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At nine o'clock in the evening.

Apart from entertainment places such as bars, even the most luxuriant commercial streets are slowly becoming deserted.

But at this time, on the streets of Jiangzhou.

There is a car with a shrill roar of motors, the speed is fast enough to frighten pa.s.sers-by out of heart disease.

The royal blue Ferrari, ignoring everything, it does not hit people, but whatever the on its way, all smashed by it!

At the crossroads, the traffic lights are changing, cars in all four directions are parked, and the traffic police stand in the center to direct the traffic.

But just then, the traffic police froze, even dropped the whistle in his mouth ...

Because on the road directly in front of him, a Ferrari did not care about the traffic lights at all and rushed out at a gallop, causing some cars changing lanes to stop one after another!

For a while, the whistle sounded four times.

"So crazy!"

The traffic police were stunned. Just now Ferrari was too fast to see the license plate number. They immediately started to contact the General Administration for monitoring.

And this crossroads, after such chaos, is also chaotic.

Feng Qin, who is driving at the moment, has no regard for the chaos caused.

He drives as fast as he can.

"Final warning, don't touch my family, or I will make you regret that you were born!"

Qin Feng's mobile phone was placed next to the speedometer. At this time, the video was connected to Chuxue's WeChat.

At the other end of the video, Shen Wan had a playful smile on his face.

"I am a very disciplined person. I said just now that you will arrive with Dan within ten minutes. Every five minutes or more, I will give your sister or mother a little' reward'. "

"Huh. It's just now, ten minutes. "


Qin Feng looked at the scene on the mobile phone screen, his poor sister, mother!

His anger has reached its peak. He doesn't know what Dan is. He doesn't want to know either. He just wants to go home now!

He stepped on the accelerator crazily.

Where the Ferrari pa.s.sed, the streets were chaotic!

Many pa.s.sers-by were stunned when watching Ferrari. He dared to drag racing in the city. It was so dope!

Hefeng Community, Room 711.

"Shen Wan, the first rule issued by Admin of Immortals is that it is not allowed to hurt mortals. You are blatantly violating the laws of Admin of Immortals. You are really not afraid of death."

Lin Yuechan was imprisoned by Xie Wei in the same place. The whole body could not move, and her eyes were full of anger and screamed at Shen Wan.

On the side of the wall, Qin Chuxue and Song Yu were imprisoned against the wall. In front of the mother and daughter, there were five black nails floating around.

Song Yu is fine. She followed Qin Xiao for the first half of her life. She also experienced strong winds and waves. Even in the face of this situation, she can still keep calm.

But Qin Chu Xue...However, a 15-year-old girl has been scared to cry at this time.

"Admin? Hum, Lin Yuechan, are you an idiot or am I ignorant? Does the admin work anyway?"

"I am hurting mortals today, so? Bro Xie, seal her mouth. "

Xie Wei around Lin Yuexi nodded, then began to cast a spell, depriving Lin Yuechan of the power to speak.

Shen Wan proudly looked at Lin Yuechan, and then looked at the mobile phone floating on one side, the phone screen, Qin Feng is roaring!

"Kid, you are too slow, can't blame me, rules are rules."

Shen Wan looked at Qin ChuXue and Song Yu, hooked his hand and suddenly one of the ten nails came out.

"Who gonna be the first?"

Shen Wan grinned and looked at Song Yu, and looked at Qin Chuxue again.

"brother...Brother, I am afraid, brother..."

Qin s.h.i.+xue cried aloud, watching Qin Feng in the phone screen, constantly shouting to his brother.

"Leave my daughter alone, everything is up to me."

Song Yu said.

"A great motherly love so touched."

Shen Wan applauded and looked at Song Yu with a smile, his hand hooked, and the black nail suddenly floated to the front of Song Yu.

"Ok then, as you wish."

"You stop, you f.u.c.king stop! Stop it!"

In the floating mobile phone, Qin Feng looked at this scene, and the roar continued!

Yue-chan Lin could not speak. Looking at this scene, her eyes were full of anger. She tried hard to break the prison, but there was nothing she could do!

Shen Wan grinned, Song Yu looked at the black nail, frowned and closed her eyes, although afraid, it is better than falling on his daughter.


Shen Wan whispered.

Antic.i.p.ated pain did not come, but Qin Chuxue was painfully crying.

Song Yu opened her eyes and looked at his daughter, the black nail, and went straight into the palm of Qin Chuxue, nailing Qin Xuexue's hand to the wall.

Blood, can't stop flowing down!

"Xue! My little Xue!"

Song Yu's eyes were red and tears poured out, which made her heart ache more than that was in her own hands.

" hurts, hurt..."

Chuxue was crying, helpless, hopeless, a little girl...

"beast, you are beasts!"

Song Yu couldn't help it any longer. Her anger reached the extreme and she swore at Shen Wan.

Lin Yuechan looked at the hands of Qin Chuxue, looked at the blood that shed, then staring at Shen Wan, and wis.h.i.+ng to go up and tear him up!

"You f.u.c.king stop!!!


In the mobile phone, Qin Feng's eyes were red and the sound of hysteria came.


"I like to watch people angry but they can't do anything about it."

Shen Wan looked at the screen, and the smiling face was reflected in the phone: "I tell you, this is the first five minutes, if you late for another five minutes later, the next black nail will be in your mother's hands."

He pressed the b.u.t.ton to end the call and the phone screen returned to black.


Qin Chuxue looked at the black screen of the mobile phone, her face became waxy because of blood loss, and her eyes closed slightly. Her consciousness had begun to become vague. It looked very weak, and the tears could not stop flowing. He murmured his brother...

Her left hand was nailed to the wall, and the blood stained the half of the wall.

A little girl can't bear such blood loss at all.


Less than five kilometers from the Hefeng community!

Qin Feng looked at the black screen and punched his fist on the steering wheel. Driving Ferrari, the speed has been reached to the extreme!

s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t! s.h.i.+t! s.h.i.+t!!!

Qin Feng roars in his heart!

The eyes are already flooded with flames!

Die motherf.u.c.kers, die! Die!


The accelerator has been stepped to the bottom! Ferrari's oil pipeline is going to explode!

Under the night, the car screamed, when it finally saw the Hefeng community.

The security guard is still surprised and suspicious that Ferrari is still coming in such a poor neighborhood.

Feng Qin is already driving over.

"Stop, stop!"

The security guards were scared to s.h.i.+t when they saw the Ferrari rus.h.i.+ng in. They looked at the Ferrari with stunning eyes, and it directly crashed the rail into the community.

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