Huo, are also looking at each other...

 "This, this, this too..."

 Tan Qingzhu wanted to say something. He didn't say anything with his mouth open for a long time. He just didn't know how to evaluate it.

 This is already beyond his prior expectations. He has expected in his heart how strong Qin Feng can be, but he never thought about it... He can be strong like this!

 This is beyond the scope of the peak of the Jie Dan!

 Even let him think that the strength of Qin Feng is similar to Yuan Ying?!

 A foundation cultivator is comparable to Yuan Ying?! If he didn't see it with his own eyes, he won't believe it for sure!

 The calmest one is Gongsun Tong. Seeing this scene, the stone hanging in his heart finally fell off and he muttered to himself with a smile on his face.

 "This is the disciple of the sanctify!"

 On the crystal stud, the eyes under the mask of the nine holy servants are dignified.

 The head of the nine holy servants, the man is about to move, but there is a voice with unwillingness.

 "Please allow me some time Elders, please wait and see, and I will definitely take him down!"

 Yu Yiming's face already has a bit of craziness, violently urging the remaining six flags!

 this moment!

 The remaining six star puppets in the distance are roaring roars!

 These six star puppets are actually blooming at the same time with dazzling blue light. These six stars are all gathered together in one place. Not only that, the whole barrier is full of starlight, above the sky, thousands of starlight fell and gathered with the six star light!

 A more powerful, more shocking atmosphere is gathering from the stars!

 He uses the remaining six star puppets, plus the soul of the entire array! Put it into one!

 "Qin Feng... you are mine! "

 Yu Yiming, who controls all of this, has craziness in his eyes. On his face, the three strange runes are actually strangely beginning to flow!

 At the same time, under this crystal column, there is a surging soul!

 "Ah! "

 "Don't... Don't... I don't want to die! "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

 "I… I, I can't hold it..."

 "help me…"


 In the crystal column, with Yu Yiming's crazy extraction of soul power, the soul of many students collapsed together, the soul of them vanished!

 Painful, desperate, sorrowful mourning was echoing in this crystal column.

 These voices are heard by those spiritual teachers, Tan Qingzhu, and Gongsun Tong... Only anger, only helpless!

 Although they are Jie Dan cultivator, the only advantage now is that they can live longer in this crystal column.

 They can't do anything!

 The only thing they can do is pray... Pray that Qin Feng can win with one shot!

 Everyone is enduring the pain caused by the large-scale extraction of soul power, staring at the direction of Qin Feng.

 Under the gathering of many starlight, a giant appeared with starlight all over his body. This giant is no longer the appearance of the puppet.

 But! With the appearance of Yu Yiming!

 Above the crystal column, Yu Yiming at the moment shows desperate vicious in his eyes, slowly closed his eyes.

 At the same time, the star giant with Yu Yiming's appearance opened his eyes and his mouth... was with a smug smile.

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