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Auron's opponent's expression sunk. He was in grave danger. Behind him was the outside of the arena while Auron was in front of him. Meanwhile, on his left and right sides was the outside of the arena as well.

Auron's opponent wanted to win. So, obviously, he would not escape to the back or sides since it would mean he lost the match. He only had one way which was to charge at his front and fought against Auron.

However, to fight against Auron was not easy. Auron had already proved that he could beat his opponent in a close combat fight.

Auron's opponent was in a dilemma. To fight or not to fight. While thinking, Auron's opponent kept on using his fire spells. He hoped that it would give him more time to think. He also hoped for Auron to make a mistake so he could escape this predicament.

Sadly, what Auron's opponent hoped had not come. Auron was so focused out on this battle. Every time Auron's opponent had given a slight sign of movement that he would use a spell, Auron had already moved out to antic.i.p.ate the attack. Hence, it was very difficult for Auron's opponent to hit Auron.

While dodging the enemy's spell, Auron slowly approaching his enemy at the corner of the arena.

As Auron approached slowly, his opponent began to panic. Nervousness crept on Auron's opponent's mind. 

In the end, Auron's opponent gritted his teeth. He decided to attack Auron. Although he knew that he would lose some damage from this, it was a necessary sacrifice to come out of this predicament.

Auron's opponent moved first and taking out his dagger. He threw [Fire Lance] and using it as a cover to charge at Auron.

Auron already knew this. This was his plan all along. He forced his enemy to a corner and made him had no choice except to face him. Of course, Auron had already prepared for his enemy's escape scenario.

Auron moved to the side and ignored the [Fire Lance]. His opponent had used the [Fire Lance] as a cover to break through by force. Seeing Auron moved aside, this means that there was an escape chance. Rather than fight a lost fight, it was better to use this opportunity to escape.

Following behind the flying [Fire Lance], Auron's opponent charged out to escape from Auron's trap. However, before he could move far away, Auron used [Mud Swamp] to change the opponent's foothold. 

A change in the foothold, Auron's opponent was surprised. He was not ready and slipped. Auron's opponent tried to control his body so he didn't crash to the arena's floor.

With the effort he used, Auron's opponent managed to control his body and he didn't crash to the ground. However, to his side, a dagger already slashed out and aiming at his head.

Auron's opponent hurriedly moved his head to dodge the dagger. A strand of hair was cut by Auron's dagger. But, his opponent escaped from a severe injury.

However, that head moved was not enough to make Auron's opponent escape from his dangerous situation. He had wanted to stand up. But, Auron could not let that happened.

Another slashed coming through to the opponent's chest. Not only that, but it was also followed by a [Fire Lance].

Auron's opponent had to roll out on the floor to dodge every Auron's attack. Unfortunately, that was also not enough. Auron chased him.

Auron was closing his opponent tightly and didn't want to give any chance for his opponent to escape.

Finally, an attack from Auron connected to the opponent's arm. Auron's dagger cut deep the arm. However, the enemy had already prepared for this. He wanted to exchange an attack.

By letting his arm getting cut, he chanted a [Flame Pillar] below Auron. Unfortunately, Auron already saw that move coming out from his opponent's movement.

Auron immediately used [Aqua Barrier] and ignore the [Flame Pillar]. A knee attack was launched at the enemy's head who was kneeling on the ground.

Auron's knee hit the opponent's nose. Blood came out from the nose. Also, it made the opponent dizzy for a few seconds.

Auron didn't let this chance go away. He followed up with another stab to the opponent's shoulder and chanted a [Fire Bolt] to attack the opponent's calf.

With just that knee attack, Auron had already turned the table completely. He controlled the enemy by attacking left and right that his opponent could not defend.

In the end, the referee decided to stop Auron and stopped the match. Auron's opponent had lost miserably. His wounds were visible all over his body.

A cleric already went up to the arena and treated Auron's opponent's wound. Meanwhile, Auron also received his own treatment. However, his injury was not that too many. So, his treatment was over in just a minute.

After almost 8 minutes, Auron's opponent's treatment had ended. He sat on the arena floor looked lost. He had lost the match.

Auron's opponent looked behind him and saw his big brother. His big brother's face was grim. He knew he already embarra.s.sed his big brother.

The referee declared Auron as the winner. With that declaration, Auron's promotion was secured. The referee left the scene to report the result of the match.

Meanwhile, on the arena, Auron was still standing up on the arena. He looked relieved with this win as if a portion of the weight on him was lifted up. 

On the other hand, Auron's opponent moved down from the arena and went to his big brother dejectedly.

Auron's opponent's big brother whispered to the person beside him. Then, he left the scene with his younger brother.

As the match had ended, many people began to surround Auron. This was the limelight of a winner. Many recruiters wanted to invite him to their group.

Auron who was felt relieved suddenly pressured once again because of the many invitations. He never thought that there would be this many invitations for him.

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