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A Golden light shot from the Dragon Soul's eyes at the s.p.a.ce between Sheng Tian's eyebrows.

The dazzling golden light entered the dimension of his consciousness.

And it swiftly shot towards his Sea of consciousness.

As it was about to engulf the sea of consciousness in its brilliance, the soul at the center of Sea of Consciousness suddenly glowed and a bright white light covered the nebula like Sea of Consciousness.

The golden light was frozen and could neither advance nor retreat.

Sheng Tian lost his consciousness and landed on the floor.

From his soul, a white thread extended out, it was not visible and not sensed even by the Dragon Soul.

The thread was thinner than a hair, it glimmered with unrivaled brilliance as it extended out.

And when it reached the barrier which Xiao Lian said she couldn't cross even at her peak, the white thread pa.s.sed through it as if there was no barrier at all.

And it swiftly shot into the south of the Red Star Continent.

..... .... .... ....

On a Small path, near the Eternal Frozen Land, one of the Four Forbidden Lands:

A young girl around 14 years was gasping for breath, her face was a mix of red and purple.

She was using her movement arts to the limits trying to keep up, but it only resulted in her burning out.

Clutching her stomach, she yelled at the empty path ahead "Senior Sister, let's end it here. I can't continue anymore."

"Ok." out of nowhere, a soft mellow voice sounded as an extremely beautiful young woman appeared in front of the young girl.

She was wearing a veil, but her eyes themselves were too captivating.

"As expected of Senior Sister, you are too strong." the young girl said wiping the sweat on her forehead.

"Ke'er, you are two years younger than me. It's natural that I have a higher cultivation base. Don't underestimate yourself." the young woman patted the girl's head.

"Uwu, that's true. But Senior Sister is still the best in the younger generation." the young girl closed her eyes as enjoyed the pat with a delightful smile.

"I don't....."

"huh?" hearing the incoherence, the young girl opened her eyes and looked up.

What greeted her was the sight of the young woman closing her eyes and collapsing backward.

"Senior Sister!" she quickly caught the young woman whose eyes were now closed.

"Wake up!" Ke'er shouted, her voice shaky.

"What happened to you?" she bit her bottom lip and clenched her little fist.

Then, she checked for any symptoms of injury on the young woman, she found none.

Anxious, the young girl held the young woman on her back. She clenched her teeth, not caring about the soreness in her body and used her movement arts and headed in the direction of a town.

... .... ... .....

"Tian. Tian, wake up. We're going to be late already." a soft cottony voice whispered as he felt a soft body in his arms.

He was drowsy and felt lazy all over, not sober yet, he subconsciously mumbled "Demoness, 5 minutes please"

As those words left his mouth, silence ensued.

Then he felt a slight pain as a warm and smooth sensation was left on his neck.

The voice sounded again "Huh? Who are you calling Demoness? I'm an Angel in countless hearts, Hmph" snorting playfully, The soft body in his arms tried to move out of his embrace.

Not wanting to let go, he caught the body and pulled it closer "Alright, my Angel. 5 minutes."

He knew that she was always like this. Stubborn, mischievous, playful but adorable.

But wait, when was she okay hugging like this? We don't have an intimate relations.h.i.+p!

"It's already 7:30, If we delay, we will miss the flight and the reunion." the soft voice said with slight impatience and helplessness at his punctual laziness.

"Flight? Reunion?" bewildered by those familiar yet foreign words, Sheng Tian jolted up and the soft body in his arms was also bought up with him.

"Geez, What was that for, Tian?" listening to the sweet voice again, Sheng Tian slowly opened his eyes.

What greeted him was the breathtaking face of a young woman who looked like a G.o.ddess!

He didn't recognize the face of the woman but he instantly recognized her eyes.

Those were the eyes he would never forget.

Meng Xin!

So, this G.o.ddess' face was Meng Xin's real appearance?

Now, she seemed to be around 25.

What the heck is going on?

Why were they sleeping together?

Sheng Tian looked into her eyes.

She was looking at him curiously and her eyes were drawing his soul into them.

"Meng Xin" he called out probingly, still not believing the truth.

"Hmm? What?" her face was still the same except for the look of surprise on her face.

Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders like a beautiful waterfall.

She had a pair of thin eyebrows curved like crescent moons above incredibly magnificent eyes which seemed like spring water, incomparably clear.

Her thin nose was like a sculpted jade. Her luscious pair of bright red lips were irresistibly like the most beautiful fruit, tempting one to take a bite.

Her skin was flawless and incomparably smooth.

She had the body of a G.o.ddess. Her beauty is off the charts!

Such a G.o.ddess who is above all the mortals was right in front of him, and they were intimately hugging each other!

"What are we doing, being like this?" he asked, his expression serious.

Meng Xin didn't answer but her slender arm stretched out and she touched his forehead with her smooth palm.

"You're not sick, are you?" she asked, a bit skeptic.


"I mean, what are we doing? Hugging and sleeping just like every day, no?" she tilted her head and said, a bit perplexed by the situation.

Isn't this common sense, what happened to him today?

Sheng Tian was at a loss of words.

He moved his vision from her breathtaking face with much difficulty and was greeted by a luxury modern bedroom.

The furniture was elegant and refined. The room had central air conditioning.

The curtains were still closed, but he could see the time was 7:26 am on the clock.

Suddenly, Sheng Tian was perplexed.

He felt that he forgot something and remembered something else. This was his daily life, so why was he asking such a question?

Why was he surprised? But it felt like he had a dream, a long one at that.

There was nothing abnormal in his memories, right?

He quickly got up and went to take a shower. They can't be late.

Today was the reunion of their friends in University.

He and Meng Xin were going as well.

Speaking of which, he met her at the University.

Both of them had countless pursuers, but from the start, both of them were good friends or at least they thought they were.

Unknowingly, right from their first meeting, they became closer and came to appreciate the other person.

It wasn't long before they realized their feelings for each other.

It happened naturally, almost like Magic.

Due to their overenthusiastic friends, they became an Immortal couple of the Campus.

After graduation, with his talents and hard work, he built a business empire at the young age of 24.

He developed AI to a high level and made huge breakthroughs.

He is now one of the richest people in the world.

Meng Xin was similar. She owns her business empire.

She was interested in nanotechnology and pushed forward the technology.

Her wealth is not less than his.

They can be said to be the busiest people for their age yet every day, unless there is no way, they have dinner together and sleep in each other's arms.

Somehow, they both lived together and for each other.

Their relations.h.i.+p only got better and better as the years went by.

Sheng Tian only wished to stay with her and explore the boundless Universe.

They were working together on s.p.a.ce travel and medicine.

They planned to retire after they turn 28 and go on a world tour.

Later, they would buy a private island and live there. Do what they wanted, be it research or love.

A peaceful and calm life.

Meanwhile, Meng Xin also got up and went to wash up.

In the shower.

As the lukewarm water fell on his hair, dripping down, was.h.i.+ng off his sleepiness, Sheng Tian had a strange feeling.

Everything seemed normal yet somehow it was not right.

He didn't know what it was, but somehow he felt that something was missing.

From time to time under the shower, he would look at his left hand as if expecting something. When did he get this habit?

Why should a lotus tattoo be there?

He shook his head finding his own actions a little funny. After a fresh up, he changed into a set of attractive clothes.

A black s.h.i.+rt and a blue blazer with fitting black pants.

He looked into the mirror and found that his eyes had black pupils with black hair.

He saw an extremely handsome face.

Somehow, he once again felt strange.

Shaking his thoughts, he went to check up on his wife.

He saw Meng Xin was still standing in front of her gigantic pile of elegant clothes, trying to pick one.

Thinking that the reunion would probably be over before she selects anything, he went over and hugged her from behind as he pointed at a white chiffon long dress with short sleeves.

"Your taste is always good, hubby." she kissed him on the lips as she slipped from his arms to change.

"Of course it is. I'm your husband after all." Sheng Tian said with a smile and saw the beautiful woman putting on her makeup.

After a few minutes, Meng Xin appeared in front of him.

With the white dress on, She just looked like a fairy. Pure like Snow, Elegant like Lotus, Beautiful like none.

He was in a trance.

He was extremely handsome, yet he would find himself staring at her from time to time.

Sometimes, Meng Xin would do the same too and they would laugh it off saying "Extremely attractive power couple."

"Am I looking pretty?" she looked up as she wrapped her arms around his neck, saying word by word as her fragrant lips blew hot air charmingly.

Hugging her slender waist, he said: "In my eyes, you always were and forever will be."

He didn't say that as a compliment. He told the truth. That was how he truly felt.

Meng Xin smile widened and she kissed him deeply.

After breakfast, they got into Sheng's auto-driving car and left their mansion.

They started living together right after their marriage a year ago.

After they took the private jet, Sheng Tian started his business work and Meng Xin did the same.

The couple valued time.

After finis.h.i.+ng things, they quietly listened to songs, and with that, the one hour journey ended.

There was crew waiting for them at the Air Port by the time they got there.

They are members of his company in this city's branch. They took the car and started off.

The couple's elegance and disposition left them utterly dumbfounded.

An extremely handsome young man with an incomparably beautiful young woman!

An Immortal Couple!

Soon, they reached the Private Resort.

As soon as they entered the resort, the staff welcomed them cordially and they were in the Party room in no time.

The room was made of the highest quality wood and represented a natural home.

In the elegant room, a group of young men and women were all seated on a large dining table.

They were all chatting and laughing from time to time.

One look at the handbags of the women or the watches of the men was enough to conclude that they were wealthy.

"Hey, the Immortal Couple is here." suddenly, a short and pretty young woman cried out.

"I bet Sheng woke up too early, haha." a young man with a stylish beard said.

"You bet! He was never on time for the either."

"Remember that one time when he arrived late for the cla.s.s and mistook the new female professor as a student and flirted with her. And he almost asked her out." a beautiful young woman wearing a hot red c.o.c.ktail dress laughed softly and said.

"Haha." everyone laughed remembering that day.

Sheng Tian helplessly shrugged and walked in with Meng Xin.

Shaking his head, he sighed in melancholy "You didn't grow up and are still jealous that I'm too handsome. None of you guys even got close to asking her out."


"As expected, he is being too humble again." the young man with the beard cursed out loud.

"Enough about Tian. When is Tony's wedding? You are not trying to distract us from the topic again, right Tony?" Meng Xin said as she smiled, a cunning light flashed in her eyes.

The Young Man with the beard was having a drink and he almost choked hearing her words.

Everyone's eyes instantly turned at him and he was totally cornered.

Lifting his hands in defeat, he said in indignation looking at the couple "Not everyone finds their partner so early like you guys and you were even each other's first. d.a.m.n!

I am just waiting for the right person to show up."

Sheng Tian chuckled, looking at his friends' expression and said with a teasing smile "Are you sure it will be a girl? I have always doubted your taste as you never dated anyone."

"c.r.a.p. I need to be careful to never be alone with him." the short handsome young man beside Tony cried out.

"d.a.m.n you Shota. n.o.body wants you even if you offer yourself."Tony glared at the short young man.

"Ah. Poor Shota. If no one wants you, Big Sis will take care of you." said the young woman in the hot red c.o.c.ktail dress as she winked flirtatiously at the short young man.

"Cut it out, Ai Xin. First I'm not Shota anymore. I'm fully grown up. And two, I'm older than you." The Shota said in defensive.

"Really, I should see how much you grew up." Ai Xin teased.


"She teases him since high school."

Shota's face became bright red as he swiftly gulped down a gla.s.s of drink.

Sheng Tian and Meng Xin approached the table.

Seeing the Shota's plight, Meng Xin tried to change the topic, "Ai Xin, when are you introducing us your boyfriend."

"I would've introduced him as at least one-sided love if he didn't reject me so directly. Such a heartless man." she shot a glare at Sheng Tian.

Sheng Tian coughed twice and said "It's a long time ago. You need to get over it."

Meng Xin smiled looking at Sheng Tian "She was just teasing. She jokes about it on our girl's parties often."

Ai Xin laughed charmingly and said "Honestly, I didn't expect such a heartless man to be smitten with love. I still can't believe that Sheng has a heart."

"When was I heartless? I had to bear all your shopping bills for a full four years. I almost went broke.

I almost became your Sugar Daddy taking nothing in return." Sheng Tian sighed deeply and said as he recalled his dried up bank account those days.

Thankfully, this girl had some conscience to at least let him have his food charges.

"Ah, don't mind the details. Think it as making up for rejecting me." Ai Xin's face had no change as she said casually.

"d.a.m.n. You should be making big in the movie industry with your acting skills." Tony said as he laughed at his friends' banter.

"Humph! Of course. Big Sis's acting skills are no joke." Ai Xin proudly stuck out her ample blossom and declared.

"Shameless." Mr. Shota said in a low voice but it was enough for everyone to hear.


"They are going at it again." the rest of the group laughed as well.

"You...Shota. I'm going to look for your future girlfriend and have a nice talk with her." Ai Xin smiled so Kindly that every single hair on Mr. Shooter's body immediately stood up erect.

He immediately flashed the most flattering smile and said "Aa, Big Sis. You're naturally the best. I was just joking earlier. Haha."

"Ai, I miss these moments." Sheng Tian and Meng Xin sighed and said at the same time as they sat down together.

Hearing their coinciding words, everyone laughed while Sheng Tian and Meng Xin looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Soon, lunch was served.

The chat had no specific direction whatsoever.

Going from Mr. Shota's first kiss to Tony's imaginary male partner, and the nostalgic campus days to their future plans, the chat had every topic they could come up with.

The Reunion ended joyfully with everyone promising to keep in touch and meet again next year.

Sheng Tian's life continued 'normally'.

His Personal, Professional and Social Life, all were going fine.

In fact, his life was never more fulfilling.

Every day became something he looked forward to.

Sheng Tian cherished his life and love.

They would regularly go out. Have fun or do something meaningful.

There was nothing stopping the Young Couple full of energy from going wild in pa.s.sion in their love life.

In their professional life, as the CEO's of their respective companies, they had to put up a Strict and Revered Presence to keep everyone in check. With each other, however, they completely opened their hearts.

Except for the feeling that something was missing, everything was complete.

Meng Xin too noticed that there was something wrong with him at times. When she asked him in worry, he replied honestly.

She anxiously took him for a checkup.

Only after the results declared that he was fine did she relax. And even joked that maybe he was missing his lover from a previous life and nagged him to introduce her in his dreams.

Sheng Tian could only close her lips with his to escape her cute torment.

And thus, the topic ended but the feeling didn't.

Three years pa.s.sed as they turned 28 and retired from their respective positions.

The news was spread wide and far as the World's strongest power couple retired at the same time.

But the wealth and power they gained and their properties continue to gain, would keep them at the peak of the World.

In their world tour, they arrived in Hawaii.

Meng Xin showed him a book. It was a Cultivation story, something he used to read during his teens.

It has been a long time and Meng Xin knew his interests too well. So probably she brought it as nostalgia and a gift.

He gave her a peck as thanks and started reading it.

The book was flawless.

It was called "Transcending Limits" and its author was _Transcendent.

Surprisingly, the Main Character's name was also Sheng Tian and he somehow transmigrated to another world.

If it was before, he would have felt that it was normal.

But now, the more he read this book, the weirder he felt. His mind almost went crazy.

And when he read the name "Meng Xin", he somehow recalled a young lady who surprisingly looked like the younger version of Meng Xin in Snow White robes, but was many times more beautiful than her original younger version.

Then reading another name, his body froze.

It was written

"Xiao Lian."

He felt incomparable emotions upon reading that name.

And finally, reading the last chapter and learning that the release rate was pitifully low, he felt like killing the b.a.s.t.a.r.d author but barely managed to restrain himself letting that pitiful fellow keep his poor life so that he can continue writing.

And then, everything became clear to him.

This world was a test!

When Reality becomes an Illusion, Illusion becomes the Reality!

The moment he realized this, everything began to vanish.

The rooms, the ceiling, the sofa he was sitting on, everything was turning into nothingness.

At last, he saw Meng Xin rus.h.i.+ng towards him.

She hugged him tightly and asked while trembling "What's happening?" tears were welling up in her eyes due to fright.

"It'll be alright. I'll never leave you alone. We will meet again." he hugged her tightly and promised with his life.

She too disappeared and finally, Sheng Tian himself turned into nothingness.

A blinding white light that shone from his soul.

A thin thread can be seen extending into the distance as if it was connecting to something else.

When the light flashed, the thread disappeared.


"Aagh" A shout came as Sheng Tian woke up.

"Why am I crying?"

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