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Chapter 549: Tears of the Sea Demon King

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There was no chance that the Sea Demon King will survive after having his divinity crushed. Under the intense flames, his body got burned to a crisp. He became weaker the more he struggled, his voice growing softer and softer.

In the blink of an eye, he had turned from an unparalleled High-level Deity to an old man on his dying breath!

"Christina, Eliza, Forsata…" The Sea Demon King, who had fallen to the ground and could no longer move, murmured to himself. His consciousness was getting hazier with the loss of his life force. The smiles and voices of his wife and close ones flashed past his brain as he remembered many incidents of his past. In fact, he even saw various illusions.

At the end of his life, a once unparalleled fighter was no different from an average person!

"Run, run quickly!"


Seeing that the Sea Demon King who had terrifying abilities was about to die, the soldiers on the castle walls cheered loudly. The morale of the army of Sea Demons shook, all of them completely losing the will to fight as they scattered away from the battlefield. They wanted desperately to have two more legs so that they could charge straight for the ocean two thousand miles away.

If the G.o.d of Fire Raymond could kill even the Sea Demon King with one strike, who else present was a match for him? Furthermore, the other party still had Divine-level Experts such as the G.o.d of Swords, Chief Elven Priest, and lord of the Magical Beast Territory. They would not even be able to do any damage to them even if they sent out the entire army.

In front of the Divine-level Experts, an ordinary soldier was just as minuscule as an ant, unable to reverse the situation no matter how many of them there were!

"Hmph, it's too late to run now!" The Golden Lion let out a cold grunt and flew outward, sending an old monster with abilities at the domain level who was running away the fastest with his spear, then unleashed a ma.s.sacre, venting all of the fury he had for the Sea Demon King on the army from Evil Demon Island.

"Kill, kill them all, charge!"


Under the orders of the Chief Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation, the elites of the Dark a.s.sociation swarmed outward, manically chasing after the members of the Sea Tribes who had lost their will to fight, all of them hot in pursuit. Faced with ferocious attacks, the members of the Sea Tribes who had lost their leader soon completely collapsed. They either raised their hands to surrender or were killed on the spot. Not many of them were lucky enough to escape.

Eight out of the ten old monsters died by the hands of the speedy Golden Lion, while the other two were scared out of their wits, obediently raising their hands to surrender. If even the old monsters who had abilities at the domain level were unable to last a hit and had to surrender quickly, it was even more so that the ordinary soldiers could not do anything.

"Yang Ling, release Foloshar's tribespeople!" Looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield, then seeing the Sea Demon King at his dying breath, Raymond spoke as he waved his hand to remove the flames enveloping Foloshar's body, his expression a little forlorn.

The stubbornness and insanity of the Sea Demon King had disappointed him, but the latter's unwavering, determined spirit, and how he had always fought against fate had made him remember things of the past he had sealed off. He remembered his friends and family who had been wandering across the many dimensions that had died in a foreign land.

Release the Sea Demon King's tribespeople?

Yang Ling was very surprised, summoning the old witch and the rest of the tribespeople as he deliberated on the G.o.d of Fire Raymond's true ident.i.ty. Using his powerful Divine Knowledge, he had ascertained that none of the Sea Demons had managed to escape while he was attacking Evil Demon Island. Yang Ling had thought that no one would know the truth about the matter, but to think that the elusive Raymond had known exactly what had happened.

Core Deity, or the Tailun Continent's Dimensional Guardian?

Yang Ling shook his head after deliberating for some time. According to what the Chief Elder of the Dark a.s.sociation had said, despite the mult.i.tude of religions on the Tailun Continent, even the Wish Power obtained by large-scale religious organizations like the Church and Dark a.s.sociation was not enough to sustain a powerful fighter with a Divine Occupation, much less an ordinary cathedral. There was no way that they could produce Core Deities or Dimensional Guardians. Thus, there were no High-level Deities with Divine Occupations in the Tailun Continent, nor were there powerful Core Deities or Dimensional Guardians.

The mysterious Raymond was very powerful, but he had not set up a religion in the Tailun Continent. He did not have any devout believers other than the disciples training on the Fire G.o.d Mountain, and thus it was unlikely that he was a powerful fighter that possessed a Divine Occupation.

After being summoned suddenly by Yang Ling, the many Sea Demons were frightened as they caught a whiff of the thick metallic stench of blood in the air and saw the corpses of the members of Sea Tribes littered on the floor. They were all immensely fearful. Even the heavily injured old witch felt uneasy, not knowing what Yang Ling would do to her and her helpless tribespeople.

"Foloshar, my Foloshar!" Seeing the charred Sea Demon King at his dying breath not far away, the old witch immediately rubbed her eyes in disbelief, thinking that this was an illusion. She then let out a screech, using all her limbs as she crawled over, her tears welling out like a stream, raining on the face of the Sea Demon King.

Originally, she had pinned her hopes of saving her tribespeople on the Sea Demon King. She did not expect her only hope to be lost like that. Even more so, she did not expect that the powerful Sea Demon King would suffer injuries even worse than what she had sustained, now at his dying breath.

"Christina, it's really you, my Christina…" The Sea Demon King, who had nearly lost consciousness, seemed to have gained a new burst of life, extending his trembling, wrinkled right hand to gently stroke the old witch's face. Yang Ling could faintly see his tears. At this moment, the Sea Demon King had tossed his hatred toward Yang Ling and his indignance toward fate to the back of his mind. The scene of him meeting the old witch for the first time ten thousand years ago resurfaced in his mind, the scenes of them roaming the seas together flashed past his eyes.

They had been so blissful, so carefree back then!

They had set foot on every corner of the ocean, and their laughter spread throughout the entire ocean. Back then, they had felt as though they were the happiest people in the entirety of all the dimensions!

"Foloshar, where's your divinity, why has your divinity gone missing, Foloshar?" After looking at the b.l.o.o.d.y chest of the Sea Demon King and being unable to sense any ripples of energy coming from his body, his chances of survival next to none, the old witch was extremely shocked, tears dripping down her face in her anxiety.

"Christina, I have let you done. It's gone, everything is gone!" The Sea Demon King was pale, his lifeless eyes filled with immense grief, "The divinity is gone, the tribespeople are gone, Evil Demon Island is gone, everything is gone. Christina, I have let you down, it's all my fault for implicating you!"

At the end of his life, the Sea Demon King had suddenly understood many things. He regretted collaborating with the insane Pope because he wanted to escape his confinement, causing his tribespeople to face annihilation!

Unfortunately, everything is too late!

Everything is gone?

Seeing the Sea Demon King's charred skin, then looking at the G.o.d of Fire Raymond not far away with abilities deep beyond comprehension, the old witch quickly understood what was going on, her tears falling uncontrollably. There was no chance that the Sea Demon King, who was at his dying breath, could survive. Even if the Core Deity of Life arrived now, there might not be a way to save his life.


Pain akin to slicing open her heart, suffocating pain!

The tears of the old witch fell like rain!

She had waited for tens of thousands of years, finally seeing her lover, the Sea Demon King, that she had been pining for all these years. To think that they had not been reunited for even a day when the two of them were to be separated for eternity. The Evil Demon Island that they had managed for several thousand years had also been completely destroyed. What's the point of her living on even if she could become a high and mighty Core Deity, much less now when she was severely injured?

"Foloshar, my Foloshar, Christina is coming to join you!" After kissing the barely-breathing Sea Demon King, the old witch suddenly took out a sharp dagger from within her s.p.a.ce Ring and plunged it deep into her heart, fiercely piercing through her divinity!

Being able to die with the Sea Demon King was her greatest wish at the moment!

Her speed and determination to commit suicide caught everyone at the scene off guard. No one managed to stop her.

"Granny, granny, you cannot die, granny…" Tears covered the Sea Demon Eliza's face. She pounced forward without care, pressing her hands tightly over the wound on the old witch's chest, at a loss of what to do.

"Eliza, don't cry, you should be happy that granny is finally together with Foloshar!" The old witch raised her hand with difficulty and stroked Sea Demon Eliza's long hair. She caught her breath before instructing the latter to prop up her head, then said to Yang Ling by the side, "Lord Yang Ling, Christina has let you down, but I would like to request something. Our tribe of Sea Demons has committed many sins, and there's no way we can have a footing in the seas of this dimension where the Tailun Continent is in. There's no way that the various Sea Tribes will let us off. I beg you to help my tribespeople on account of the jade stele and the crystal ball, let them continue living in the dimension you control!"

The old witch was determined to die, but she could not forget about the several hundred tribespeoples behind her. In the two days she had been in the Wizard PaG.o.da's s.p.a.ce, even though she hated Yang Ling for destroying Evil Demon Island, she could not deny that the environment there was much better than that of the Tailun Continent. Azure blue skies, rich sea territories… There were no wars, no red tides, no disasters. It was a holy land that the Sea Demon Tribe had been searching for these tens of thousands of years.

However, other than the Sea Demon Tribe, Yang Ling had also moved in several Sea Tribes. The Sea Tribes had an immense hatred for the Sea Demon Tribe, and they would not hesitate to annihilate the Sea Demon Tribe should they be presented with the chance. Other than Yang Ling, no one else could order them to stop the slaughter, and no one else could dissolve the hatred between the Sea Tribes and Sea Demon Tribe.

"Eliza, quick, kneel in front of the lord, all of you kneel!" Seeing that Yang Ling was silent, the old witch ordered all of her tribespeople to kneel in front of Yang Ling, speaking as she extended her hand to search for something on the Sea Demon King's body. She took out a pitch-black jade plaque, "Lord Yang Ling, legend has it that the ancestors of the Sea Demon Tribe had come from a faraway dimension. This mysterious jade plaque hides our history and is said to be a Divine Weapon with immense power. It is the item of trust given to every generation of the leader of the Sea Demon Tribe. I am giving this jade plaque to you and represent my tribespeople in pledging that we will follow behind your footsteps for eternity. Lord, you must accept this!"

I am going to be the next leader of the Sea Demon Tribe?

Yang Ling shook his head ludicrously, but seeing the black ma.s.s of Sea Demons kneeling on the ground, looking at the weeping Eliza, then looking at the old witch at her dying breath, he sighed before saying, "I do not need your jade plaque, nor am I interested in being the leader of your tribe. However, I can guarantee that in the ocean that I control, no one will be able to threaten your safety as long as the Sea Demon Tribe is truly repentant!"

Even though their interests conflicted, Yang Ling was still impressed by the Sea Demon King's unyielding spirit of fighting against fate, never giving up. He was impressed by how the old witch had stubbornly resisted the army of the Sea Tribe alone for several thousand years. That spirit of being willing to use any means, to never give up for her family and tribe, made him think about a record of the Ancient Wizards he had seen on a stele!

To some extent, the two of them were rather similar. They had always been fighting against fate in the darkness, never giving up!

"Thank you, Lord. Eliza, remember, you must follow the footsteps of the lord for eternity, you must remember granny's words!" The old lady spoke as she pushed Eliza away, turning around and leaning into the Sea Demon King's embrace, tightly hugging his ice-cold body. She murmured the love song they had sung while roaming the oceans tens of thousands of years ago. Tears covered her face as they dropped onto the face of the Sea Demon King.

Every teardrop represented their longing!

Every teardrop represented their love!

Unspeakable longing, indescribable true love!

The Sea Demon King, who had turned cold as if he had longed pa.s.sed on, started to cry slowly, under the singing of the old witch that was getting gradually softer!

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