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When he emptied himself completely inside of me, he slowly withdrew and carefully separate my legs which had clamped tightly around his waist. I was so tired and I couldn't move either my arms or legs, so he lay me down next to his side and then pulled me into his chest before pulling a blanket around us.

I close my eyes and relax into my husband's broad chest letting his thick and warm body makes me feel calm, after a while he carried me to the ocean as if I weighed nothing while my arms are wrapped around his neck, he then place my head under his chin and i let him bath me from head to toe while still in his hands.


In as much as either of us want to be in the other's hands we did know we had to go back to where our duties call ..even though we'll still get some alone time, we were still reluctant on returning to the palace. My husband did work me hard, which made me end up being sore and that helped us end our second thoughts on staying at the Island home for the next week and upper one.

Throughout the whole week we had stayed, Jandi and some maids always get us our every moment meals but they never entered inside the main Island home ..they weren't allowed to, they always keep it at the guards quarter which is a stone throw from outside of the Island home fence. Yabo is always the one who gets it in to my lovely husband who made sure to make me feel so cherished and loved throughout that week not that he had to try, i was always a blus.h.i.+ng mess after our very first intimate moment.

It was like a very beautiful honeymoon and I'd never forget it ..well some parts of me won't, even if they wanted to just couldn't as it's still sore from our constantly love making.

As our wagon got closer to the palace, I noticed some maids and guards gathering in front of it, in order to welcome us ..mostly their Emperor who has been away for a week unexpectedly. I looked around scanning their faces and in between doing that, my eyes meet a smiling Jandi and I found myself smiling once again I know I will have to go through most of my intimate moments with my best friend.

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